• How to prepare for the spring races

    The perfect formula for looking your best at the spring races.

          By JOSEFA PETE The lawns are manicured, the roses are pruned and the horses are lined up in preparation for the race that stops the nation. Spring racing is in the air. Racegoers are opening their closets, dusting off their hats and starting to feel the buzz of excitement. While spring racing [read more]

  • anna and tim

    Frockwatch: Are ‘spullet’ dresses a Thing now?

    By MAMAMIA STYLE It was the week that Blake Lively and Kate Middleton set some new, impossibly-high standards for maternity wear. And it was the week when the world went crazy over Renee Zellweger’s face. But for our money, the most interesting red-carpet moment of the week didn’t happen over in London or LA. It happened in Sydney at Who Magazine’s Sexiest [read more]


    That beautiful dress that you love? It was probably inspired by this man.

      BY ALYX GORMAN The man responsible for a style of dressing that we now know universally as “tasteful” has died. Oscar De La Renta was an icon of American fashion design, and without his vision royalty the world over (both the Hollywood and blue blooded kind), would be entirely without a blue print for [read more]

  • nelldiamondwedding

    This is what the super-rich kids wear when they get married.

                By NICKY CHAMP Question: if you had all the money in the world, what kind of wedding dress would you choose? Something simple and elegant a la Amal Clooney? Or perhaps a sleek Kate Middleton lace-inspired frock? Or would you go all out and wear the biggest, meringue-style wedding [read more]

  • hair preparation

    Spring is upon us. It’s time to get your hair sorted.

            By JACQUI PORTER   Well ladies, the spring racing calendar is almost upon us which only means one thing (well, It kinda means a few things to horses, jockeys and racing enthusiasts, but I digress). To most women, it means parties and lookin’ pretty. Yes Ma’am. With so many events coming [read more]

  • Lisa Wilkinson cowboy boots

    5 times Lisa Wilkinson has rocked the style classics this month.

    Last week, Virginia Trioli shared a letter that she had received from a fan, pointing out that she was “in need of a makeover”. What Virginia’s pen pal failed to appreciate was that morning breakfast presenters are style icons in this country. When they wear something on the tv, these hosts tend to cause a designer stampede. [read more]

  • fashions main pic  copy

    Spring Racing Fashion at the 2014 Caulfield Cup.

              The day that marks the official start of the Spring Racing Season for 2014 is finally upon us. The Caulfield Cup is one of the world’s richest thoroughbred races. Though you wouldn’t know that this show was about wealthy horses… We’ll be updating you throughout the day with pics of our favourite [read more]

  • reese witherspoon facebook

    If Reese Witherspoon wore this to the races this year, she’d be told to go home.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Crop tops. They’re the fashion trend that refuses to die, despite some stiff opposition. In the against corner we have Racing Victoria, who released a statement saying they will enforce the no crop tops dress code in the member’s areas at Flemington this year. But in the ‘For’ corner, we have [read more]

  • 2014-10-17_11-05-26

    Millions of reasons why you SHOULD wee in the shower.

      By THE GLOW TEAM. It rarely comes up, but when it does it’s the ultimate conversation killer. The people who pee in the shower assume everyone wees in the shower. Then the people who don’t get disgusted. Awkward silence ensues. But now, a group of students from the University of East Anglia in the UK [read more]

  • Celebrities Attend AAMI Victoria Derby Day

    If you just bought one of these to wear to the races, we hope you kept the receipt.

              By NICKY CHAMP I hope you haven’t already bought your race day outfit this year, because the racing authorities have spoken, and they do not want to see your stomach at Flemington this year. The Victoria Racing Club has banned crop tops from the Members’ sections of the racetrack. So [read more]

  • miranda kerr

    Frockwatch: We need to talk about Miranda Kerr’s see-through pants.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE The heavens opened with celebrity fashion this week. Between Amal and George’s three day wedding extravaganza, Paris Fashion Week and the Dally M awards, it has been a giant week in frockwatch land. While we had our obvious favourites, here’s looking at you Amal: And the WAGS glammed up for the Dally M’s. [read more]

  • curve

    All the cool people at Fashion Week were wearing these. And you’ve already got one.

      By NICKY CHAMP The older I get, the less inclined I am to buy into new fashion trends (Birkenstocks notwithstanding, ok?) so I’m always happy to see a trend resurgence that I already have hanging in my wardrobe. Fashion Month – New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week combined – has just wrapped [read more]

  • disney cake

    Every other wedding cake ever made can go home, right now.

    It looks like a plain, boring wedding cake:   But when the lights go down, the cake lights up. Tinkerbell flies across the cake and sprinkles her fairy dust all over the icing. Once Tinkerbell disappears, Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage wheels across the cake, while stars twinkle above and swans kiss below. It is the cake of your [read more]

  • Wedding pants. WEDDING PANTS! (Photo: PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)

    IN PICTURES: Feeling inspired by Amal’s Amazing Wedding Pants? So are we.

      By NICKY CHAMP I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding took place this weekend in Venice, Italy. Of course, I’m being sarcastic, because I’m guessing your news feed has also been cluttered with images of the stunning designer frocks worn by Amal too. Not that I’m complaining, it’s [read more]

  • Beyonce denim

    Frockwatch: The trend that Elvis made famous is back. And no, we aren’t talking about suede.

