40daysoftreats 380x508 An act of defiance. With cake.

Co-organiser Carmen D’Cruz with some chocolatey goodies for the staff at one of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service offices.

I’m not much of a cook but sister, do I love to bake. Lemon meringue pie that dissolves in your mouth. Apple and peach crumble that hums from the very first bite. Brownies and biscuits and my mum’s famous chocolate pud.  But cake – a delicious, moist, makes-you-want-to-stand-up-and-sing cake — can spin the world on its axis.  Of that, I’m convinced.

And so it was with some delight that I stumbled across this piece in The Guardian last week about two British friends who found a rather unique way to respond to a pro-life prayer vigil that was being held outside a clinic. Put it this way, they donned their aprons instead of picking up placards and signs.

According to The Guardian

“Members of the group 40 Days for Life started a demonstration outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Services, which provides counselling and early abortions, earlier this week. Adopting tactics more commonly used by American anti-abortion protesters, the group stressed it would be a “peaceful vigil”. But the demonstration merely makes life harder for women facing difficult decisions, according to Clare Murphy of BPAS. “We are supportive of freedom of speech, but it is very problematic when a group of people go out of their way to make life harder for women at an already difficult time,” she said.

You can read the full article here.

This isn’t a post about the right to choose or the the right to life. Instead let’s focus on the unique way these two British gals decided to express their love and support: through cake. And choccies. And biscuits. And fresh fruit.  I love that. LOVE. IT.

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make a difference. I remember last year, I went round to Kate Hunter’s house in a glum mood and she’d bought me the latest copy of the Australian Women’s Weekly and made me a cup of tea while I read it.  A small gesture but a lovely one.

What small act of kindness have you received or given?  What’s the most creative way you’ve shown your support for someone or some group?


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