What’s a British Fashion Award, you ask? Good question. They’re the awards that celebrate everything that is fashion – from the best designers to the people with the best style (but limited to those with British passports).

Stella McCartney and Alexa Chung were among the guests who gathered in London this week for the 2012 awards.

Lily Rose Cooper, (formerly Lily Allen), showed off her baby bump in navy maxi dress and Dita Von Teese wowed in a plunging black gown. Stella McCartney also wore a black onsie. Take a look:

ISWIS Awards: Steph Rice and Leisel Jones

Stella McCartney was the star of the event, taking out Designer of the Year. Other winners include Manola Blahnik, who took out the Outstanding Achievement Award and Nicholas Kirkwood, who won the Designer Accessory Award.


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