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Despite the fact that I’ve always been an “excellent student” (report card’s words, not mine!), I’ve never actually enjoyed studying. I’ve devoted a pretty hefty chunk of my life to it, but it’s never been something I have loved. In high school, especially in my final two years, hours and hours and HOURS were spent in my room reading, writing and typing (oh, and listening to Craig David. Don’t judge, he was big back in the 90’s!) Along with all of this study, came the daily consumption of a tonne of junk food and way, way too many cups of instant coffee. White with one, please.

I remember the month before I was due to sit my final Year 12 exams. I was feeling like crap. It wasn’t because I was anxious, or stressed, I just had more of an overall exhausted, lethargic and unsettled kind of vibe going on, both physically and mentally. Despite feeling so tired, bizarrely, I was struggling to sleep at night. After too many days of annoying complaints, my Mum staged a junk food and coffee intervention. Well, I’m not sure “intervention” is the right word, but she suggested that I start snacking on healthier foods and swap the coffee for some tea, green tea to be specific. I totally agreed on the food front, but green tea!? Despite the fact that the Chinese had been drinking it for many, many centuries, I’d never even heard of it. However, I was feeling so off that I was prepared to give it a go.

This post is sponsored by Dilmah

I’ve had at least one cup of green tea every day since I was 17. Actually that’s not true, there were 5 weeks in there, when I went on my honeymoon (yes, it was a very long and absolutely amazing honeymoon) where we were in such remote places that I couldn’t get my hands on it. Honeymoon aside though, I’ve had green tea every day for the past 15 years and I will continue to do so indefinitely. In addition to the sense of calm and relaxation I get during and after drinking it, the fact that it is rich in antioxidants is just an added bonus. A pretty big one too.

Being a true foodie, the reality is that even if a certain food or drink is good for me and makes me feel awesome, I still need to truly enjoy the taste of it for me to keep consuming. From day one, I have loved the flavour of green tea and have actually written a couple of recipes using it (that I’ll be adding to the blog soon!) One involving cake and the other, ice cream! Speaking of it’s taste, over Summer I often had my green tea at room temperature which I found enhanced the flavour and occasionally I added ice and a wedge of lemon. Yum!


I’m not really a fan of the “food preacher.” You know, the person who wants to FORCE you to quit sugar / eat organic only / activate your almonds etc. but when it comes down to what we put into our bodies, I definitely believe that knowledge is power and that people should openly share their experiences (without ramming them down the throats – literally – of others!)  I also think that when you discover a good thing, whether it be a clothing supplier, a brand of makeup or a travel agent, it pays to spread the word. So that’s what I am doing. I’m not saying that by drinking green tea my credit card bill disappears each month, the washing and ironing gets done without me touching it and that a brand new red Ferrari appears in my driveway. I’m just sharing with you how “Mummy’s special drink” (as my 3 year old calls it) makes me feel when I have my daily dose!

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Are you more of a coffee or a tea drinker? When do you normally drink it and how does it make you feel?  


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