Luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton is being accused of glorifying prostitution in a three-minute promotional video for their latest Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection designed by Marc Jacobs.

Featuring models Cara Delevingne, Georgia Jagger and 16-year-old Lily McMenamy the video entitled ‘Ladies of the Night,’ depicts the women posing along the Rue du Pont Neuf in Paris, leaning in to cars to presumably solicit customers, wondering down dark alleys in minimal clothing, flashing cars and the most disturbing of all, appearing defeated, bedraggled and exhausted, somewhat resigned to their fate.

As you can imagine it hasn’t been well received.

A letter published in French left-wing newspaper Libération critised the video for promoting prostitution chic.LouisVuittonprostitution According to Louis Vuitton, it’s chic to be a prostitute now...

“What indecency, what ignorance, what indifference to play with the fantasy of chic pornography: the social condition of the immense majority of people who prostitute themselves is in no way enviable, and in no way happy,” it said.

“Do creators from the universe of luxury realise that they are promoting violence, pornography and sexual slavery?”

Dominique Attias, a lawyer who signed a letter, said Louis Vuitton had “portrayed women’s bodies as an object and prostitution as something that is playful and enjoyable”.

“This is very damaging because we are trying to fight the idea, to which some young women in France subscribe, that prostitution is banal, and just a way of getting money to buy some new clothes,” she said.

The Times reports a source close to Louis Vuitton (who have yet to comment on the video) never authorised its release even though the film ends with a ‘special thanks’ to Marc Jacobs.

The video was created for British fashion magazine, Love, which is edited by Katie Grand, a fashion journalist, and stylist who consults for Louis Vuitton.

Incidentally, the controversial video comes as Marc Jacobs announced his part as a porn baron in the movie Disconnect.

Does the video make you want to buy Louis Vuitton?

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