10 jars, 10 awesome ideas

The potential for craft and decor with these jars cannot be contained!

Mason jar pendant lamp.

We love the simplicity of this gorgeous blue pendant lamp.

For the how-to, visit The Spring Blog.

Chalkboard paint mason jar

Chalkboard paint + mason jars = super cute and functional organiser.

For the how-to, visit Michaela Noelle Designs.

Mason jar light fixture

It looks tough but you can totally do this. Buy the supplies at a hardware store or online, and then follow Maryjane and Galoshes excellent step-by-step tutorial.

For the how-to, visit Maryjanes and Galoshes.

Mason jar sewing kit


We love how adorable and colorful this is. And it's an amazing gift for your sewing buddies.

For the how-to, visit Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home.

Mason jar monogram light

This truly original DIY is perfect for an outdoor party or for something a little extra awesome at home.

For the how-to, visit Oleander and Palm.

Mason jar wall planter

This genius planter makes it easy to bring the garden inside.

For the how-to, visit Not Just a Housewife.

5 minute mason jar lamp

The great thing about this DIY (besides that it’s totally easy to make) is that it’s so customisable. You can fill your Mason Jar with anything you want to make it uniquely you.

For the how-to, visit Crafts Unleashed.


Mason jar travel mugs

We love these travel mugs for how cute they are and because they use a rubber grommet on the hole of the lid where your cute paper straw goes.

For the how-to, visit Alyssa and Carla.

 Mason jar organiser

This organiser would be great in your bathroom or your kitchen. If you know how to handle a drill, this one is pretty doable.

 For the how-to, visit DIY Playbook.

Mason jar soap dispenser

Pump your soap with style and ease thanks to this awesome DIY.

For the how-to, visit Blissfully Content.

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