And that’s a wrap folks. Today is the final event of the four-day Melbourne Cup Carnival: Stakes Day.

Never heard of it? Well it’s not the day when you grill your own and there are a range of mustards to choose from. Nor are you supposed to bring along your trusty vampire slaying tool.

Nope, Stakes Day is ‘family day’ at the races. So why not take the kids out for a little gamble, huh?

After a week of suffering in multiple pairs of control underwear and tenuously high high heels, Melbourne race-goers are today embraced a more relaxed dress code. They’ll be letting their hair down under those fascinators.

Flick through this gallery to see all the photos from Stakes day, plus a recap of the best outfits from earlier this week. Be sure to keep checking back – we will be adding new shots throughout the day. Happy clicking:

Samara Weaving at Stakes Day


If you haven’t been following Fashions on the Field quite as closely as we have, special mention goes out to Jennifer Hawkins, Rose Byrne and Rebecca Judd – who we think simply nailed it this racing season.


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