• nickychamp

    Get glowing skin with just 1 simple, daily change.

            By NICKY CHAMP Confession: I was awful to my skin when I was younger. I used to adopt a less is more type of approach to looking after my skin, and by less I mean nothing. I’d wash my makeup off in the shower and more often than not I’d skip [read more]

  • mia mia

    “There’s a target on the face of every woman in her 40s.”

    By MIA FREEDMAN I am a woman in my 40s with a face and right now, I feel like a target has been slapped right on it. Last week, I watched with growing astonishment as Renee Zellweger’s 45-year-old face and the obsessive global speculation about it blasted all other news stories out of the way. [read more]

  • syl-freedman-egg-freezing-2

    “I’m 23, single, and freezing my eggs. This is why…”

      By KAHLA PRESTON Like many 23-year-olds, Sylvia Freedman isn’t quite ready to be a mum. She’s currently studying Communications at uni in Sydney; plus she hasn’t yet met the man she can see herself having kids with. However, unlike most single women her age Sylvia has been injecting herself with hormones multiple times a day for the [read more]

  • omg zoom

    The 8 emotional stages of pelvic-floor failure.

        By NICOLE MADIGAN What do pregnancy, heavy lifting, child birth and gymnastics have in common? Aside from being uncomfortable, they can all cause Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). In other words, an unexpected (and unwanted) leak. From your bladder. You cough, laugh, run or jump and oops, out it comes, without warning, without control. [read more]

  • C-Lindop

    Sport on Saturdays: This is what it’s like to be a female jockey right now.

              In the last two weeks, we’ve seen three separate tragedies at our Australian racecourses. And all three have involved female jockeys. The first was Carly-Mae Pye, a 26-year-old jockey who died during a training race at Callaghan Park in Rockhampton, Queensland. The horse Pye was riding broke both his front [read more]

  • selling-sports-clothes-mamamia-290x360

    This ad is every bit as painful as running without a bra.

          By SAM SQUIERS Oh. So, Lonsdale’s doing lingerie now? That’s what I first thought when they announced their new campaign on instagram recently. There was Annette Melton (stunning model and new Lonsdale ambassador), rolling around seductively on a bed in her underwear. Surely they couldn’t be trying to sell sports clothes? I [read more]

  • awks

    Embarrassing body issues you ignore, but really shouldn’t.

                By ZOE LAWRENCE I once had a medical issue that was so embarrassing that I avoided going to the doctor for three months. Even when I finally did get to the doctor, I was nearly too embarrassed to tell her what was going on. It was a problem, um [read more]

  • Rain doesn't mean you can't have a good workout.

    Open post: How’s your week going?

          It’s Wednesday. So it’s time for a chat. Open Post is a little tradition we have here at Mamamia where we give you the chance to share what’s been happening during your week and what  you just can’t stop thinking about. Call me superficial, but this week I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe. More [read more]

  • bellabox review

    “I’m calling it. We have to start putting ourselves first.”

            By LISA ALMOND Sometimes us ladies are guilty of not putting ourselves first. Like when we happily buy our partner a $300 watch for his birthday but can’t bring ourselves to buy the $50 top we love. Or when we splurge on our kids and buy them designer brands but won’t [read more]

  • pelvic exam not necessary

    The 5 appointments every woman might need to make in her life.

              By SHAUNA ANDERSON As a woman there are a lot of times you will put your own health on the back burner. It is easier to focus on our kids, our partners or our jobs – so our own health often gets neglected. There are a lot of health checks [read more]

  • "I can feel you in there."

    A woman explains to her unborn child why she’s terminating her pregnancy.

              Two days ago, a woman who has decided to have an abortion wrote an open letter to her unborn child on the website Reddit. The woman, who writes under the screen name ‘Scaredthrowingaway’, says that although she would love to be a mother, she wants the best thing for her child in the [read more]

  • Bayer caves on Endometriosis treatment

    These two just took on a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company…and won.

            Sylvia Freedman is 23 years old and she has endometriosis. Sylvia’s endo is at stage 4 – the most severe – and her symptoms are so debilitating, it has effected every aspect of her life. You can read her story on Mamamia here. One in 10 women in Australia has this [read more]

  • Andrea as a Moulin Rouge dancer

    Sport on Saturdays: A dancer tells us what the Moulin Rouge is really like.

              Andrea Robertson was obsessed with ballet before she could even pronounce the word “ballet”. At the age of two, she constantly talked about “belly” – much to the confusion of her parents, especially because no one in her family had ever done any dancing. Finally, when Andrea was three, the [read more]

  • Toddler formula a waste of money

    “When your 3 month old baby is crying and vomiting, you panic.”

                By RACHEL MEIZEN My daughter was three-months-old when I agreed to do a day of work at a local festival. She was my third child and I wasn’t so paranoid about her care. I happily left her with my mum on occasion and she agreed to look after her [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.05.39 pm copy

    Stop pretending that these pictures of your bum are ‘inspirational’. They’re not.

      If you’ve ever ventured into the health and fitness world on social media, you’ve probably come across #fitspo. It’s short for “fitspiration” – and basically covers off on any kind of social media post that encourages people to be fitter and healthier. Which is good, right? It’s never really a bad thing to encourage [read more]

  • Not all tampons are created equal.

