This is a reality road test for Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

The worst food choices I make for my family always happen when I’m tired or we’re running late for something (which is often). I just can’t seem to get organised enough to serve something healthy and delicious every night. And to be honest, I’m sick of trying to think of meals all members of my family will eat.

How did I end up with such fussy eaters? My husband doesn’t eat cucumbers or capsicum. My little boy doesn’t eat most foods, with the exception of fish fingers and toasted sandwiches.

How depressing is it when you cook a delicious meal only to have a family member or two turn their noses up at it.

It’s absolutely infuriating!

Sometimes I just want a night off, without resorting to something unhealthy.

Did you know that Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli cooks in minutes? I’m not even exaggerating. It cooks in the time it takes to:

Feed the cat

Convince the kids to come to the table for dinner

Use the bathroom

Hang out a bit of laundry

Iron a top

Eat a chocolate biscuit while the kids aren’t looking…

And pasta is such a crowd-pleaser.

My son didn’t want to try Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli the first time I served it so we made a pattern on his plate. You see, Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli isn’t just dinner – it’s actually square blocks that can be made into paths, building and all sorts of patterns. Then they eat their creation.

I’m Italian so I cook a lot of delicious Italian meals but ravioli has always been beyond me, even the really large ones you see them create on Masterchef.

When we filmed the Reality Road Test for Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli, my eldest boy was eating it so fast the film crew had to ask him to slow down so we could properly capture the moment. Then, once we finished filming we all sat down and ate the lot, using fresh bread to completely clean our plates.

Watch how fast my son eats…he’s so funny. He ate so much I was worried he’d feel sick at soccer training, but he ran around and was hungry again when we got home an hour later.


LatinaFresh Logo This crowd pleaser dinner cooks in less time than it takes to feed the cat.


Latina Fresh Beef Ravioli, made with Fresh Australian Beef with no added artificial colours and flavours.


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