• Naked hikes. No clothes required.

    NSFW: Fitness friends. Is is too much to ask that you keep your damn clothes on?

            Back in March, we wrote a Mamamia article about nude yoga. Nude yoga is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of doing yoga without wearing any clothes. Apparently it does things like “free you from negative feelings about your body” and “allow you to be more accepting and deeper connected [read more]

  • Trish and her late husband Nick with their daughter Ruby.

    The truth: What it’s like to be left behind by suicide.

            Editor’s note: This post deals with suicide. Some readers may find this article triggering. By TRISH HEAGERTY Words really can’t explain the range of emotions you experience when you lose someone, in any situation. But especially by suicide. The pain is so strong. I feel broken. I shake uncontrollably. My whole body [read more]

  • secret

    Do you share my embarrassing little secret? You really might.

            I have a little secret I’ve been carrying around for too long. It started off innocently at first, and then it became harder to hide. Those close to me began to notice something. They began to notice that I didn’t laugh as much, that I developed an unusual fear of coughs and [read more]

  • Annie running

    Sport on Saturdays: Meet Annie Crawford. She’s raised $13.3m for cancer research.

          By NATALIA HAWK When someone in your life is affected by cancer, it’s often difficult to know how to react. You want to fix things. You want to make them all better again. But you can rarely do anything to remedy the situation – and that can leave you feeling pretty helpless. [read more]

  • dairy free smoothies

    Four delicious dairy-free smoothie recipes.

            By NAT HAWK I used to be one of those people who never ate breakfast. I would sleep in, stumble out of the house and spend every morning in a complete fog, until about 11am, when I would finally eat something. But then I bought a smoothie maker and it changed [read more]

  • How do we teach our kids about fat vs thin?

    “Mum, why are you so fat?”

        By OLIVIA CARTER “Move mum! I cant see the TV … your tummy is in the way.” The anguish in my daughter’s voice was clear – this was not just any TV show I was blocking, it was Peppa Pig! Later that night as I was putting Susie to bed she asked me [read more]

  • Nat, going for a run.

    7 reasons to give running another try.

      By NATALIA HAWK Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re in a bit of a rut – feeling a bit frumpy, a bit unhealthy, and you want to get fit for summer – so you decide to start running. You dig out your running shoes, you download a new running playlist and you put [read more]


    4 fancy at-home breakfasts (which anyone can pull off).

              By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS I love eggs on toast. To me, you can rarely beat a poached egg on toast with a side of avocado and buttery mushrooms all covered in Tabasco sauce. However, there are some days when: a)      I need breakfast on the go. b)      I don’t have time to [read more]

  • Molly

    Sport on Saturdays: Meet the #1 ranked female rally driver in the world.

        This is Molly Taylor. She’s pictured with her mum, Coral Taylor. They’re your regular Australian mother-and-daughter duo… except that they’re not. Together, Molly and Coral have dominated motorsports across the world. That’s right – motorsports. One of the most traditionally male-dominated sports that has ever existed. Years ago, Coral started off in motorsports [read more]

  • breasts

    100 women showed a photographer their breasts. Here’s the result.

    You’ve seen thousands of images of women’s breasts before — but none quite like these. Photographer Laura Dodsworth asked 100 women, ranging from ages 19 to 101, to bare their breasts as part of  her project “Bare Reality” — the result is a series of strikingly beautiful images of real, untouched breasts in all different shapes [read more]

  • sara ziff skinny models

    The modelling agency withheld her pay… until she lost inches off her already-tiny waist.

              By CAITLIN STOWER There are plenty of young women who dream of becoming models. The stuff of those dreams probably includes strolling a runway for big name designers, appearing in campaigns wearing dresses of the value of a small house and gracing the cover of Anna Wintour’s Vogue (although maybe not actually meeting [read more]

  • Esther Honig

    This is what happens when a biracial woman is photoshopped in 18 different countries.

              By MEGAN WRIGHT. You might remember the interesting Photoshop experiment posed by journalist Esther Honig earlier this year when she asked people around the world to “perfect” her image. The results were nothing short of fascinating. Urged on by her experience of living in a culture that constantly asks “what [read more]

  • Stella Young

    “My body is not considered sexual, no matter what I do with it.“

      By STELLA YOUNG I’ve seen a lot of people in the last week or so sharing Olivier Fermariello’s photographic series Je t’aime moi aussi, which depicts naked disabled people in their homes. The series is striking and beautiful. One of the women featured actually has a body a lot like my own. I found [read more]

  • bec-sparrow-2-380x455 copy

    BEC: Remember to ask the loved ones of those with depression: RUOK too?

        By REBECCA SPARROW Now don’t get me wrong. I love the idea behind RUOK day. I love that it reminds us to take the time to ‘check in’ with everyone in our lives -  especially those people we know are living with depression. And more importantly to really listen to the answer. But I [read more]

  • outfitters eat less tee

    It’s the last message young girls need to hear. So why is it printed on a t shirt?

      By MEGAN WRIGHT It seems like every day there’s another celebrity having another rant about something outrageous. So much so that it can be tempting to tune out altogether. But not this time. On her benevolent quest to right wrongs and help the world, actress Sophia Bush has spoken publicly about her outrage at [read more]

  • ..