    4 slightly disturbing things you didn’t know about your tampon.

              By ZOE LAWRENCE Over the years, you’ve probably stocked up on hundreds of tampons without thinking too much about what you’re actually buying and putting into your body. And that’s not particularly surprising. For the great majority of us, a period is not something to celebrate. It’s painful, it’s annoying, [read more]

  • pete-evans-facebook-jpg

    “Oh, so it’s my COOKING that has caused my son’s autism?”

          By BENISON O’RIELLY Why does my child have autism? It’s the difficult question that thousands of parents have asked. And it’s one with no easy answers. But tell that to a celebrity “health expert”. Lacking the knowledge to know what they don’t know, these people confidently —and with monotonous regularity — wade in with [read more]

  • Steph Prem

    This Aussie Olympian broke her back. Now she’s a pilates instructor.

            By NAT Imagine this. You are a professional snowboarder, taking part in your last training run for the day. You try for a jump – a big one – and you know, as soon as you’re in the air, that you’ve done something wrong. That something is about to happen, and [read more]

  • Fish and Chips

    How to feed the whole family (on the cheap).

      By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS Ok everyone, let’s face it…feeding a family is expensive. We all love to eat but sometimes things can get a little out of hand when it comes to what goes into the shopping trolley and the cost of the bill once you reach the cash register. There’s no need to shy [read more]

  • Pete Evans

    Celebrity chef claims Paleo Diet will prevent autism.

              Pete Evans is pissed. The celebrity chef – best-known for his starring role as judge on My Kitchen Rules – has published a 2100-word rant against two of Australia’s leading and most-trusted nutritional organisations: the Heart Foundation, and the Dietitians Association of Australia. Evans – who recently gained himself a [read more]

  • Andrea with

    She was told she would never walk properly again. Now she’s a World Champion.

                By NATALIA HAWK Andrea Wheatley is a 37-year-old osteopath from Victoria. She’s also a world champion in Filipino stick-fighting. Yes, you read that correctly. During the day, Andrea works at a clinic; in the mornings, and in the evenings, she trains in the traditional martial art of the Philippines, [read more]

  • Mutual sex for all.

    This is what it’s like to live a life with no sex.

      As long as I can remember, I’ve never been interested in dating. When I was 14 and my friends started talking about boys, I decided that my own lack of crushes and infatuations meant I was a lesbian. I happily ignored everything to do with romance and relationships and sex. It’s easy to say you [read more]

  • kirsty chambers

    “I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to get away from me”

            By KRISTY CHAMBERS. The American recording artist, Charlene, is arguably most well known for singing ‘I’ve Never Been to Me,’ a poignant ballad that topped the charts for a brief period in 1982. I interpret the song’s lyrics as a cautionary tale of regret from a narrator who was formerly an [read more]

  • Quadriplegic supports spinal cord research

    “After a seven-hour surgery session, I woke up in the intensive care unit and was given a diagnosis of quadriplegia.”

            By JASON ELLERY On 25 April 2011 my life changed forever. Although I didn’t know it at the time, in an instant, the kind of future I imagined myself had been erased. I was 24. It was one of the last days of my snowboarding trip in Alberta, Canada. It all [read more]

  • Naked hikes. No clothes required.

    NSFW: Fitness friends. Is is too much to ask that you keep your damn clothes on?

            Back in March, we wrote a Mamamia article about nude yoga. Nude yoga is exactly what it sounds like: the practice of doing yoga without wearing any clothes. Apparently it does things like “free you from negative feelings about your body” and “allow you to be more accepting and deeper connected [read more]

  • Trish and her late husband Nick with their daughter Ruby.

    The truth: What it’s like to be left behind by suicide.

            Editor’s note: This post deals with suicide. Some readers may find this article triggering. By TRISH HEAGERTY Words really can’t explain the range of emotions you experience when you lose someone, in any situation. But especially by suicide. The pain is so strong. I feel broken. I shake uncontrollably. My whole body [read more]

  • secret

    Do you share my embarrassing little secret? You really might.

            I have a little secret I’ve been carrying around for too long. It started off innocently at first, and then it became harder to hide. Those close to me began to notice something. They began to notice that I didn’t laugh as much, that I developed an unusual fear of coughs and [read more]

  • Annie running

    Sport on Saturdays: Meet Annie Crawford. She’s raised $13.3m for cancer research.

          By NATALIA HAWK When someone in your life is affected by cancer, it’s often difficult to know how to react. You want to fix things. You want to make them all better again. But you can rarely do anything to remedy the situation – and that can leave you feeling pretty helpless. [read more]

  • dairy free smoothies

    Four delicious dairy-free smoothie recipes.

            By NAT HAWK I used to be one of those people who never ate breakfast. I would sleep in, stumble out of the house and spend every morning in a complete fog, until about 11am, when I would finally eat something. But then I bought a smoothie maker and it changed [read more]

  • How do we teach our kids about fat vs thin?

    “Mum, why are you so fat?”

        By OLIVIA CARTER “Move mum! I cant see the TV … your tummy is in the way.” The anguish in my daughter’s voice was clear – this was not just any TV show I was blocking, it was Peppa Pig! Later that night as I was putting Susie to bed she asked me [read more]