The new makeup trend engulfing the internet has got us so confused.

Video by Mamamia

Makeup trends come and go like seasons. Some are truly life changing in the absolute best ways possible, but some make substantially less sense, like the latest social media trend of thigh makeup.

And ICYMI, it’s like regular makeup application, but on your thighs.

Still don’t quite understand? See below.

It’s like a makeup artist took a face chart, placed it on their thighs, and went to town on creating a masterpiece.

Seriously, looking at the many creations on Instagram and Twitter is so hypnotic and mesmerising, because holy Oprah, there are some talented people out there.


Find some of the best thigh makeup looks below. Post continues… 

Like most things born from social media, it’s hard to know when or where the trend first began, but Cosmo first began reporting on the “thigh brow” trend two weeks ago.

And sure, there’s no real point to thigh makeup other than passing the time and practicing your makeup technique, but it sure is good to look at nonetheless.


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