• katemiddletonustourfashion

    Kate Middleton continues to make pink coats a thing.

    In case you missed it: Kate and Wills have been touring the US this week. The royal pair met with music royalty, Beyonce & Jay Z, encountered touchly-feely basketballers, and attended charity functions, galas and visited the 9/11 memorial. Kate gifted the internet with her now iconic side eye roll… … and generally wore a [read more]

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    How to cheat your way to ‘natural’ beach hair.

        Nope, I didn’t come straight from the beach. Because when I head to the beach, I’m more likely to get seaweed in my hair than get sexy, tousled, Gisele Bündchen waves. But luckily for me, there is a way to ‘fake it.’     Start off with flat, lifeless hair like mine, ensuring it’s well [read more]

  • blakelively

    Frockwatch: Blake Lively is NAILING maternity fashion.

    Blake Lively is NAILING maternity fashion. The 27-year-old, who is pregnant to equally gorgeous human Ryan Reynolds, appeared on the red carpet in the chicest of chic skin-tight black dresses, in the process she schooled pregnant women everywhere on how to dress a watermelon. Well, that’s how to dress a watermelon if you have stylists [read more]

  • alexander-wang-denim00

    Look! It’s a model masturbating so you will buy the pretty jeans she’s not wearing.

      “Once you see it, you can’t stop thinking about it,” said Alexander Wang of his new denim campaign. The image he’s talking about is an oiled up model with her hand down her pants pretending to masturbate. You want to see it? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. But it’d be irresponsible [read more]

  • wedding industry is snobby

    The newest wedding dress trend is not ugly or over-the-top and actually very sensible.

              Gone are the days of not being able to pee on your wedding day. The days where your heavily embellished gown weighs you down and you walk ever-so-slowly down the aisle so you don’t get caught in many, many layers of tulle. Meringue dresses are on their way out. Brides [read more]

  • 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show

    Victoria’s Secret runway: Hilariously absurd outfits on outrageously attractive people.

      It’s that time of year again. The Christmas carols are on high-rotation, shopping centre carparks are filling up fast, and half-naked women are set to parade around in lingerie. Yep, it’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Day. Doesn’t it come around fast every year? It must be that we anticipate it so highly (cough). We [read more]

  • 139992488

    11 affordable and stylish pairs of summer sandals you’ll actually want to wear.

        I’m not going to lie, I fell hard for the Birkenstock trend this year. I’ve worn them so much that I can’t even locate the three pairs of Havaianas I usually have on high rotation around this time of year. While the eye adjusts to such orthopedic ugliness, there are far prettier things [read more]

  • unnamed

    Finally: A little black dress that looks good on women bigger than size 10.

      The little black dress. A quientessential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Well, quintessential if you change the very meaning of that word to: “pretty bloody tricky to find one that suits you”. Amanda Watson knows this all too well. That’s exactly why she started making her own. Seven years ago Amanda found herself divorced, and was thrust into [read more]

  • lady-gaga

    Frockwatch: You have to see what Lady Gaga is wearing.

      Stop looking because we’ve found your Christmas tree topper. It’s Lady Gaga, and she’s resembling a holographic sea urchin. She jumped out of the car then inflated herself on the street. It’s actually heaven. Take a look:   Somebody had too much to drink at the after-party! My tentacles had too much whiskey. pic.twitter.com/6dCntETLGw [read more]

  • Variety's Creative Impact Awards And 10 Directors to Watch Brunch Presented By Mercedes-Benz At The 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

    Whatever you do, don’t call Melissa McCarthy’s new clothing line ‘plus’ size.

        Hallelujah. There’s finally a fashion brand out there that won’t discriminate against your curves or the size of your frame. But we warn you: Please erase the word ‘plus size’ from your vocabulary – because actress-turned-designer Melissa McCarthy doesn’t want it associated with her new clothing collection. McCarthy is planning to take on the fashion industry [read more]

  • armpits

    “Why my armpit hair is long and blue.”

