I’ll admit it, when Mamamia publisher, Mia Freedman, first coined the term ‘car crash prints’ in an editorial meeting, I was stumped.

I quickly racked my brain for any pictures of celebrities I’d seen wearing printed garments with dodgem car motifs. What Mia meant – of course, ahem – was the latest fashion trend, call it clashing prints, mixed prints or the art of wearing everything you own, at once. Like this:

Stripes and florals. Plaids and paisley. Polka dots and tropical prints. No printed garment hanging in your wardrobe is safe. This could be one of the easiest catwalk trends to pull off in real life and also make use of all those trend pieces (the stripe Breton jumper, animal print scarf, check shirt, polka dot dress) you may or may not have been collecting – no judgement, I own about 34 navy and white stripe tops.

What do you think, likes or yikes? What trends are you wearing?

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