white nails 6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

If Kim’s doing it…


Alpine Snow. Funny bunny. Waltz. Blanc.

Sounds like something you’d find in a ski resort in Switzerland right!? Wrong. These are some of the names of the hottest nail colours right now…

Let me explain.

Somewhere in-between her first bum selfie and her second bum selfie, Kim Kardashian debuted a set of white nails and from then on, it was absolutely a thing. White nail polish became popular. And no, I’m not referring to the ‘whiteout you used to draw on your nails during a boring math’s class’ popular, I’m talking proper nail polish to go on your freshly manicured nails popular.

It is everywhere. Everywhere, people.

So much so that JLAW has even rocked a white mani. Why? It is surprisingly flattering.

Unlike most nail trends (stickers/candy nails/ impossible artwork that only a genius can draw) white nail polish allows you to look on trend and classic at the same time.

It’s not overpowering and it goes with everything. Plus, if you’re like me and like to keep your nails short and round as opposed to long, it doesn’t make you look like you have hobbit hands.

But it’s not the only nail trend you should know about. In fact, here are five others.

French Mani 2.0

mani 2.0 6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

Buy Essie’s Madison ave-hue (left) and Pink about it HERE

Let’s face it – French Manicures have been around since Pontius was a Pilate. So why not spruce up your traditional French Manicure with some colours? It’s bright, fun and gives the classic manicure look a nice revamp.


ombre 6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

Buy Napolean Perdis’ Mediterranean Blue - HERE.

Ombre nails have been on trend as long as Ombre hair. But this trend is 10x easier to do if you’re a bit of a brush klutz like me. Plus you can add your own colours to go with the seasons. Get a strong base colour to use such as Napolean Perdis’ Mediterranean Blue, and make the colours lighter from there.


opi 6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

Buy OPI Bright Lights (left) and Atomic Orange HERE.

If you’re wishing you were still on holiday’s or dreaming of a tropical island – take your nails there instead. Just choose tropical colours such as Oranges, bright pinks or peaches and you will feel instantly cooler -even if you’re just sitting at a desk all day.



matte nail polish  6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

Buy Revlon Matte Nail’s HERE for $9.00

Sick of having glossy nails? Give Matte a whirl. Simply buy a Matte Nail polish top coat, and put it over your normal polish. Yes ladies, it is that simple.

Mirror finish

mirrored 6 nail trends for people who cant paint like Picasso.

Buy Essie’s Mirrored collection here.

Style & Beauty Editor Nicky has a thing for Mirrored nails. And can you blame her? They’re fun and on trend – but do seem a tad trick to apply. Here are her tips:

Start with clean filed nails and remove any excess oils with nail polish remover.

Step one: apply a basecoat, this ensures the nail wraps will be as smooth as possible. (If you’ve recently had gel nails you might want to use a nail treatment underneath the basecoat. Sally Hansen’s Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment is excellent.)

Step two: select the appropriate sized wrap, peel backing and apply it onto the nail with the rounded end to close to the cuticle.

Step three: smooth the sticker down using a nail buff to remove any bubbles.

Step four: trim or file the excess.

Step five: for a longer lasting result apply a top coat over the nail wrap.

Do you have a go-to nail trend?

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