      Are you tired of your armpits always looking the same? Are you growing out your armpit hair, but thinking that you need a change? Do you love brightly coloured hair but don’t want to be like everyone else and put it on your head? Do you have brightly coloured hair and want to match [read more]

  • 28th Annual ARIA Awards 2014 - Arrivals

    The ARIA’s red carpet: Frocks, frocks and more frocks.

    Sydney. Star Casino. Singers. Sexy outfits. It is all happening at the ARIA Awards tonight. The ‘2014 ARIA Awards Connected By Telstra‘ brought out all the harmonious celebrities. The sounds of Aussie music filled the Star Casino with variety – Jessica Mauboy, the Hilltop Hoods, Neil Finn and Paul Kelly – as well as a [read more]

  • 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

    The American Music Awards: Where the fashion is as questionable as the songs.

    Sshhh. Listen really hard. Can you hear that? Clicking of cameras. Drumming of high heels. Shallow breaths because dresses are so tight they don’t allow deep-breathing. It’s the sound of celebrities walking the red carpet. The 2014 American Music Awards have started, and all the top musicians are there. Taylor Swift is performing (may even [read more]

  • katefluff

    Is this Kate Middleton’s best maternity look yet?

        By NICKY CHAMP We’re calling it. This is Kate Middleton‘s best maternity look yet. The Duchess of Cambridge is back in the spotlight after a (no doubt) hideous bout of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and it’s her appearance at the Place2be Wellbeing in Schools Awards at Kensington Palace that we’re loving. Wearing a midnight blue [read more]

  • nightiw

    How to wear your pyjamas in public… and get away with it.

    By CHERRY BEALE. Two weeks ago, I started wearing nighties in public, and I haven’t looked back since. Yep, that’s right – call it what you will: nightie, nightgown, nightshirt, pyjamas – I’m wearing it in public, and I’m loving it. You see, I’ve had a fashion epiphany of late. There’s nothing like gaining 25 [read more]

  • IP_031_20141110-_M3_5011

    Where to shop when you’ve got Champagne taste on a beer budget.

        By BERN MORLEY Sometimes, I honestly believe that I was supposed be born into aristocracy. How else do I explain my attraction to the finer things in life? In fact, I would say that I was born with the little-known affliction of ‘champagne taste on a beer budget’. It’s like I’ve got this [read more]

  • bikini in your forties

    OPINION: Is 46 too old to be seen wearing a bikini in public?

      By JULIE CROSS I thought long and hard about sharing that post on social media. I mean, I’m 46 and wearing a bikini for goodness sake! But then it hit me. I remembered who I am and what I stand for and I realised that I simply had to press ‘post’. “Well if it [read more]

  • 2014-11-14_12-31-06

    Frockwatch: Aussies bring the crop-tops to this week’s red carpet roundup.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Over there is Jennifer Lawrence in a heavenly white mullet dress. Over here are Aussie celebrities flashing their upper midriffs by the water. We can’t decide which look we like harder, but both come with bring a high degree of difficult for any “normal” person. At the world premiere of the third [read more]

  • celebrity fashion moments

    Historic celebrity looks you can copy from the Melbourne Cup.

            By NICKY CHAMP Ah, spring. It’s like you can feel a seismic shift the moment September 1 rolls around. The warmer weather is on its way, the excitement in the air is palpable and your social calendar starts filling up with barbecues and garden parties. But before we step into our [read more]

  • missworldaustraliacostume-crop-jpg

    You HAVE to see this year’s Miss World Australia’s national costume.

                By MAMAMIA STYLE Take a look at the national costume that will be worn by Miss World Australia, Courtney Thorpe, on December 14 in London. Any first thoughts? Our reactions went something like this: “Whoa.” “What the…” “Hahahaha.” “It’s no wonder we never win.” The costume was based on [read more]

  • katehudsonsideboob

    STYLE: The one trend you should definitely NOT wear to your office Christmas party.

