So, for whatever reason you don’t want to wear shorts this summer. Even though we’re in the grips of a melting-hot heat wave.To the more practical amongst us, this may seem like madness.

But never fear – I understand. As a fashion lover who shares your aversion to shorts, I’ve found a number of alternatives that are decidedly more palatable than denim cut-offs, where you can basically see your hoo-haa.

1. Cropped pants or capris

The most misunderstood member of the pants family, cropped or capri pants, are an easy alternative to shorts and (believe it) won’t shorten your legs, so long as you pick the right pair and the right styling partners.

A little tip – opt for a shade similar to your skin colour (for maximum elongation of the legs) and team with a tonal coloured top. This creates a column of colour – which equals a longer silhouette (that’s fancy-pants fashion language for makes you look taller than you are).

A busy or printed top also works wonders in balancing out cropped pants. Find a pair without pockets for the most flattering fit. Like this:










2. Gauzey A-line skirt

Skirts! The item of clothing so similar to shorts, that if it were your younger sister you’d tell it to QUIT COPYING ME. Skirts are as easy and breezy as shorts and generally a whole lot more flattering, especially if you go for an A-line cinch-in-at-the-waist option.

If you’re anything like me (pear-shaped figure, short on cash, obsessed with colour), you’ll love this A-line French Connection skirt.













3. Lightweight harem pants

If you don’t own a couple of these already then: What Are You Doing? They’re comfortable, cool (both the temperature and the trend kind of cool) and you really only need a tank or t-shirt to wear with them.

And as an extra bonus that in these babies you can sit cross-legged on the beach, in the park or at the playground without flashing your lady-bits.











4. Shirt dresses

Whether it’s of the button-down variety, or the baggy t-shirt kind, look for a high (ish) hemline and loose fit. These are bang on trend this summer and are available in a whole variety of fabulous colours or a crisp and fresh white. Have a look at the ones below. Note for fashion novices: you basically don’t need accessories to make this look work. Just throw on some thongs and grab your sunglasses.

shirt dres 290x385 5 alternatives to shorts this summer.

Image via












5. Playsuits

Find one that’s cinched at the waist and in a ‘grown up’ colour or print if you’re worried playsuits are just for kids. Because they aren’t. They’re fun and young and fresh and NOT just to be worn in the sand pit. Take a look at these playsuits, all of which will give you change from $100. I’m particularly taken with the printed playsuit on the far right.

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