Zoe Foster Blake tells us all how to use face oils properly.

How to win at cleansing your face.

How to win at cleansing your face.

Image: Zoe Foster Blake Instagram. 

Zoe Foster Blake, author and beauty wizard, has just released a newbie to her already stellar Go-To Skincare product lineup.

Joining the arsenal of her original five (facial cleanser, exfoliating pads, multi-purpose oil, lip balm and anti-ageing moisturiser), comes Face Hero – a face oil with what Zoe describes as an “arse-kicking blend of ten powerful oils.”

It’s a big claim, but Zoe reckons: “Face Hero protects your skin from evil aggressors, rapidly boosts your hydration levels, and will make your face look and feel more amazing than four Instagram filters and a cheeky skin blur. You’re gonna love it. Hard.” Which we enjoy much more than most beauty blurbs.

Since the super-cute bottle landed on my desk, several of my colleagues have said they wish they could use oil on their faces (they can!) but can’t because they have oily skin (total myth!). So I chatted to Zoe to get the DL on facial oils and how to properly apply them to your mug, no matter what your skin type.

Zoe, what are some of the misconceptions about using oil on your face? 

“Right. You asked for it. One is that it will make it oily, which is patently untrue: The skin’s oils are nothing like the lovely, pure botanical oils in Face Hero, which sink in instantly and leave no residue.

“Also, the skin needs moisture and oil to function properly. Oils act as the skin’s lipid barrier, like Glad Wrap, keeping the moisture in, and protecting against dryness.

“Finally, people with oily skin are terrified of using face oils, but oily skin is often very dehydrated, and face oils are a terrific way to fix that. Oily skin comes about because the skin overproduces sebum (the “oil” that causes congestion etc) when its oil content is out of whack… usually from over cleansing and exfoliating and stripping away all the skin’s natural oils, making the skin very thirsty… which the body tries to fix by producing more sebum to compensate. Vicious cycle. Face Hero delivers all the moisture and essential fatty acids the skin needs to function properly, so the sebaceous glands can relax. Because of all this, the right face oil can actually clear up blemished and congested skin.”

What’s the best way to apply Face Hero? 

"It’s a daily protectant, and is so important to use in terms of neutralising free radical damage and preventing inflammation – the major causes of ageing.

"In the morning, I use it as my (crucial, protective) anti-oxidant hit. I massage in around five drops on clean skin, followed by zinc oxide-based sun protection, then make up.

"At night, I cleanse, (and three times a week exfoliate) then apply my targeted, active serums, then Face Hero, then Go-To Very Useful Face Cream."

What made you release Face Hero at a later date (after the initial range)? 

"I wanted to launch with the essentials, a tight, foolproof edit accessible to everyone, no matter their skin care education, age or skin type. To offer a scaffolding of a meaningful and effective skin care for daily use. I was fully aware people were gonna sub in their favourite serums or masks etc, which I wholly endorse, but I could at least give them a strong daily framework to work with. Once that was done, it was time for me to slowly insert a few more things I love and swear by, like a protective, moisture-boosting face oil, for example.

Zoe Foster Blake with husband Hamish.

How does Face Hero differ from your other oil, Exceptionoil? 

"Exceptionoil is a multi-purpose balm/oil that better suited to the skin on the body, and in particular the ‘bendy bits’ like knees, ankles, elbows, (areas that get especially dry and rough)… as well as the hair, and as a bath oil, on rashes, eczema etc etc.

"It can be used on the face, (dabbed on where the fine lines are) but Face Hero does a far superior, and more specific job. Face Hero, as the name, uh, suggests, was designed for the face - it’s lightweight with specific oils to counter free radical damage, dehydration and inflammation. The carrier oils allow it to sink instantly into the skin and not only will it not clog pores, it can actually help balance the skin’s oil levels. (It’s horse-s that oily skin can’t use face oils, by the way.)"

How does Face Hero differ from straight up rosehip oil? 

"Rosehip oil has been one of my longtime skin care loves; I was always going to try my hand at one. But the problem with so many rosehip oils is they are not supported and protected by anti-oxidants, so they go rancid, making any benefits to the user void.

"So, I made rosehip oil on 20 Red Bulls, basically. It’s lovingly enveloped by 9 other potent oils, including the brilliant Buriti oil, which is chockers with EFAs making it wonderfully anti-inflammatory, (inflammation is the chief cause of problem and ageing skin) and a tonne of anti-oxidants. Face Hero hydrates the skin, but more crucially, provides though barrier protection and defends the skin against the aggressors (UV damage, pollutants, inflammation) that cause it to lose elasticity, moisture, vibrancy, and cause dark spots, dullness and lines."

Do you have plans to keep adding to the line up? If so, what’s next? 

"Now now now, a lady never tells! (And nor do I.)"

Pffft. Fine. Okay, last one. Do you find your new shorter bob hard to style? And what’s your quick fix for a bad bob day? (Um, asking for a friend.) 

"Easier! I miss being able to jam it all up into a topknot, but in terms of styling it, as in it, literally ‘having some style’, yes, easier. I saturate it in texture products when wet, blast it with high heat and then maybe tong in some waves for movement. Then the more volume powder and dry shampoo, the better. (Also, the dirtier, the better.)"

FIND ZOE'S FACE HERO: ON SALE from Thursday February 26, available exclusively from gotoskincare.com

HOW MUCH: $44.95

IT ALSO: Loves long walks along the beach.

Click through this gallery to see the loveliest Instagram shots of Zoe, Sonny and Hamish.

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