Meet Zoë Foster. Beauty guru. Now let’s look in her drawers (video)

This is how Zoe looks after a flight to Europe. Seriously.

One of the smartest things I ever did (she said modestly), was hire Zoe Foster (the story of that is here).  Not just because I’ve had the joy of watching her develop her immense talent in magazines, blogs and books but also because along the way, she became such a good friend.

I’ve wanted to interview her here on Mamamia for the longest time and I recently got it together to do just that. Over red wine in her apartment, we sat and chatted about many things. So many in fact that I have broken up our interview into half a dozen parts which I’ll share over the next couple of weeks.

This is the first part where I force Zoe to get her own personal make-up kit and talk me through it….

UPDATE: Due to the many requests to view Zoe’s cat, she has kindly provided me with this photo for your pleasure.
As she put it in her email to me:

The people demand a picture.
DON’T DEPRIVE THEM, Mia. You mustn’t deprive them.



nailed it

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