            By NICKY CHAMP Remember how we all laughed last year at the sideboob phenomenon? Ha! We thought naively, this trend will pass by faster than Kony2012. Oh, how wrong we were. Kate Hudson is sideboob’s latest champion. She flaunted her lateral cleavage in a stunning magenta gown at the 2014 Baby2Baby [read more]

  • Nicky Champ

    Nicky has found the closest thing to guilt-free shopping.

              By NICKY CHAMP 67 minutes in store. 8 items in total. $190.60 spent. $247.85 saved. I’ll get to how I did it in a second, but first I have to tell you that I’ve just discovered THE place where I’ll be doing all my Christmas shopping. Nay, the place where [read more]

  • 2014-11-06_16-09-27

    FROCKWATCH: The week that ‘racewear’ took an interesting turn…

        Races and awards shows. Like Christmas and Easter for frockwatchers, without the religion, obviously. And the shiny gifts did not disappoint. There were white eyebrows, Maleficent-inspired race wear, and someone dressed as a Christmas tree. How festive. Kim Kardashian kicked off the week in a tight-fitting blue silk dress, and ended it with blonde brows. [read more]

  • Celebrities Attend Oaks Day

    STYLE: Proof that the races should be about hats, not horses.

      We get it. Some days you just need to stare at photos of beautiful people in pretty clothes. Today is one of those days. If you’re anything like us, you felt incredibly sad that two majestic creatures lost their lives racing The Melbourne Cup. But the uplifting news is that it’s Oaks Day today. i.e. Ladies’ [read more]

  • 2014-11-04_12-49-52

    Melbourne Cup Fashions: Hats, hats and more hats.

    By MAMAMIA STYLE Tall people wrapped in shiny fabric. Definitely life-threatening headwear. The consumption of alcohol in the sun. THE MELBOURNE CUP, ladies and gentlemen in suits. The Melbourne Cup. Sweet merciful god of television, BLAKE AND LOUISE just arrived. How very dare they show their attractive faces on this holy day of racing, after all [read more]

  • tim and anna derby 2

    Derby Day fashions 2014 – Black, white and celebs all over.

      Horses? What horses? We all know that Spring Racing Carnival is really about the fashion. The week has kicked off in style at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne with Derby Day on yesterday. The weather had started out a little grim with wind and rain greeting racegoers, but that didn’t stop Australia’s finest from looking, well, fine. It’s [read more]

  • activewear fashion

    How activewear is shaping fashion this summer.

        By ZOE LAWRENCE For me, activewear and fashion are one and the same. My wardrobe is full of it and I happily wear it – without shame – to any location and every occasion that calls for a casual dress code. Activewear is comfortable, practical and let’s face it, just downright fashionable and is [read more]

  • healthy hair tips

    6 steps to healthy hair that cost NOTHING.

          By JO ABI   It’s Spring Racing time and my hair is about to be styled to within an inch of its life for an extended period of time. Because there’s no point finding a fab dress, awesome shoes and semi-comfy shape wear unless your hair looks PERFECT. And that means: Blowdrying; [read more]

  • 2014-10-31_10-27-3722

    Frockwatch: We have one big question about this outfit.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Stuck for a Halloween outfit for tonight? Make like Miley and grab a roll of duct tape. Or, not. Miley Cyrus has just outdone Miley Cyrus and proved that it is totally acceptable to wear an outfit made of tape out in public. Actually, it’s the top of a very expensively-fabulous Tom Ford [read more]

  • bec judd

    The 4 biggest style mistakes women make at the races.

    By NICKY CHAMP I think we can all agree the race track is a social minefield. If you’re in the member’s area, there are so many fashion rules to abide by, and if you’re in general admission things turn messy real fast. You start the day off in a glamourous frock and polished makeup, but [read more]