The biggest teen heartthrobs of the 90s: where are you now?

Oh, the 90s. Friends. Dawson’s Creek. Britney Spears not believing in sex before marriage. Good times.

There’s a lot of celebrities from the 90s that are still kicking around in Hollywood, think Leo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake. But there are a whole lot more that we’ve forgotten about. They once owned a little piece of our hearts, so let’s check in with some of those guys we haven’t heard from in a while.


Devon was the cutie from Caspar and Now And Then. He was everyone’s imaginary boyfriend. Where is he now?!

Devon has been acting ever since, apparently. Just… without us noticing. He was in Final Destination films in the early 2000s, and some other stuff since. Just a friendly ghost, we guess.


He was everyone’s favourite Dawson’s Creek character called Pacey (probably the only Pacey that has ever existed). Where has that cheeky grin gone?

Joshua is still acting and cheekily grinning. He is committed to actress girlfriend Diane Kruger. He has recently starred in hit shows Fringe and The Affair. We’re glad you came back to us, Josh.


He was the Prinze of hearts in the 90s, gracing many a bedroom wall. Where’s Freddie now?

He’s still married to Sarah Michelle Gellar – 12 years, two kids, and going strong. Which is absolutely delightful (except it messes up our Freddie fantasies). They’re a private couple, but they let us see the odd social media picture every now and then.

Nowadays, he describes himself as a ‘full-time Dad, and a part-time actor’, with the occasional role on shows like Bones. Our favourite 90s couple is still our favourite 90s couple.


This kid was born to be a child actor. He was nominated for an Oscar at age 11 for his super creepy “I See Dead People” in the Sixth Sense. He was Forrest Gump‘s son. He Pay(ed) It Forward. And then he sort of disappeared. What’s up, Haley?

Haley Joel is almost unrecognisable. He’s 26 now, and much more man-ish. Beard and everything. But still the same cute squishy face.

He took some time off to study at NYU, but he’s BACK with a lot of big films coming up, including one where he is a Nazi. Like most child stars, he had to join Alcoholics Anonymous for a little while. But he seems good (and sober), and with all his talent, we haven’t heard the last of him yet.

He may or may not still see dead people.


Pearl Harbour. 40 Days and 40 Nights. Black Hawk Down. Josh Hartnett was possibly the only actor to ever make a monobrow look sexy. It’s been a decade since his blockbuster films. Where are you now, Hartnett?

This just in: Josh is BACK. He freaked out after all his fame in the early 2000s and moved back to his hometown. He kept up the acting, but opted for smaller independent films. But now, 36-year-old Josh is back, in a big new TV series called Penny Dreadful.

He also still pulls off the mono-brow.

And did he ever make the most of his heart-throb status? “If you’re a ladies’ man, that’s what you do with your life – always chasing. I’ve always just wanted a relationship.” CHOOSE US, JOSH.


He was a cutie in the 80s show Growing Pains. Those dimples. Those curls. What’s he like these days?

Turns out… Kirk is a bit of a dick.

Kirk now splits his time between acting and evangelical Christianism. His most recent public message was that Christmas is a time for women to spread joy by cooking, cleaning, and singing. WITH JOY, DAMMIT. Got that, women? And he wants to save the world from those awful homosexual people.

His latest movie, Saving Christmas, has a tagline of ‘Let’s put the Christ back in Christmas’. Your call. We have nothing against religion. But we don’t like being told to get back in the kitchen. Well, Kirk. Make your own damn Christmas turkey.


He was the famously cute five-year-old kid in Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little. Remember? He had a funny little lisp and chubby widdle cheeks. How’s he doing?

SAY WHAAAAT. Jonathon’s not so Stuart Little any more. He’s Stuart Huge. He’s ripped, and really into boxing. Jon is 24 now, still acting, and still kind of lisp-y. He’s made a hilarious short film calledYou Used To Be Cute’, showing his battles to get cast in anything as an adult. Legend.

Interesting: He LOVES chiropractors. Like, a lot. He’s a spokesperson for pediatriac chiropractics, having had his first adjustment at a few months old. So there you go.


We haven’t heard much about him post-Reese, circa 2006. How’s he doing these days?

Well, most of all, HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. As in, must-have-sold-his-soul-because-whaaaat the same. Ryan is 40, he’s still acting lots, he’s nice and fatherly, he’s had another child with a girlfriend (though they’ve split up) and he and Reese are still friendly (supposedly). And abs. So much abs.

Cruel Intentions was 15 years ago. Whatever youthful tonic Ryan is using, bottle it and sell it to us. And by the way, it’s fill-ip-ee. Not ay. Good to know. Well done on the eternal youth, Ryan.


What a cutie. Remember his cute little face being all cute in Party of Five as Bailey? Being broodily responsible and responsibly broody? What’s happening, Wolfie?

Scott is kicking goals. At 46, he’s married with three cute kids (his Wolf pack), and he’s starring in the hit new show, Perception. He still looks exactly the same. Like a cute little wolf.

Did you know he was engaged to Alyssa Milano in 1993? Yay for 90s love. He’s now married to Kelley Limp. We wish her last name was Limp-Wolf. Scott + Wife + 3 kids = A PARTY OF FIVE. Yes.


AKA, mega-stud of 90210 fame. Oh, Luke. What a babe. Your tall hair, your dimples. How you doing, Perry?

Luke is peachy-keen. He’s had a couple of kids, he’s divorced but dating, he’s 48 (when the hell did that happen?!), he’s still acting a bit and to be honest, he’s still a babe. A silver fox. With a pretty bangin’ body. Well done, LP.

Also, fun fact: His name is actually Coy Luther Perry. COY. Good job with the screen name, Luke.


Ahhh, JTT. Those dreamy blue eyes. That luscious middle-part floppy hair. Whatcha been doing since Home Improvement, JTT?

Answer: Definitely not growing taller. 32-year-old Jono is still acting a bit, but he did fancy things like study philosophy and history at Harvard and Columbia. He wants to direct stuff now. And he’s still kinda cute.

Good to catch up with some of our 90s boy. Who would you like to check in with?


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