You’ve just married the love of your life. You’ve signed the papers and said the vows. Now it’s time to pose for the perfect picture – holding a 22inch shotgun. Or dressed as Hitler. Or sawing off your literal chastity belt.

Yep, these wedding photos take the concept of making it ‘your special day’ to a whole new level.

Everybody’s been to a wedding that wasn’t really… to their taste. But taste is definitely subjective, and most couples are proud as punch of the fancy display they’ve put on for their nearest and dearest. That means they want nothing more than to immortalise the day in photo form – and we’re left to deal with the aftermath.

Can we all agree on what makes a downright awful wedding photo? Probably not. But we’ve put together some tips for taking the perfect shot that we think most couples could agree on. Except for ones pictured in this gallery.


Maybe save the mounting for the honeymoon...

Head to Buzzfeed for more essential wedding day tips.

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