      Canadian Tuxedo. Double Denim. A whole lotta jeans. Whatever you call it, wearing denim on top and on bottom, is coming back…again. Made cool by Elvis (heck, he even had Blue suede shoes to match), and returning to fame in the 80’s, thank you George Michael, double denim is a trend that just keeps [read more]

  • Most women spend thousands on their wedding dress. This woman made hers on a bus.

              By LAUREN WILLIAMSON Most people spend their morning commute catching up on work, reading a book or maybe listening to a podcast. Most people are not making their own wedding dress. But this industrious young woman did just that. Reddit user Alkiktat posted this photo her self-made wedding dress (below) and it’s [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.52.45 pm

    Is this trend really EVER going to take off? Please say no.

      By NICKY CHAMP Do you ever get the impression that fashion designers are just toying with us? That by trying to design the next big thing they’re actually spamming us? And behind their black-clad facades they’re chuckling away that us plebs have bought into their silly trends? Because how else do you explain THIS [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr and Flynn Vogue Australia

    “Please stop saying you’re #blessed. Or worse, #soblessed.”

      By ALYX GORMAN I’m all for gratitude. Taking stock and saying ‘thanks’ for what you already have is pretty key to contentment. It’s right up there with having low expectations (that way, you’re more likely to be pleasantly surprised). But there’s a trend in the #gratitude movement that really, really bothers me. And it’s probably [read more]

  • Burberry Prorsum: Arrivals - London Fashion Week SS15

    Frockwatch: Welcome to the new “commando”.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Somehow it has become totally acceptable to go commando… under blazers. It sits somewhere between corporate and street style, in that it’s become okay you to just wear a blazer with no top, and possibly no bra, depending on how perky you’re feeling. It all started a few months ago when [read more]

  • evansplussizeclothing

    Not a size zero woman? You HAVE to see these clothes.

                By NICKY CHAMP We’re not sure why it’s taken THIS long, but for the first time ever, plus-size (yeah, we hate that term too) clothing has been shown at London Fashion Week. And there wasn’t an unflattering crazily-printed sack to be seen. The most exciting thing about this catwalk [read more]

  • jac and bub

    “Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean that you need to look like you slept under a rock.”

                By JACQUI PORTER When I became a mother, I was adamant that I wouldn’t let myself down in the personal care department. I had always been a girly girl, and enjoyed putting time into making myself look and feel better. BC (Before children) this would mean an entire afternoon [read more]

  • NGanz1 (9)

    5 things we wish Bridget Jones had known about shapewear.

              By JACQUI PORTER Recently, a few of us ladies at Mamamia were lucky enough to be sent some sexy shapewear. Of course, at first everyone pretended they would never need/wear/want shapewear but once we got a peek at the new SLIMS range from Nancy Ganz, it seems our misconceptions of [read more]

  • 964ec6275609e4de5dc6bb93480447cc

    Seven style updates, just in time for spring.

                By NICKY CHAMP I’m getting impatient. It’s not quite cold enough to wear heavy winter clothes, and it’s not quite warm enough to wear dresses and sandals. Although I keep seeing stunning Australian fashion on the David Jones and Myer runways, it has yet to drop into stores. But [read more]

  • baby's room

    10 tips for creating a Pinterest-worthy baby’s room.

          By LISA MITCHELL Pinterest is full of inspiration and creative ideas. But turning those ideas into reality, can be near impossible. Some of us just don’t have a knack for clever and creative design, even when it’s staring us in the face. I am more of a Pinterest window shopper myself. I [read more]

  • triumph real women

    Authentic. Surprising. Empowering: A lingerie campaign without a model in sight.

      Is it just us or do all lingerie ads seem to be kind of…. the same? They feature tall, super slim, large perky breasted woman – who seem to be genetically engineered to make non-models feel bad about ourselves – bouncing around in matching lingerie that is both wildly impractical and far too expensive to [read more]

  • rita ora snow cone

    FROCKWATCH: The most ridiculous outfit of the week goes to…

    By MAMAMIA STYLE Last week was the week of no pants. And this week? It’s all about frocks. And one VERY interesting frock in particular. Rita Ora turned up to a New York Fashion Week event in an upside-down-snow-cone-meets-tutu-meets-mullet dress. Yes, that is a thing, take a look:   It reminded us a lot of [read more]

  • nicky feat

    Finally, a deodorant that does what it says it will.

            By NICKY CHAMP I can’t tell you how many random, stray, roll-on deodorants I have in my bathroom cabinet. Actually, that’s a lie, I can, because I just purged my bathroom of beauty products and I found not one, but six deodorant sticks I had no intention of ever using again. [read more]

  • Lara Bingle braless

    The fashion trend that will cost you nothing.

        By NICKY CHAMP If you’re strapped for cash there is one way you can adopt the latest fashion trend without it costing you a cent. Kim Kardashian’s onto it, Nicki Minaj is a fan, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan are repeat offenders, and Lara Bingle is the latest celebrity to nip this trend in [read more]

  • what age does women's hair go grey

    New study reveals what age your hair will start to turn grey.

            Women start to get their first grey hairs at 33. That’s what a British study conducted by Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer is telling us all. Redheads may spy their first silver strands at 30, while brunettes go grey at 32 and blondes at 35. Despite that however, very few women [read more]

  • blonde hair problems

    14 problems only blonde women understand.

      It takes dedication to maintain blonde hair. Not only do you have to spend a small fortune covering your roots, you probably own more hair care products than a professional salon. If your colour is natural then your eyelashes are invisible without mascara and your roots get greasy one day after washing. Ah, the [read more]