Today is considered ‘the best single day of thoroughbred racing’ but let’s be honest we’re not looking at the horses, we’re looking at the dresses and hats. Traditionally, black and white has been the colour scheme for women for Derby Day.

Some celebrities are sticking to the theme this year – including Kate Waterhouse, Rebecca Judd, Zoe Cramond and our own Mia Freedman and Em Rusciano (who is rocking a tuxedo).

But to break up the black and white theme, this year we’ve also seen some celebs who came dressed more ‘trivial pursuit’ than chessboard – bringing the head-to-toe colour look to the field.

Flick through this gallery to see all the best fashion on the field including pics of Mia and Em.

Be sure to keep checking back – we will be adding new shots throughout the day.


And flick through our gallery from last year’s Spring racing carnival:

Jennifer Hawkins and Rebecca Judd

For a rundown on how YOU can wear a hairpiece for the races click here and for a little race day make up inspiration click here



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