    The most common excuses for not exercising. Sound familiar?

              By NAT HAWK I am the champion of coming up with excuses to get out of workouts. Name the excuse, and I’ve come up with it before in my eagerness to slack off. It’s very naughty – especially considering that I generally then spend that workout time vegging out on [read more]

  • Celebrities

    For anyone contemplating suicide, please read about Nellie Bishop.

              By MIA FREEDMAN Here’s a short story that some people really need to hear. In the 1920s there was an Australian woman called Nellie Bishop who was distraught after a messy, broken romance. So she went to a notorious Sydney suicide spot and jumped off a cliff in an attempt [read more]

  • scar project

    The SCAR project.

      By NICKY CHAMP This would have to be one of the most inspiring collection of photographs I’ve ever seen. The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay, he started shooting this project in Sydney and has to date photographed 100 women from [read more]

  • veg pizza

    A family recipe in one word and eight slices.

            By ELLY-JEAN LOUIS I have a confession…when Mamamia challenged me to cook one meal that could be altered to please a whole family I was baffled. My initial thoughts were that it couldn’t be done. But then I started to think about easy meals that we cook at home when children [read more]

  • Stephanie Brantz interview

    Forbes just published a list of the highest paid athletes. There’s something missing.

              By NATALIA HAWK Forbes recently published their annual list of the highest-paid athletes in the world. At the top of the list was Floyd Mayweather, a boxer who earns a whopping $105 million. All of the world’s other sporting favourites – Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and [read more]

  • IMG_1108

    MIA: “What I did for my friend who feels bad about her tummy.”

              By MIA FREEDMAN My friend is feeling bad about her stomach. Well, her tummy. She’s had three kids in the past four years and she’s in that place where she’s not really sure what her body is meant to look like or how she’s meant to feel about it. “I’m [read more]

  • Katie Hopkins weight gain challenge

    Katie Hopkins gained 20 kilos to make a point about fat people.

        “Fat people are lazy and there is no excuse for obesity.” That’s what 39-year-old British former reality TV star and tabloid columnist, Katie Hopkins, believes. Hopkins wants so desperately to prove her point, that she deliberately put on 20 kilograms just so she could lose it publicly and show the world how ‘easy’ it is [read more]

  • Gluten free pancakes

    Everyone’s talking about almond milk. Here’s how to use it.

        By YAZ TROLLOPE My Instagram feed is full. Clogged. Jam-packed with healthy, delicious food creations accompanied by the hashtag #healthy #raw #IQS #vegan and #dairyfree. The fact is, the picture of health is changing, moving away from low carb, low fat and transitioning into natural, real food that comes predominantly from plant-based ingredients [read more]

  • kids screen

    The average toddler does 6 hours of activity a day. The average 5 year old does 1.5.

      By JO ABI Every day I watch my young children sitting on their butts hardly moving, except for their fingers frantically working remotes, keyboards, controls and pads. Kids’ lives sure have changed in the past 30 years. And they’re definitely not getting as much activity as they used to. The reality is that technology [read more]

  • living with endometriosis

    “Your daughter’s lying on the floor in the bathroom. I think she has to go home.”

              By LESLEY FREEDMAN Here we are at a family wedding just a few months ago. I love this photo. My daughter looks happy and healthy. I don’t look too wrinkly. But halfway through the reception someone tapped me on the shoulder: “Your daughter’s lying on the floor in the bathroom. I [read more]

  • Dear Kate underwear campaign

    How many successful women in their knickers does it take to make a controversy?

    How many successful women in their knickers does it take to make a controversy? Six. These ones. This is a shot from the latest lookbook for  lingerie brand Dear Kate. Dear Kate produces high-tech, leak-resistant underwear. Their new collection is called ‘The Ada Collection’, named after Ada Lovelace, the mathematician widely regarded as the world’s first computer [read more]

  • Quincy S

    Sport on Saturdays: The 6yo that is one of the best surfers you’ll ever see.

        By NATALIA HAWK You’re going to have to remember the name Quincy Symonds. Because it’s bound to become a household name – just like the names of our most famous Australian athletes. You see, Quincy is a six-year-old girl that lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. And the experts are saying that [read more]

  • Cameron Diaz Photoshop Fail

    Celebrity photoshop fails that will make you lose faith in humanity.

      If you’ve ever found yourself comparing your skin/hair/body to a celebrity or model and felt that you came up short, there is a very good reason for that: Photoshop. Take a look at the celebrity before and after shots below, and see just how Photoshop is used to shave down waists, even out skin [read more]

  • how to stay awake after no sleep

    How to get through the day when you’ve had zero sleep.

            By NATALIA HAWK In an ideal world, all of us would get eight or nine hours of sleep. Every single night. But this isn’t an ideal world. Life is cruel and constantly throws unexpected, sleep-interrupting situations at us. Youtube wormholes, crazy flight schedules, uni assignments, sick children, addictive TV show marathons, [read more]

  • pizza feat

    How to cook an amazing meal without going further than the pantry.

        By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS It’s a week night, you’ve come home late and now you have to cook dinner. You open the fridge: Nothing. You open the pantry: Nothing. You open the freezer: Nothing. The last thing you want to do is cook and you start to contemplate having vegemite on toast for dinner… Sound [read more]