• saying thank you

    This is how becoming a mother changes your beauty routine.

    Share    The other night, while in a haze that I’m completely blaming on back-to-back episodes of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ and a healthy serving of Connoisseur Strawberry Ice cream, I stumbled upstairs to wash my face before bed. It was one of those rare days during the holidays when I’d felt the need to don eye makeup (as [read more]

  • Kate-Hudson-Blue-Hair

    9 things only people who dye their hair can understand.

        We’ve all been there.  A spontaneous decision to change the colour of our locks from brown to platinum blonde, a dodgy hairdresser who didn’t quite understand the whole balayage concept and a yearning to copy Emma Stone’s strawberry blonde locks that left you looking like you were a member of the Weasley family. [read more]

  • what kate wore today

    What Kate wore today.

    There’s one question that women around Australia are asking with every day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Tour of Australia. And that’s ‘what was Kate wearing today?’ And today, on their first day in Brisbane, it was this stunning white dress adorned with blue poppies: This Lasa Poppy Print dress that the [read more]

  • maternity clothes

    How to make your maternity clothes last longer than 9 months.

      Picture this. You’ve booked a sitter and are meeting friends for dinner. Getting out without the children is a highlight so you have spent some time making sure you’re looking good – careful makeup, perfectly styled hair and on-trend ensemble. You’ve even slipped on those killer heels you save for special occasions. Your friends [read more]

  • cos-nail-salon-uv-lamps-mdn

    The one question everyone’s asking about gel manicures…

          As Mamamia’s resident Style and Beauty Editor, I often act as an agony aunt to the team. On a daily basis I’ll get asked anything from ‘How do I get nail polish off my leather bag?’ to ‘Nic, do I need these ridiculous but fabulous shoes?’ (To which the answer is nearly [read more]

  • australian indigenous fashion week

    The kind of magazine cover Australia barely ever sees.

          Now that the fashion frenzy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has settled, it’s pertinent to note that the inaugural Australian Indigenous Fashion Week was also launched last Friday. The event was designed to celebrate and promote the talents of Indigenous Australians in the field of fashion and design and as part of this, [read more]

  • image2

    19 pairs of flat shoes (because they are the far superior shoe).

                If you regularly stalk Mamamia’s Instagram account you’ll know that we’ve moved offices, and it’s this move that has made me come to the conclusion (quite late to the party) that flats are the far superior shoe choice. Not only do I now walk further to get to work, [read more]

  • kate middleton not a role model

    Is this proof that the Queen has changed Kate Middleton’s style?

      Back in February we reported that The Duchess of Cambridge was set to undergo a “subtle but significant regal makeover” for the Royals trip down under. If you weren’t across the Queen’s style memo at the time, she advised the Duchess to adopt “lower hemlines” and wear “statement jewelry and gemstones” from her personal [read more]

  • decoding cosmetic labels

    Cheatsheet: Decoding the little icons you see on every beauty product.

        It is just me or does it seem like our beauty routines have become more complicated? Life is busier than ever but instead of using maybe three products on our faces, it’s extended to 20. And what’s in these new so-called ‘must-have’ products that make them so special anyway? If you’ve ever turned [read more]

  • Clean Cut fashion

    Why the fashion industry’s ‘Maccas burger and fries’ solution is not a good idea.

                Australia is a little Fashion-occupied at the moment. With the opening of H&M and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in full swing, news feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem saturated with updates and #MBFWA. But on Thursday, something a little different took place at Carriageworks: Clean Cut [read more]

  • necklaces for necklines

    How to choose the right necklace for different necklines.

      There’s no denying that Pinterest is a massive time-suck. From re-pinning all those recipes you’ll never make to virtually redecorating your house it’s easy to lose hours going down many a pretty picture-induced rabbit hole. But every now and again you stumble on a gem. And we hate to throw around the overused ‘life-changing’ adjective, [read more]

  • lupita

    The MTV Movie Awards are not like any other awards show.

                The MTV Movie Awards are not like any other awards show. Traditional award categories are eschewed for the more fun, ‘Best Villain,’ ‘Best Kiss’ and ‘Best Scared As Sh*t Performance,’ nominations to celebrate the year’s best films. And the fashion also follows suit, actors and musicians collide to bring [read more]

  • universal shopping spree

    We present the 14 universal shopping truths. Agree or disagree?

      Shopping can be totally cathartic. But mostly shopping is the worst. There we said it. It’s those times when you’ve got money to burn, and need a new dress, but cannot find ANYTHING to buy. The times you finally buy that jacket/dress/top you’ve been coveting, only to find the very next day it goes [read more]

  • nicolewarne

    The best street style at Sydney Fashion Week.

      Even if you’re not in Sydney, by now you’ve probably heard it’s Fashion Week here because of the ongoing skinny model debate. It’s an important discussion we need to have and you can read about it here and here but this post is all about celebrating our local style stars (and a few international [read more]

  • hairstyle

    Turns out, you’ve been washing your hair wrong.

            Conditioning your hair BEFORE you shampoo seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do if you’re a) still drunk or b) extremely sleep deprived. But there’s a new buzzword (okay three) in the beauty industry, which recommends doing exactly that; reverse hair washing. And if you have fine hair, you might [read more]

  • sephora-hk-shop-03

    8 reasons to be excited Sephora is opening in Australia.

