• poolslidefashion

    Look! It’s the world’s ugliest shoe.

          By NICKY CHAMP Man repellers rejoice! Because just when we thought shoes couldn’t get any uglier, fashion’s tastemakers have thrown us a real doozy. Thanks to Normcore – the fashion movement where it’s trendy to wear non-labels and dress to fit in, rather than stand out – the hottest footwear trend right [read more]

  • A truly unbe-weave-able hair transformation...

    The health and beauty news that amazed and amused us this week.

          It’s been one of those blink-and-miss-it weeks, so the team behind Mamamia’s brand new site The Glow is here to catch you up on the fascinating, exciting and just plain strange health and beauty news that might have passed you by. This week we’ve been talking about many and varied topics, including but not limited [read more]

  • rachelmcadams

    You loved it last week, so here it is again: The Week in Frocks.

      By NICKY CHAMP The coolest red carpet look of the week doesn’t belong to Taylor Swift or Blake Lively, nor does it belong to a frock-wearing celebrity. There’s one actress who’s walked enough red carpets to be completely happy rocking whatever the hell she feels like wearing. It might be a structured dress one [read more]

  • LB-MAIN_2916586a

    Would you like a pair of dismembered legs with your new shoes?

      By NICKY CHAMP I don’t know about you, but whenever I buy new shoes I always think, ‘Gee, it’d be good if there was a pair of amputated legs in the box.’ Am I right? Christian Louboutin, the shoe designer responsible for the ubiquitous red-soled heels, has released a calendar for his AW ‘14 [read more]

  • dressing for your shape

    No wonder we’re confused at the change room….

      By NICKY CHAMP Yesterday I wrote a post about the best $20 jeans I discovered, and the comments descended into a discussion about how I can’t do maths how hard it is to find a pair of jeans in the right size. The reason? Vanity sizing. Vanity sizing is that frustrating experience of trying [read more]

  • targetjeans

    THE FIND: The $20 jeans you have to have.

            By NICKY CHAMP Being in my 30s I feel like I’ve worn almost every single wash and type of jean there is. There were black jeans during my Emo phase in high school, bootleg jeans in the 90s, skinny jeans for most of the 00s, and loose boyfriend jeans during my [read more]

  • how to fix dull skin

    5 things you can do to help dull skin.

      By NICKY CHAMP If you’re like Alexa Chung when it comes to taking off your makeup at night: naughty, then you’re inviting dull skin to have a party on your face. If you are religious about taking off your makeup and still experiencing dull skin, then you need to try these five tips. 1. [read more]

  • blakelivelypreserve

    5 things we learned from Blake Lively’s new website.

            This post was first published on The Glow and has been republished with full permission.  In this week’s particularly gruesome and irrevocably sad news cycle, Blake Lively has thrown us some gold. Some trippy, hippy gold in the form of her new lifestyle blog, Preserve. Clicking around Preserve.us is like falling into [read more]

  • men replacing women in ads 3

    Men replacing women in ads is hilarious and disturbing.

      What if fashion ads objectified men the same scary way they do women? What if they made men look cheekily at the camera while posing with their legs open or “sexily” drop their pants and wink at the camera? It’s the question posed in an essay on sexism for social activism and news website, Take Part. Writers Holly [read more]

  • bathrooms unhygenic 2

    All bathrooms are unhygienic. Here’s 3 ways to fix that.

        Modern Western bathrooms are a nightmare. They’re arranged not for ease of use and optimal hygiene, but for convenience of plumbing. That’s the argument Lloyd Alter has made in a fascinating piece for The Guardian, which you should read here. Although our current bathroom setups may be more ‘historical accident’ than ‘well oiled machine’, [read more]

  • beauty news

    US actress dyes her hair rainbow. Looks a little like a mermaid.

      Forget lobs, the new memo circulating Hollywood hair circles is ‘Rainbow hair, don’t care.’ Anna Paquin is the latest celebrity to join the multi-coloured hair squad, dyeing her hair purple, blue and green. After wrapping up the final season of True Blood, the star headed straight to the hairdresser’s to fulfill her dreams of [read more]

  • nicolapeltz

    Frockwatch: Is this the most stylish woman on the planet?

      It takes either a wardrobe malfunction or a seriously breathtaking outfit to outdo A-List celebrities on the red carpet, but Nicola Peltz is doing exactly that – the latter that is. The 19-year-old actress is dominating every single red carpet event she attends.  This mastery kicked off on a press junket for her movie [read more]

  • 2014-3

    Look closely. This ad isn’t like other fashion ads.

            Well played Nordstorm, well played. The American fashion retailer is doing its part to represent body diversity in a sea of size zeros. The company, who has been using models with disabilities since 1991, has featured a woman in a wheelchair modelling boots, and a man with a prosthetic leg modelling [read more]

  • sunburn skin

    5 things you can do to help repair sun-damaged skin.

              You either came of age at a time when the only sun lotion you took to the beach was Reef Oil or you spent most of your time outdoors. The bad news is that sun damage isn’t just superficial; UV radiation alters the DNA of your skin. So along with [read more]

  • bfrankel

    Forget size zero, this celeb is proving her ‘thinness’ by wearing her 4-year-old’s clothes.

        Oh, honey no. Former Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel wants you to know that she’s so slim she can fit into her four-year-old’s clothing. The 43-year-old adult woman squeezed into her daughter Bryn’s pyjamas this week and shared a photo on Instagram. “This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts,” [read more]

  • mariahcarey

    Mariah Carey’s ‘before/after’ Photoshop fail.

