Say hello to a new post at Mamamia. It’s all about you and what you’re wearing.

A while ago, we trialled a series of “best of” street-style galleries on the site. Tired of seeing overly photoshopped images of celebrities in magazines and models on red carpet, we wanted a place to show the Mamamia community what ‘real’ people were wearing.

But after a few weeks, we were struggling to showcase a diversity of women in our galleries. The pics were real, but they weren’t real enough. You told us that – we heard you – and that’s why we created Wardrobe Week.

We asked readers to send us a few photos of what they wear and tell us where it came from. Your outfits didn’t have to be fancy, they didn’t have to be designer. Heck, we didn’t care if you sent us pictures of your pink floral pyjamas. The point to show a more realistic portrayal or women in the media. Pyjamas, ugg boots and all.

So here we are.

Louise Bell: Bassike tee (sleeves tucked into bra straps) and pants, Havaianas thongs.

To kick us off this week, we have:

mm day 3 290x385 Mamamias Wardrobe Week.

Louise Bell: Louise is a former magazine Creative Director who now runs an online homewares boutique, called Table Tonic. You can spend hours trawling on her site here, read her blog here, or follow her on Twitter here.

Describe your style: Simple. Comfortable. Current. Slightly masculine. And always with a bit of “luxe”!

Best place for a bargain? Those Aussie Designer Warehouse sales are always full of massive reductions!

mamamia danimezza 3 290x385 Mamamias Wardrobe Week.

Danielle Melnyczenko

Danielle Melnyczenko: Danielle writes at You can follow her on Twitter here, Facebook here or find her on Intragram @danimezza.

Describe your style: Playful, colourful, affordable and comfortable.

Best place for a bargain? Facebook and Twitter, it’s where you find out about all the secret sales! Otherwise Crossroads, Lily & Lou, ASOS Curve or if you can, hold out for the instore and online sales from major plus size labels.

img 0311 0 290x385 Mamamias Wardrobe Week.

Georgina Craig

Georgina Craig and Emma Scott: Georgina is modelling the clothes and Emma takes the photos. They’re both students living in Sydney. They co-ordinate a blog together, called Fur Feather and Scale, which you can read here.

Describe your style: Constantly evolving!

Best place for a bargain? Vinnies (love that place)


If you want to get involved.. we’d love you to! You can send us a week’s worth or clothes, or just a couple of days or even just a picture of you in your favourite outfit. Just send us an email to or for more info, check out this post.

We’ll be sending all our participants a goodie bag to say thanks.

What about you… What are you wearing today?

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