      It’s been rumoured for years that cosmetic giant Sephora is coming to Australia, and now it seems that it’s FINALLY happening. The Financial Review is reporting that Sephora will open its first Australian store next year. There’s no firm date yet but it’s believed it will open in the first half of 2015. Let [read more]

  • running

    SHOP: 18 new pieces of workout gear to get you motivated.

      I so want to be that person that rises before dawn and smashes out a 8km run, bike ride or yoga routine before work, but I’m just not. I try, but I’m naturally inclined to stay up late, sleep in and spend my spare time watching Girls than working out with Tracy Anderson. Now [read more]

  • mary kate and ashley olsen hair

    How did Mary-Kate Olsen only JUST learn this basic beauty skill now?

            Google “Mary-Kate Olsen hair” and you’ll get about 10 million hits. Google “Mary-Kate Olsen hairbrush” and you’ll soon learn that the 27-year-old only just recently figured out how to brush her hair. Jaw. Floor. Together, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have created a global fashion empire since they shared the role of [read more]

  • zoe-foster-blake-go-to

    As if Zoe Foster Blake didn’t have enough on her plate… now she’s doing this.

          Former Mamamia beauty writer and author of Amazing Face, Zoë Foster Blake has just launched her very own skin care line, Go-To. To celebrate, we thought we might interview her. Except that she wanted to do the interviewing as well as the answering. Because she’s nuts. Q: You have a seed or [read more]

  • A model falling on the catwalk at Chanel's Spring/Summer 2009 Haute Couture show

    Why this dangerous runway trend has to end.

        Like any accident waiting to happen, watching a model trip on the runway is painful to watch. But it’s 10 times more painful for the girl that falls. Last week at the Seccry Hu Sheguang show at China Fashion Week, not one, not two, but three models tumbled over on the catwalk. The [read more]

  • h&m coming to Australia

    One of our favourite fashion retailers is FINALLY opening its doors in Australia.

      The fast fashion retailer is FINALLY opening its doors in Australia. H&M is opening its Australian flagship store in Melbourne’s GPO building today. And it’s cool, it’s not like we’ve been waiting around for a DECADE for them to notice us or anything. If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a H&M [read more]

  • sweaters

    NICKY: 4 light layers that aren’t cardigans.

      Dear Nicky, Now that the weather is getting cooler can you tell me what I can wear to keep warm but not too hot? I work in an air-conditioned office and need something office-friendly that isn’t too expensive and no cardigans! Hope you can help!   Jess. Hey Jess, I’m reading between the lines [read more]

  • elsamorgan

    How to master winged eyeliner FOR GOOD.

      I’d never thought I’d say this but… Google Glasses are kinda cool. (Hello? Are you still there?) Ok, let me explain before I lose you completely. The frames, which have so far only excited tech nerds, are now being used to reinvent make-up tutorials. So if you’ve ever wished you could be backstage at [read more]

  • dark lipstick looks

    The only lipstick colour you need to buy now.

          If you last wore dark lipstick when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on TV, Titanic was THE movie to see, and Gwen Stefani was wearing bindis then: PANIC. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Dark lipstick formulations have come along way since the dry matte ones you dragged across your lips in [read more]

  • diane-kruger

    11 wardrobe staples every woman should own in her 30s.

        A killer frock. Sandals that aren’t Havaianas. A bag that won’t fall apart. These are just some of the wardrobe staples to sartorially get you through adulthood. Don’t worry, it’s not all leather conditioning spray and twinsets (AS IF), read on for permission to splurge on the fun stuff. 1. A bag that [read more]

  • hayley

    Plus size model Hayley Hasselhoff’s 8 tips on how shop for your shape.

          Hayley Hasselhoff is in Australia for Fashion Week and the plus-size model, actress and positive body image advocate believes fashion should be accessible to all women, any size. Here she shares her game-changing fashion tips.    Fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, rejoice! Designers are rapidly catching on and hearing their audience [read more]

  • plus size model

    Fashion in Australia will change forever this Sunday.

          It’s taken six months of planning, more than 768 cups of coffee, and 1,000′s of emails to orchestrate the first plus-size fashion event of its size to be held during the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), but it’s finally paid off. The Curvy Couture Roadshow (CCR) is one of the highlights [read more]

  • thylane blondeau

    Can you guess how old this cover model is?

        Take a look at the magazine below, how old do you think the cover model is? Sixteen? Maybe 18? She’s 13. As Thylane Blondeau’s first ‘grown up’ cover, you could be forgiven for thinking this is her first foray into fashion. It’s not. She controversially appeared in the Tom Ford-edited issue of Vogue [read more]

  • fashion pronounciation

    Do you speak fashion? Take the 3-minute test.

    If you’ve ever suffered a slow painful social death after mispronouncing a fashion house like Givenchy (ji’von’she) then good news! A new video from i-D magazine teaches you how to speak the “international fashion alphabet” with phonetic spellings and a pair of red lips enunciating the trickiest fashion names in the biz. The video kicks off [read more]

  • maternity-fashion

    How to make sure your baby bump wins best dressed.

        A wise friend once told me “Don’t spend too much money on maternity clothes because you are going to want to burn them immediately after you give birth.” Her theory, while a tad dramatic, was that because you end up wearing the same maternity clothes day in day out that you won’t be [read more]