11 things all the Organised Mums have.

This mum would probably have 2 of everything on this list.



Being a mum of two boys close in age requires the planning of a navy-seal. There are lists, notes, charts, reminders, labels, rules, regulations, steps, procedures…

Then, there are the items that make it all work.

This comprehensive list of 11 things the organised mother always has at home will change your life. I am not even exaggerating. Haven’t you figured out yet that when things usually go wrong, the shops are closed? Or you are in your night clothes? Or it’s dark? Or it’s raining.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Combantrin®. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Get organised with these essentials and your parenting experience will be a joy to behold, well, as much as parenting can be:

1. First aid kit

Buy a good first aid kit and constantly restock it. When kids cut their fingers or fall on their knees it’s never in a straight line or a perfect circle. What about the cuts at the top of their fingers? How do you get a sticking plaster around that?

Well you can if you have an amazing first aid kit with every single shaped band-aid known to man, non-stick pads, gauze, antiseptic fluid and cream. You will run to it a million times before your children turn 15 and then start running to it themselves. And you’ll be thankful every day that you have it and it is properly stocked.

2. A family calendar

Make sure you write everything down every week, month and year. There are so many activities, so many places to be. By plotting it out and hanging it somewhere you can all view it, you will always know where you have to be and what you need to bring.

3. Good nail clippers

I have to cut my boys nails every two weeks at least. They grow so fast. But to do it quickly, while the boys are still, I need excellent nail clippers. The boys often play on a device with one had while I clip the nails on the other. They have become quite good at playing one-handed, and I have become quite good at doing very quick nail clipping sessions.

Batteries. You need some of each, so no matter what you have something that works.

4. Batteries

Running out of batteries is one of the most frustrating parts of parenting, seriously. I have some amazing friends who include the batteries when they buy gifts for the boys that require them, but still, I make sure to stock up. Head to the local discount store and buy some of each so that no matter what, everything works. Especially game players and remotes!

5. Sticky notes

Note-to-self, always leave notes to self. Seriously, being able to jot down reminders for you and your family can stop you from losing your mind. And the great thing about sticky notes is you can post them everywhere. I leave notes to my husband on his bathroom mirror. “Don’t forget to pick up my card from the bank” etc and my boys get them too. Try and avoid the temptation to stick the notes on their foreheads.


6. Art supplies

I always like to get ahead of homework and school projects. That means we need a good supply of cardboard, paper, stickers, markers at the ready for our latest creation. Then, during school holidays, bust them out and let them have some fun while you tidy up the house or sit down for a cup of coffee. They’ll stay occupied for hours.

7. A list of important numbers somewhere highly visible

Sometimes my boys arrive home on the school bus a few minutes before I do. They are 11 and 9 so as soon as they walk through the door they call me. We have a list of important numbers stuck up on the wall next to the phone. They don’t have mobiles yet but need to know my number, my husband’s, close family, work numbers and emergency numbers.

8. Sunscreen

Put big containers of sunscreen in key places around your house. I have them in the bathroom and the back door so the boys know to put it on as they race out the door to play. It is non-negotiable. No sunscreen, no play, just like in school. It’s a good idea to put their hats next to the sunscreen too so they can grab those.

9. Combantrin®

The first time my son got worms he didn’t tell me for weeks. He’d never had them before and thought they lived in the toilet. It was an infestation. He’s had them several times since then. We’ve tried everything. We wash hands constantly at home but I’m pretty sure he picks it up at school. My son has a habit of telling me about medical issues late at night when chemists are closed so I always have Combantrin so that if he needs it he can have it straight away and we can all take a dose just in case.

Having healthy snacks pre-prepared, even partially so, makes eating well even easier.

10. Plastic food containers and bags

We use plastic food containers for everything, not just food. Yes, it’s brilliant for leftovers and fruit for the kids to take to school but they are also brilliant for puzzle pieces, toys involving small parts and odds and ends like batteries, screws, safety pins and paper clips. All sorted.

11. Healthy snacks

Every week I prepare healthy snacks on the most accessible shelves in the kitchen. In the pantry I prepare little bags of healthy snacks like crackers and dried fruit. I keep a large fruit bowl full of apples, oranges and bananas on the dining table and in the fridge I make sure there are cut up vegetable sticks and healthy dinner leftovers for the boys to grab. We eat treats, all the time, but we plan to eat them. We don’t eat them because they are so convenient. I love knowing that no matter how busy I am, they can still eat healthy food whenever they want.

And if you need any more inspiration to get organised, here is a gallery of things organised neatly:

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