funnyfeet What exercise can you do when you can’t walk?

Whenever I post asking you about what keeps you sane, exercise comes up again and again. And also again. It certainly is an integral part of my own sanity.

It’s not only about the endorphins (which are very cool and most welcome, especially for someone who doesn’t drink coffee), but it’s also just time away from the demands of everything but your own body. Which is why I can really empathise with regular MM reader, Lozabelle, who wrote me the following….

I was hoping that some of the awesome Mamamia community could help me with a problem I’m having at the moment. It may seem trivial to a lot of people but it isn’t to me…

Anyway, I injured my ankle pretty badly at netball recently and have severe ligament damage, bone bruising, and inflamed and irritated tendons in my right ankle. This all means I can’t walk without a boot on my foot and crutches. My problem is exercise. Namely that I can’t do any at the moment. And it is driving me crazy. Pre-injury I was cycling (on the stationary bike) 10kms a day at least 5 days a week. I’m a student writing my thesis and a part time secretary so my day involves a lot of sitting and exercise is my way to keep fit and actually do something active for part of my day.

Does anyone know of a way for me to exercise without stressing my ankle further? Its been a week and a half and it is driving me crazy. Last night I got on the bike anyway and did a slow 6kms with the boot on, but I regret it a lot this morning. I am supposed to wear the boot for another 3 or so weeks and I won’t be able to go for walks (another favoured exercise of mine) for 3-6 weeks.

What exercise can you do when you can’t walk?

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