    Last week the fashion world introduced us to Giraffing, the new Photoshop technique of elongating model’s necks, and this week brings us another gem, Oranging. Ok, so we made that up, but take a look at Mariah Carey’s latest cover for Wonderland magazine. It seems that Orange is the New Black. We don’t know what’s [read more]

  • C Callait natural

    Colbie Caillat ditches the photoshop. Reveals the music industry’s beauty lies for all to see.

        It’s one thing for the paparazzi to ‘catch’ or ‘discover’ images of celebrities before the Photoshop wand has been waved…. and quite another for a famous female celebrity to send an un-retouched photo out into the world voluntarily. And that is exactly what American pop singer, Colbie Caillat has done in her new music video, ‘Try’. Colbie [read more]

  • elissa-thumb

    Everything you need to know about beauty and health this week.

    Welcome to our beauty  and health news wrap, where we bring you some of the best content from our new little sister The Glow. This week, we’re talking about winter skin, getting on the poo-pipe (really) and how to do your eye make up in under two minutes. Here’s the best beauty news of the [read more]

  • korean skincare brand

    New advertising campaign labelled wildly offensive for asking women: “Do you wanna be white?”

        “Do you wanna be white?” That’s the question Korean skincare brand Elisha Coy is asking the public in this controversial billboard that appeared recently in the New York borough of Queens. Check it out. Because white skin is what makes everyone happy? The poster was seen in New York’s New Koreatown Plaza in Flushing, [read more]

  • offspring nina proudman house

    Watch Offspring? Are you suffering from the ‘Nina effect’ yet?

      I live in Sydney. My whole life is in Sydney. So why was I recently on a real Estate app looking at warehouses in Melbourne’s Fitzroy? Offspring; more specifically, Nina Proudman’s house. Apparently I’m not the only one fantacising about the weathered front door, the exposed brick interiors, the industrial chic kitchen, the French doors that [read more]

  • chanel

    Giraffing, the latest way the fashion industry is messing with us.

        Chanel has a released a new line of watches, which appears to be zoo-inspired because the campaign images have spawned a new type of Photoshop fail, Giraffing. Take a look at how much the luxury fashion house has stretched and elongated this poor model’s neck. Chanel’s Facebook fans were the first to pick [read more]

  • Oily skin

    Five ways to fix oily skin and get rid of those damn pimples.

        It’s probably no surprise that your skin is oily. You’ve been dealing with pimples, large pores and shiny skin on a daily basis. Read on for five tips that can help skin that is prone to oiliness and breakouts. 1. Absorb excess oil. If you’ve always had oily skin, you are probably so [read more]

  • perfect female celebrity

    You know who is really NOT sexy? The world’s sexiest woman.

      You know who is really NOT sexy? The world’s sexiest woman. Who is, according to an E! News poll, a combination of Carrie Underwood’s hair, Mila Kunis’ eyes, Sofia Vergara’s breasts, Blake Lively’s legs and Rihanna’s abdominal muscles. Take a look at her:   According to E! Online readers, the sum of all these body [read more]

  • dry.scaly

    5 things you can do to relieve dry skin.

        So your skin’s flakier than a coupled-up friend on a rainy night? Skin tighter than Jimmy Fallon’s tighty whiteys? Well, I’ve got some good news. Dry skin is temporary. It can be fixed. Read on to find out what you can do to relieve dry skin. 1. MOISTURISE. First up, there is a [read more]

  • sass and bide

    Breaking Fashion News: Sass and Bide designers leave Sass and Bide.

        Today is a very sad day for Australian fashion. And for every woman who enjoys a good pair of Sass and Bide jeans/jackets/basically everything. Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton have stepped down from their brand Sass and Bide. The iconic designers, who founded the fashion house in the mid 1990′s, announced this morning [read more]

  • lilyallen

    What’s the most ‘shocking’ thing about this photo of Lily Allen?

      Ok, let’s play a game of ‘spot the most shocking thing about this photo of Lily Allen at Glastonbury’. You ready? Is it: a) Her excellent new multi-coloured hair? b) Her nipple that’s poking out of her top? Or c) Her virtually non-existent armpit hair? Ding! Ding! Ding! Give yourself a pat on the [read more]

  • zara

    Some very exciting news for Zara fans.

            It’s been three years (wait, what?) since Zara opened its first Australian flagship store in Sydney. And now, the fashion chain has confirmed where their tenth Aussie store will be located. Western Australians? We have some very good news. Zara has announced they will open at Garden City in Booragoon, Perth [read more]

  • the glow australia

    Press release: The Glow Australia.

    MAMAMIA LAUNCHES NEW HEALTH AND BEAUTY WEBSITE More than 50% of Australian women feel like the beauty and health industries don’t speak to them. But from today? That’s all going to change. The Mamamia Network, Australia’s leading women’s digital brand, has launched a new kind of health and beauty website today: TheGlow.com.au Editor of The [read more]

  • checking skin

    Quiz: What’s your skin type?

      Forget everything you thought you knew about skin types. Our skin changes over time, meaning it can’t be pigeonholed into ‘Normal’ or ‘Combination’ for our whole lives. Environment, diet and genes all have an impact on the skin we have right at this moment. Since you can’t deal with the problems associated with your [read more]

  • mirandakerrnotamodel

    Why do these very famous models keep telling people they’re not models?

            She’s one of the world’s highest-earning models, with an estimated worth of $20 million, yet Miranda Kerr doesn’t want to be defined as a model. Neither does 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss. In an interview with Net-a-Porter’s Edit magazine, Kerr, who is now a certified health practitioner, doesn’t consider being [read more]