The weekly round up: What everyone is talking about.

Friday. Friday. Friday. Friday.



It’s Friday and you made it.

It’s been a big week. Lots has been happening in the world and we understand that you might not quite be up to date if you’ve not had time to log onto Mamamia daily. That’s okay, we forgive you.

But as it is the season of giving and we’re generous souls here at Mamamia, we also don’t want you to be that awkward silent person at the dinner party or the kids birthday party, who has nothing to add to the conversation.

So here’s a list of the timely things you might have missed this week.

Kate and William. They’re having a baby!

A few conversation starters to get your through the weekend:


1. Thirty four years after they starred in Grease together, Olivia Newton John and John Travolta released a Christmas song. And it’s either the best or worst Christmas music video ever.

2. The real Julia Gillard showed everyone what’s been missing from her public profile when she starred in an hilarious (spoof) press conference preparing Australians for the end of the world.

3. Kate Middleton and Price William announced they were expecting a baby. They also announced not-year-12-weeks-pregnant Kate was in hospital suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum – an acute form of morning sickness.

4. Meanwhile an Australian radio duo pulled a prank by pretending to be Prince Charles and the Queen and called the hospital Kate’s staying in. They were put through to a nurse on Kate’s ward. [Listen here]

Did someone say Friday?

4. Tabloid newspaper The New York Post printed a front cover which featured a man in the path of an oncoming train, moments before his death, and the headline “DOOMED… This man is about to die.”

5. Eminem’s daughter is a twitter troll. Sixteen-year-old Hailie Mathers sent a series of tweets this week accusing Taylor Swift of “whoring around with every guy (she) sees.” Nice.

6. This month’s cover of UK magazine Elle. At first glance, most people weren’t sure if it was 26-year-old Lindsay Lohan, 43-year-old Gwen Stefani or 54-year-old Madonna. Turns out it was out Kylie.

7. The New Zealand cafe that’s charging men 10% extra for their coffee to highlight the gender pay gap.

8. The American Psychiatric Association announced that Asperger’s Syndrome will be dropped from the manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose patients with medical disorders. Asperger’s and other similar disorders will now be lumped under the label ‘autism spectrum disorder.’

Ridge Forrester

9. Butt implants. And the scariest video you’ve ever seen. 

10. After 23 years and at least 15 marriages (we counted) Ridge Forrester left Bold and The Beautiful. Possibly for good. Possibly to be brought back from the dead at a later date.

11. The toughest year of marriage. According to researchers, the ‘honeymoon period’ is a big fat lie and the first year of marriage is actually the unhappiest.

13. The European country where bestiality is legal. Yes, you can currently have sex with an animal in Germany. An EU country. In 2012.


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