Meals have fallen into chaos at our house in recent months. I must be getting old – years ago I ran a weekly magazine and still put a creative dinner on the table every night. I reminisce about those days and shake my head, I have no idea how I did it.

Many a night I end up grabbing a BBQ chook or sushi for the kids because I’ve run out of time to (a) shop or (b) cook before the kids’ 6pm dinnertime. But I have the best intentions this week. The fridge is full of fresh ingredients, the spirit is willing, these kid-friendly dinners look AMAZING.

Wish me luck …

Monday: Avocado sushi

avo sushi Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

My kids are obsessed with sushi. Making our own is surprisingly easy and my youngest loves helping out. So I’m going to skip the store-bought variety this week and DIY. The leftovers will make a great lunchbox filler for the next day.

Get the recipe here.


Tuesday: Steak with salsa verde

t bone steak Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

My seven-year-old is funny about steak, but if I cook it just right and cut it into little pieces it’s usually a hit. The great thing about this recipe is the kids can have their meat plain while the adults can add deliciousness with the salsa verde.

Get the recipe here.


Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala

chicken tikka masala Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

If the curry is mild, Indian food is a hit in our household. Especially with some roti bread on the side. (And confession: I will probably cheat and use a jar of chicken tikka paste rather than mess around with all the spices.)

Get the recipe here.


Thursday: Hamburger buddy

hamburger buddy Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

OK, this dish has a TERRIBLE name but without the fresh herbs sprinkled on top, my kids will gobble it up.

Get the recipe here.


Friday: Salmon tacos

salmon tacos 0 Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

How good do these babies look? Though I’ll be skipping the radish. I just don’t get radish – do you?

Get the recipe here.


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