Zoe’s back! After helping with our primer problems last week and our lip balm troubles two weeks ago, she’s here to answer our third reader question.

Today’s question comes from Mette Carina McGrath who asked about a body and face fake tan that doesn’t stink.

Over to you, Zoe!

For those of you who are unable to watch the video right now, here are Zoe’s picks:

Ella Bache Great Moussetan ($44) or Lotion ($40)

Palmer’s Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser ($9)

Famous Dave’s Moisture Tan ($40)

And for face, the Clarins Radiance-Plus Self-Tanning Cream-Gel ($54)

Do you use fake tan? What’s your brand of choice?


Amazing face 380x476 Fake tan without the stink. SortedZoe Foster is an author and columnist and Contributing Editor for Mamamia. She has previously been the beauty director for both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR magazines, and the Editor at Large of Primped.com.au. Zoe has published four books; Air Kisses, Textbook Romance (which she wrote with Hamish Blake), Playing The Field and Amazing Face. You can follow Zoe’s tumblr here and her Twitter here. You can and should buy Amazing Face here.

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