• doubledenim

    The fashion flashback we didn’t see coming…

      By NICKY CHAMP It’s been a huge week on the red carpet with the MTV Video Music Awards and the Emmys, but there was one outfit flashback we didn’t see coming. Rather than going pantless a la Taylor Swift or pulling on a sleek, glittery silver frock a la Iggy Azalea or J-Lo, Katy Perry [read more]

  • rosie hw

    How to get skin like Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s.

              By MAMAMIA STYLE Rosie Huntington-Whitley, former Victoria Secret Angel and owner of the best skin we’ve ever seen, is currently in Australia as the face of ModelCo. We asked the 27-year-old English beauty and Transformer’s star how she keeps it so glowing and fresh. Oh, and by the way, it’s even better in person. [read more]

  • zara tshirt

    Dear Fashion Industry, are you on crack?

      It’s official, the fashion industry has completely lost touch. Fashion giant Zara has been forced to pull a children’s t-shirt that bares uncanny similarities to a concentration camp uniform. Yes, you read that correctly. Zara argues that the t-shirt for children up to a size 3 “was inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the [read more]

  • nail polish

    The nail polish that knows if your drink has been spiked

    Vomiting, blackouts, dizziness and even death – having your drink spiked is a horrific experience, even if you are with friends who can make sure you get home safely. It’s also horrifically common – especially if you’re under 24, which more than 50% of drink spiking victims are.  First hand encounters with drink spiking, and [read more]

  • Camel milk

    We’re not so sure about this new “superfood”.

        Just when you thought your local supermarket shelf couldn’t physically support any more superfoods (or, for that matter, varieties of milk) along comes… CAMEL MILK. As in milk from a camel – which looks something like this: Yep, sorry cows; it seems like you’ve been usurped by your three-humped friends. However, we’re in no rush [read more]

  • bianca

    7 genuinely helpful tips from a professional stylist.

              By BIANCA PIZEM Let’s be honest, we’ve all committed crimes in the name of fashion. Bianca Pizem, Head Stylist at brandsExclusive, lists the most common faux-pax Australian women make – and we’re guilty of most of them. Especially #4. 1. Wearing shoes you can’t walk in They are called killer [read more]

  • ladygaga

    Frockwatch: Is this the least comfy airplane outfit on the planet?

        BY NICKY CHAMP It’s been a big week in celebrity fashion: the Creative Arts Emmys got us pumped for the main event next week, but the most impressive celebrity outfit of the week didn’t debut on the red carpet. It was on a runway, an airport runway that is. Lady Gaga touched down [read more]

  • katemiddleton

    Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with her 15th child.

          By NICKY CHAMP If you were to believe everything you read about Kate Middleton’s life in tabloid magazines you think that she: was barren, has seven babies not including the three times she was pregnant with twins, gave birth to a baby girl, has a father-in-law who wants to strip away her [read more]

  • gluten free weetbix

    Weetbix changed its recipe, and the week’s other top health and beauty news.

            Ladies and gentlemen, you might want to sit down before you read this: Weet-Bix has changed its recipe in a big way. A biiig way. That doesn’t sound like much, but of all the health and beauty-related stories that came to our attention this week, this one surprised/bemused us the most. [read more]

  • taylorswift

    Guess how much Taylor Swift’s matching outfit cost. (Hint: it’s less than you think.)

            By NICKY CHAMP I never thought I’d say this, but well played Taylor Swift, well played. WAIT. Make that well played H&M. The global fashion chain dressed T-Swizzle for the New York press conference for her new movie, The Giver. And it was a cracker. The combined outfit (if you exclude the metallic pink Elie Saab heels) [read more]

  • denim-decline

    Your favourite item of clothing is going out of fashion.

          By NICKY CHAMP Quick question: when was the last time you bought a pair of jeans? Now answer me this, when was the last time you bought a pair of leggings? So why I am asking you that? NBC news reports that denim sales are in a decline, and 140-year-old denim companies [read more]

  • 42025924-qv-1

    THE FIND: 15 things we want to buy at Kmart right now.

      By NICKY CHAMP (This is not a sponsored post, we repeat: this is not a sponsored post.) It happened late on Saturday afternoon, it was one of those disastrous family trips to the shops that ends in tears, tantrums and more money spent than was budgeted for JUST SO WE CAN ALL GET OUT [read more]

  • If magazines treated women like men

    Hilarious: if tabloids treated men the same way they treated women.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Peddling women’s insecurities to make a buck has long been fodder for tabloid magazines. Stars without makeup, zoomed in pictures of celebrity’s cellulite, bikini beach bodies and post-baby or diet before and after photos all vie for attention on  grubby covers at supermarket checkouts. Not that we notice anymore, we’re too [read more]

  • Kate Middleton Australia wardrobe

    Fashion industry horrified that Kate Middleton named a style icon. Pull your head in, people.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Over the weekend a rather mean-spirited article was going around titled, ‘Why Kate Middleton is not a ‘style icon’. The author of the piece had a problem with Middleton getting a spot on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. “Is it appropriate that she be rubbing shoulder pads with [read more]

  • Image via Alice Bartlett

    The most impractical nail art trend yet – and the week’s health and beauty news.

