WombTube: Overshare much?






In what has been dubbed the latest trend in public oversharing, women are filming the results of their pregnancy tests and uploading the videos on YouTube.

These ‘wombtubers’ are bucking the trend of  waiting out the first trimester (when the risk of miscarriage is much higher) before sharing their news with the world. In some cases uploading their pregnancy test videos before they’ve even told their husbands or partners. Excited, much?

US psychologists are warning there could be emotionally devastating consequences for sharing the news too early and too publicly for those who may suffer a miscarriage.

Not all of the videos have a happy ending either. Women who find only one line on the wee stick are still uploading the videos, sometimes several of them.  One ‘wombtuber‘ says she finds it a way of sharing her fertility frustrations with people who understand or are potentially going through the same thing. Many of the WombTube videos have over 50,000 views  so there does seem to be an audience for them.

I immediately filed this one in my brain under ‘things I would never do’, but then I watched a few and thought what a great memento that video is to show your future child. You could show it to them when you had been a particularly bad parent, as a way of showing them how wanted they were. Note: this probably only works if you do it for all of your children. I actually told my husband our baby news over Skype, yes, very modern I know. He was away for work for a month and I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret until then, in fact I was bursting to tell him. Just like these women, take a look:

Warning this one will probably make you cry:

The little girl in this is seriously adorable:

And maybe don’t watch this one if a cup of urine makes you squeamish:

Would you ever do this? What are some of the situations you’ve been in where people have overshared?

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