• Kathryn

    “My biological father is now a woman.”

    I no longer celebrate Father’s Day with my father. Not because my father is dead. No, my biological father is still very much alive. But my biological father is now a woman. In case you need further clarification: the person who contributed the sperm that created the person that is me is now living as [read more]

  • Torah

    Why Torah Bright really did Dancing with The Stars.

      Imagine an endless winter. From November to May, then July to November you’re surrounded by snow, crisp icy air and mountains covered in powder. This is the life of snowboarding legend Torah Bright. This year will be the first time Torah has spent Christmas in Australia for 15 years, and  she can’t get enough of it. I was [read more]

  • dad

    “Dear Sir, I don’t know your name, but you killed my father”

        November 29, 2014 Dear Sir, I don’t know your name, but you killed my father on June 9, 1973, in Stockton, California. My father was 32 years old then; I was 10. If he had lived, he would have been 74 on November 29th. Me, the year my father was killed. I am [read more]

  • Healthy green juice

    Thinking about “detoxing”? Read this first.

                It’s Summer. And that means it’s beach season, relaxation season, and recovery-from-all-of-the-Christmas-parties season. It’s also the season when people start to talk about wanting to start the new year in peak health — and a lot of companies make a whole lot of money selling products that claim to remove [read more]

  • raw milk

    UPDATE: Raw milk recalled after death of 3 year old.

            UPDATE: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says that Mountain View Farm has recalled its raw milk products after “negotiations” between the consumer watch-dog and the raw milk supplier, according to The Guardian Australia. Delia Rickard, ACCC deputy chair told The Guardian, “The recalled product is called Organic Bath Milk…This product is [read more]

  • pete-evans-green-juice-jpg

    The most popular diets of 2014 named amongst the most dangerous.

              You can lose a few kilos in the lead up to Christmas with minimal effort. Just spoon in some clay between meals, eat like the cavemen used to, be a vegan before 6 (but definitely not after), and drink your own urine when thirsty. Sounds easy enough, right? Wait… Though in a perfectly [read more]

  • 187531709

    Could this be the most unhappy year of your marriage?

      Marilyn Monroe starred in a movie about it. Johnny Cash’s daughter sang a song about it. But it seems that the Seven Year Itch in relationships is no longer. New research suggests that the most dangerous year of a marriage is in fact the tenth year. It gives a whole new meaning to the [read more]

  • FullSizeRender

    The 6 truths about your sneakers.

              Of all places for me to commit the cardinal sin of running, why did I have to do it in the virtual church of runners? I was inside a sneaker store when it happened. I’d arrived 15 minutes late for my pre-booked shoe fitting with Jack, store manager at The [read more]

  • Big Lips FB

    I don’t recognise the person in the mirror.

            I used to think that ageing happened slowly and gradually. But it doesn’t. You go to bed one day looking like you and then you wake up and suddenly you’re so unlike you that you do a bit of a double take. It takes a bit of adjusting. You might pull [read more]

  • steak

    How to tick good-eating off your To-Do list.

        Life is busy. You work, exercise, organise, socialise, eat and (if you’re lucky) sleep. When you get home at the end of every day you have ALL the plans to tick things off your to do list. But most days you walk through the door and collapse in a heap of exhaustion. (Or [read more]

  • cece

    “What happened when I used a full-body pic on a dating site.”

                It took months for me to finally upload a full-body photo to my online-dating profile. Because I’m plus-sized, I figured that a head-to-toe picture would prevent men from messaging me; I assumed cute, up-close selfies would work in my favour — but, boy, did I misjudge that one. I [read more]

  • faces of addiction

    These “faces of addiction” are incredibly hard to see. But please, don’t look away.

      When someone you love is struggling with addiction, it is incredibly hard. It’s hard to talk to them. It’s hard to make them see sense. It’s hard to be around them. It’s hard to accept what they’re doing to their own lives. And it’s hard to remember that they’re still them; that their addiction has taken [read more]

  • kale

    Dear Kale. It’s over. There are new superfoods in town.

            Poor Kale – you’re like the cool new trendy kid whose novelty has finally worn off. Sure, you’ve still got your followers, but basically we’ve all heard your story now and it’s the same stuff over and over again. Yeah, you’re still great, and we’ll catch up every so often – [read more]

  • TAF2 (2)

    What runner is right for me?

          By ALYX GORMAN I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been tying my shoes wrong my whole life. Call me shallow, but I’m the kind of girl who’s always cared about looks. Especially when it comes to my shoes. It doesn’t matter if they’re not the right fit for me – put a [read more]

  • skin care

    Sorry to break it to you – but you’ve been moisturising wrong.

            By JO ABI Moisturiser is my absolute favourite skincare product. No matter what I’ve done to my skin due to stress, fatigue, makeup, pimple squeezing or anything else, moisturiser seems to erase all of that. I know it doesn’t actually erase everything. But it FEELS like it does. Still, moisturiser has [read more]

  • Nat Imbruglia

    Natalie Imbruglia talks about skincare and the perfect Sunday morning.

