12 things babies play with that we forgot were fun.

Parents, put away your wallets. It’s time to go back to basics when buying presents for your kids.

Who here has spent hours browsing the toy aisles or searching the Internet for present ideas only to have the child you are buying for spend more time playing with the meticulously wrapped paper they just ripped to pieces with their bare hands?


Guess it’s just me, then.

When I reflect back on my childhood, my fondest memories include my family, the great outdoors and using my imagination with whatever household item I could find.

There was no Candy Crush, no Facebook and no Internet. I had to occupy my time in other ways, like making a witch stew out of leaves and dirt (I seriously did this) and riding down the stairs on a mattress with my brothers.

The babies of today are born into a world that’s abuzz with technology and they’re immediately thrust into a fast-paced environment with high-tech gadgets and gizmos in place of the toys we had growing up.

So let’s bring them back to basics.

Think boxes, water bottles and fry pans. Think keys, crayons and containers.

I’m talking about the everyday items babies play with that we’ve simply forgotten were fun.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, or even fifty dollars on presents anymore. I’ve put together the top 12 items that will entertain your child without you having to leave your house to source it.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery below to see the full list of items.

What household item does your child play with?

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