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I have a (somewhat unpopular) confession to make: I love rainy days.

Granted, that is I love rainy days on a weekend, and there’s one more caveat: only when I have absolutely nowhere to be.

Curling up on the couch and listening to the rain hitting the roof are among some of my favourite things to do.

But deluges during the week when I have to get to work and do the daycare run? Not so much.

Whether you’re dealing with an impromptu sprinkle or a downright downpour be prepared with these stylish additions to cheer either of your wet-weather woes.

1. Raincoats.

raincoat BLOG: Stylish wet weather gear AND why its okay to wear a onesie.

1. Gorman polka dot raincoat BUY IT HERE.

I’m not style-shaming anyone here but shortly after after I turned up to the Mamamia editorial office in Gorman’s fabulous polka dot raincoat (above) no less than two lets call them Mia and Lucy ‘others’ also snapped it up.

Not that I have a problem with the three of us regularly turning up in the same spotted jacket. Ahem. We regularly call on the weather gods to bring on the rain because that’s how much we want to wear it.

2. Gumboots.

gumboots BLOG: Stylish wet weather gear AND why its okay to wear a onesie.

1. Hunter red wellies BUY HERE.

2. EDITOR’S FAVE: Mollini short black (also available in red) BUY HERE.

3. ASOS Mint gumboots BUY HERE.

4. Aldo zipper gumboot BUY HERE.

Surely I can’t be the only person who can’t walk properly in tall gumboots? Please tell me it ain’t so.

I “invested” in a pair of rather expensive Hunter wellies several years ago and I have worn them oh, roughly three times because of that very reason. The good news is for the coordinately-challenged like me, the latest look in rubber footwear is a shorter-style of boot. And short waterproof shoes you can also drive in? I’m a fan.

3. Umbrellas.

brollys BLOG: Stylish wet weather gear AND why its okay to wear a onesie.

1. Wet and Wendy Orange umbrella BUY HERE.

2. Gorman Golden Gate umbrella BUY HERE.

3. Cheetah foldable umbrella $39.95 BUY HERE.

4. Clear with pink trim umbrella $24.95 BUY HERE.

Fun fact: long before you could snap up clear umbrellas everywhere I attempted to bring one home from Japan in my carry on luggage. I was (eventually) successful and I still have it but let me tell you it was not without drama. Prevent any lost in translation moments with these fun clear and printed versions.

4. Onesies, yes, onesies.

onesie BLOG: Stylish wet weather gear AND why its okay to wear a onesie.

1. ASOS grey marle animal onesie BUY HERE.

2. Boohoo blue onesie BUY HERE.

3. Supre black onesie BUY HERE.

So now that we’ve covered outerwear what about those days as mentioned above where you don’t have anywhere to be? Well, may I suggest you invest in a snuggly onesie? I’ve got this white $39 snuggie/onesie jumpsuit from Target and I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s quite possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made.

And hey, if if snuggies are good enough for Elle UK’s editor to visit fashion house Chanel in then…

Takeout tip: just don’t stand too close to the heater.

Click through the gallery for some more wet weather style inspiration and lessons in how to work an umbrella should the occasion ever arise:

Image via Pinterest

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