          By LISA ALMOND When imaging a perfect Sunday morning, there are so many things that come to mind. But for Natalie Imbruglia, the first thing that came to mind was a lovely sleep in. Busy with her new skincare range, Iluka, it’s completely understandable that she takes some time on a Sunday [read more]

  • stressed mum

    You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed and you should talk about it.

            By NICOLE MADIGAN Last week I had one of those days. Our house is for sale and the phone was ringing hot one morning while I was trying to get the kids organised for school and kindy, as well as care for my 9-month-old baby. Without boring you with the details, [read more]

  • jamie france

    Before and after: beauty queen to drug addict.

      Jamie France, now 23, is a former teen beauty pageant winner. She won Miss Teen Oregon in 2009. When we think about beauty pageant winners, we think glowing skin. We think large bright eyes and shimmery, bouncing hair. These young women may be flawless in appearance, but few real lives ever are. After her pageant win, Jamie [read more]

  • lyme disease australia

    Authorities say Lyme disease doesn’t exist. This woman knows it does.

        Tonight’s episode of Sunday Night discussed the experience of Australian suffers of Lyme disease – a disease that Australian governments, both State and Federal, say does not exist in this country (The NSW Government Lyme disease factsheet can be found here.) In April this year, Amara Campbell wrote a about her experience with Lyme disease and her [read more]

  • Deanna Blegg U Armour

    This woman with HIV is one tough mudder.

                By SARAH NORTON Deanna Blegg beat hundreds of men for the chance to compete in one of the toughest physical challenges on earth – but the athlete says it was nothing compared to her long battle with AIDS. On November 15 this year, Deanna represented Australia in the World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) – [read more]

  • mark latham column

    “Today, I stand with every woman who is honest about motherhood or mental illness”.

            Update: Following Mark Latham’s Australian Financial Review article last week — which claimed “left feminism is akin to a psychoneurotic disorder” and criticised Fairfax columnist Lisa Pryor  for taking antidepressants — a Change.org petition calling on the newspaper to remove and publicly apologise has gained hundreds of signatures. “Remove Mark Latham’s disgraceful attack on medical [read more]

  • group of women

    The problem with saying ‘all women are beautiful’.

      By LORI DAY Well, we’ve finally done it. We’ve reached equal opportunity objectification for women! Many of my feminist friends understandably appreciated and shared: This article about now-elderly Playboy pin-up girls from decades ago showing they still have it.   This article about a woman who paints nudes of elderly women lined up in the same meat-market [read more]

  • pill over the counter

    Why doctors don’t want women to be able to get The Pill without a script.

            By ALYX GORMAN Imagine if getting your hands on three months worth of a contraceptive pill was as simple as walking into a pharmacy and filling out a brief questionnaire. That could be a reality in Australia next year if a submission that is currently before the Therapeutic Goods Administration gets [read more]

  • down syndrome photos

    These beautiful and unique photos will make you smile.

      A new project by German-based photographer Dai Lyn Power aka Linda Dajana Krüger captures the unique beauty of a group or individuals living with Down syndrome. Power told the Huffington Post she wanted to show “how beautiful they are and how real their character is.” “I wanted people to see how beautiful, happy, funny, and [read more]

  • teen alone

    10 surprising facts about loneliness.

            By GUY WINCH, P.h.D. It is estimated that over 40% of us will feel the aching pangs of loneliness at some point in our lives. Yet despite how common loneliness is, few people are fully aware of the dramatic ways in which it impacts us. Here are 10 surprising facts about [read more]

  • freya-jackie-crop-jpg

    Today is the day you need to hear Freya’s story.

        By JACKIE GOLDSTON It is the fear of the unknown that is the hardest. The fear that drips into your soul when you don’t know if your child is still breathing during the night. The fear of the reactions that people have when you test her blood or inject her in public. The fear [read more]

  • Mamamia

    What did our Happiness Survey have to say about you?

              By MAMAMIA TEAM Not so long ago, Mamamia kicked off a happiness survey to see how our readers were doing. We wanted to see what your lives were like. What kept you kicking throughout the day. And then we wanted to try and find some solutions for you to make [read more]

  • .

    Tonight, a “dangerous” diet documentary will be on your TV.

            Last year, ABC’s science program Catalyst was slammed by health professionals and its own internal review board for screening a two-part documentary which alleged that there was no link between saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease. Now a new episode of the show is dividing health experts before it even airs. [read more]

  • domestic violence marathon

    One man’s marathon fight against intimate terrorism.

              By RACHEL BROWN Don’t know about you, but most mornings I struggle just rolling out of bed. My mate, Matt Bell, however has been hauling his tired body up at 4am to complete his week’s requisite 100kms. He needs the miles in his legs for the 160km Alpine Challenge (think [read more]

  • jamila rizvi high res

    OPINION: “Camel milk is the new superfood? No. Just no.” – Jam

          It’s been labelled the new superfood cure all – a “white gold” fixing everything from autism to cancer and everything in between. On tonight’s Sunday Night journalist PJ Madam reported on the supposed  life-changing benefits of drinking camel’s milk. Earlier this year, Mamamia Editor-in-Chief Jamila Rizvi wrote for MM’s sister site, The Glow about the [read more]