Women are their own worst critics.”

It’s a phrase often heard and unfortunately in this case of despicable body-shaming by one female writer, it’s completely true.

In a Mail Online piece entitled, “Portrait of a slightly saggy supermodel” Liz Jones has deconstructed a paparazzi-style shot of 39-year-old model Kate Moss spreading a body positive message to British women.

Oh, wait.

Jones chose an unflattering image of Moss on the beach in a bikini – seriously, was there no other image of Moss that wasn’t airbrushed? – and preceded to body-shame the 39-year-old by dissecting her figure and picking apart her perceived flaws, defiling the iconic model.

In her defence Jones says: “Kate made millions by making us want to emulate her. And second, that to realise what Kate is like in the flesh (and there is a surprising amount of it) will encourage the wobbly women of Britain to shrug off their sarongs and reveal their own imperfect bodies on the beach. If Kate can do it, then so can we…”

Um, Liz Jones? That body positive message you’re hoping to spread? You’re doing it wrong. By fat-shaming and taking down another woman in order to make yourself feel better is not the way for all women to feel better about their bodies. How someone can even say that Moss has a “blobby bottom” and “saddlebags” is just… we can’t even.

Kate Moss body That body positive message you’re hoping to spread? You’re doing it wrong.

 You can read the full article here.

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