            Welcome to your weekly health and beauty news wrap from the team behind Mamamia’s new site, The Glow. For the uninitiated, this is basically a highlights reel of all the health and beauty news and tidbits around. We’re showcasing the stories that kept us intruiged, informed and, in many cases, downright bemused over the past [read more]

  • Helen Mirren

    FROCK WATCH: Because we can’t get enough of Helen Mirren.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Helen Mirren is having a big week. She turned 69, twerked on American television on the set of Live With Kelly and Michael, and has been promoting her latest acclaimed flick, The Hundred-Foot Journey around the world. We even unofficially named Wednesday ‘Helen Mirren Appreciation Day’. While it’s hard to get [read more]

  • nina dress offspring

    Love Nina’s Offspring dress last night? Here’s where to buy it.

    By NICKY CHAMP Ohhh. Offspring. How great was last night’s season finale? While the producers are yet to confirm if it is or isn’t the last time we’ll get hang out with the Proudman’s, we’re still holding out in hope for a sixth season. Although as Bec Sparrow pointed out on this lovely post, every [read more]

  • how to get rid of pimples

    How to completely make yourself over (when you only have $200 to spare).

              By NICKY CHAMP How much do you think you spend on your hair each year? Go on, take a minute a think about it, I’ll wait. Ready? How did you go? $50? $200? If you regularly cut and colour your hair (even if you don’t go back every 6-8 weeks – [read more]

  • Fiona Fawkiner

    This former Biggest Loser contestant just won a coveted modelling contract.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE It’s been eight years since former Biggest Loser contestant, Fiona Falkiner was on the show, but she is having a stellar year. The 31-year-old has just landed a modelling contract with one of the biggest agencies in New York. She’s signed with JAG Models, an agency agency catering to women of [read more]

  • h&m coming to Australia

    Sydney is getting an H&M. But it’ll take you two trains and a bus to get there.

            H&M is FINALLY coming to Sydney, but the store is not in the suburb you’d expect. It won’t be opening in Pitt St Mall along with other international fashion retail giants Zara and Topshop. It’s not at Bondi Junction and it’s not at Chatswood either. Sydney’s first H&M store will be [read more]

  • roseandrusso2

    See the wedding dress that took 3900 hours to make.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Whenever you try a piece of clothing on, do you ever imagine how long it took to make? Well, probably only if it’s poorly made, but meet the antithesis of a dodgily constructed garment. This dream-wedding dress took just a casual 3,900 hours to create. Roughly translated, that’s over five months [read more]

  • melissa wellham

    “She hasn’t just told me how to live a good life. She has shown me.”

          My Gran is a tough lady. She’s sometimes a little scary, but she’s also extraordinarily giving. She defies definition and characterisation. She has always cared for me. Picked me up from school when I needed to be picked up. Driven me to music lessons, back when I could be convinced to turn [read more]

  • refashionista

    Check out what this woman does with the dress she picked up for $1.

      By NICKY CHAMP We’ve all got them: the unworn, unattractive, ill-fitting clothes hiding in our wardrobes. They’re lurking in the back, making us feel guilty for spending money we didn’t really have in the first place. Unable to throw them out in the off chance we lose weight or finally take them to get [read more]

  • Oh, you want this? You're the 12,000th person in line.

    This is what happened in the health and beauty world this week

        A foundation with 12,000 women on its wait list. The return of the buzzcut. The workout that’s 100% free. It’s been a surprising, fascinating week in health and beauty news. Just in case you missed it, we, the team from Mamamia’s new website The Glow, are here to catch you up. After all, [read more]

  • maisie

    The wackiest celebrity frock of the week goes to….

      By NICKY CHAMP Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, not only went to Comic Con completely incognito in a Spiderman outfit, she also stepped out in a dress made entirely from graphic novel pages. And the belt? It’s a decoupaged leather belt made from pages of the Game of Thrones novels. [read more]

  • mia freedman

    MIA: My tip for all women going into hospital to have a baby…

              by MIA FREEDMAN Thank heavens Dita Von Teese has launched a sexy lingerie line for new Mums. THANK HEAVENS. I may just have to get pregnant again so I can go back to those horny days after giving birth, when the only thing on your mind is how to look [read more]

  • gomes

    Bumper fashion gallery: David Jones Spring/ Summer launch.

      No it’s not spring yet. But it kind of is if you’re speaking fashion. Last night David Jones launched their Spring/Summer collection. There were bikinis. There were billowy kaftans. There were dresses. There was fashion. Jessica Gomes, the face of the Australian (soon-to-be South African) retailer lead the catwalk in outfits from Aussie labels Josh Goot, Bassike [read more]

  • worst skin

    Share: 5 things you can do to help sensitive skin.

        Sensitive, rash prone skin is probably the worst of all the skin types. Don’t worry, as a fellow sensitive type I too feel your pain. While everyone is experimenting with their makeup or BB creams you’re too terrified to switch up the routine you’ve finally found that doesn’t make your skin an angry [read more]

  • poolslidefashion

    Look! It’s the world’s ugliest shoe.

          By NICKY CHAMP Man repellers rejoice! Because just when we thought shoes couldn’t get any uglier, fashion’s tastemakers have thrown us a real doozy. Thanks to Normcore – the fashion movement where it’s trendy to wear non-labels and dress to fit in, rather than stand out – the hottest footwear trend right [read more]

  • A truly unbe-weave-able hair transformation...

    The health and beauty news that amazed and amused us this week.

          It’s been one of those blink-and-miss-it weeks, so the team behind Mamamia’s brand new site The Glow is here to catch you up on the fascinating, exciting and just plain strange health and beauty news that might have passed you by. This week we’ve been talking about many and varied topics, including but not limited [read more]