What were your BEST & WORST bits of the week?

Hello Weekend. It’s been too long. Welcome back. Yes, it’s once again time for Mamamia’s most popular weekly post where you get to reflect on the highest and lowest points of your week and find out how everyone else is doing.

If you’re new to Mamamia or this post, remember that your ‘worsts’ don’t have to be tragic or serious. Trivial is totally fine.

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WORST: Not having enough time for my girlfriends.

BEST: Walking through the mall yesterday after taking the little kids to music class, I was stopped by a lovely MM reader called Alex who just wanted to tell me that she loves the website and loved my book. This happens from time to time and whenever it does, I’m always relieved not to be caught pulling my undies out of my bottom or shouting at my kids to “STOP ASKING FOR A DOUGHNUT WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY HAD A CUPCAKE AND THIS IS THE LAST TIME I’M GOING TO TELL YOU AND ENOUGH WITH THE WHINGING OR I’M GOING TO LOSE IT.”

Or maybe people do recognise me at those moment and choose – wisely – to tip-toe quietly away in the hope I don’t give them time out and a stern talking-to.

Alex had just been reading the Gabriella Cilmi post on the bus and said she hoped people weren’t going to be too full-on in the comments and that she doesn’t know how I do it. I nearly kissed her because co-incidentally, I happened to be having a conversation in my head at the time along the lines of  “I don’t know how I do it. Not coping. Drowning not waving. Etc.” I introduced Alex to Coco and Remy and tried to encourage her to comment on the website (she said she was to nervous). So if you’re reading this Alex, COME ON. Speak up.

Writing this website is an all-consuming and often very solitary thing so it is a delight to meet readers. You’re such a kind bunch. Good looking too.


nailed it

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