Yes, it’s just a video of a baby having a bath. But there’s a reason it’s going viral.


So I started seeing this video coming up in my Facebook feed: baby bathing. Sounds dull.

I’ve bathed a lot of babies over a lot of years (well, three babies). I’m still bathing two of them even though they’re not babies anymore – they still require supervision.

And then I watched it……and I was transfixed. More than that, I felt like someone had grabbed my ovaries and was wringing them like a sponge. Oh……just……I …..just……watch:

Did you love it? Did you? I was trying to tell my husband about it and our conversation went like this:

Me: “Oh my GOD. This video. It made me cry today.”
Him: “What was it about?”
Me: “It was this newborn baby having a bath.”

Him: “Then what happened?”
Me: “Well, nothing. It just had a bath. It was so beautiful. I just…..”

Him: “………”

Needless to say, this video is a good test of cluckiness. In fact, having asked around the office and garnered different responses from the women I work with (aged 2os – 40s). Some are all, meh. Others are practically lactating on the spot.

Where do you sit on the clucky spectrum? What’s your reaction to this video?

What do you think?


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