After four, fascinator-filled days of races festivities, Melbourne Cup Carnival has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped style stalking. Oh, no.

So fabulous was the fashion this year, we curated our favourite outfits of the racing season and re-created each look, just for you dear readers.

The races may be over, but these outfits are seriously perfect for parties, cocktail events and special occasions. Rebecca Judd, Isabelle Cornish and Rachael Finch made our top three, check it out:

best dressed Fashion Recap: The best of Melbourne Cup Carnival

 To shop the full edit of race day fashion click here.

And if you haven’t been quite as active in following Fashions on the Field this year as we have, we’ve picked out all the highlights from Derby Day, Crown Oaks, Melbourne Cup and Stakes Day. Here it is:

Samara Weaving at Stakes Day

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