A two-year-old’s perfect “natural” eyebrows are making women all around the world jealous.

A photo of a UK toddler who has perfect “Kim Kardashian” eyebrows is going viral.

Amalia Bass, mum to two-year-old Alisha-Lyn, posted on Facebook:  “When you’re two years old and your brows are on fleek,” alongside a picture of her daughter.

"On fleek". Image supplied.

"I've never plucked or waxed them, it's just all makeup.  Her brows are quite amazing and quite thick naturally, I envy them," Ms Bass told Mamamia.

The 19-year-old mother from Leicestershire got her flair for brows from studying beauty therapy at college.

"Alisha-Lyn loves doing my makeup." Image supplied.

"I had a lot of mixed opinions about it, some people said 'let her be a baby' which I agree with - but I can't help it if it's what she likes. I would never force her to put makeup on if she didn't want to.

"When she looks in the mirror when I do her makeup for her she says 'Alisha bootiful' and I always tell her she's beautiful anyway without it," she said.

The mother of two said both of her daughters love to have a "girly time" and play with makeup.

Alisha-Lyn with and without makeup. Image supplied.

"I just think you should never stop a child from doing what they like or love. You never know, she may become an amazing makeup artist one day," she said.

Online fans compared Alisha-Lyn's brows to Kim Kardashian's set, but obviously the two-year-old takes after her mother.

"I think she gets her big brows off me as I've always had lots of hair has I'm half Greek," Ms Bass said.


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