Sometimes I prefer my eyes to look Very Wide Awake and fresh.

But sometimes I want them to look all smouldery and dramatic.

I know! I know. It really is terrifically exciting waking up and discovering which shade I will opt for.

For the times I want to look fresh and bright, I use a white (or a pinky, fleshy toned, such as Benefit Eye Bright) eye pencil, and when I want it all defined and sexy-ish, I go for a black or brown eye pencil. And where do I use them? My waterline! A not-even-made-up area that’s definitely worth toying round with.

Amazing face 380x476 Why you should own black AND white eye linerZoe Foster is an author and columnist and Contributing Editor for Mamamia. She has previously been the beauty director for both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR magazines, and the Editor at Large of Zoe has published four books; Air Kisses, Textbook Romance (which she wrote with Hamish Blake), Playing The Field and Amazing Face. You can follow Zoe’s tumblr here and her Twitter here. You can and should buy Amazing Face here.

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