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A teen was bombarded with sexist and insulting messages after she applied for a job.

The chilling story behind this photo of men, women and children sunbaking.

The chilling story behind this photo of...

 A teenager who was simply trying to earn some extra cash as a cleaner was bombarded with sexist texts from a potential employer.

After Chelsea Dann, from Birmingham in the UK, posted an advert on a job hunting website, a lawyer inundated her with harassing texts and sleazy demands.

According to The Sun, the 18-year-old was offered $18 an hour to clean the man’s house, but he also demanded photos of her along with her CV.

teen sexist texts
Chelsea, who has a diploma in Games Software Development, threatened to report him for harassment. Image via Facebook.

Dann then sent him a selfie but when she asked 'why', he said he only hired attractive girls because he was a "well off businessman" with a "reputation".

The man, who only identified himself as 'Adam', then made sexually explicit comments. When Chelsea told him she wasn't interested, he insulted her.

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“Err your quite cheap shows your upbringing was poor you’re jealous because I have everything and you don’t have a penny to your name," he said.

“I gather you are a single mother with 3 kids on benefits," he added.

Chelsea, who has a diploma in Games Software Development, threatened to report him for harassment.

Dann told The Sun that she became angry when he asked her for a photo of herself, but then the situation quickly escalated.

“Then the conversation starting getting sexual and he said things like ‘you look hot in that dress'," she said.

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“He then said he wanted to do sexual things to me. He was a creep and I’ve now blocked him.

“It makes me feel sick, I am looking for a job because I want to better myself and he has just treated me like a sex object. It’s actually really upsetting.”

Chelsea says she really wants to start a career in IT, but at the moment she's looking for any work that will get her out of the house and help her make some extra cash.

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