Trend to try: unstructured pants

I’ve always maintained strict rules for what’s appropriate and inappropriate to wear outside of the house. High on the list of my no-gos? Pyjamas in public. Highly inappropriate unless you’re 3 years old and likely to fall asleep on the drive home from the supermarket.

But  I’ve been out-fashioned, because unstructured pants (which are a little pajama like in my opinion) were tipped to be the next big thing at New York Spring Fashion Week earlier this year – they’re slouchy, they’re baggy, they’re often littered in floral and animal print.

Celebrities like Blake Lively and January Jones are already parading the pants.

The key to wearing these pants without being looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed (or getting ready to roll in) is to accessorise. Dress them up with heels or down with flats. When in doubt try a fitted blazer, a statement necklace and a belt.

Would you ever wear unstructured pants? Have you worn them? Do you have a photo of yourself in unstructured pants that you can share with us?


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