STOP THE WORLD: Madonna and Guy divorcing. Care factor low.

In happier times: Madonna, Guy, Rocco and Lourdes attend a London film premiere in January 2007

When newspapers report a breakup, they always run a picture of the couple and caption it “ happier times”. These happier times were in 2007. It seems 2008 hasn’t been a basket of rainbows.

I can’t think of a more difficult woman in the world to be married to or a more difficult marriage in which to retain your testicles and other aspects of manhood. She doesn’t seem like the compromising type to me but then, what would I know, I haven’t been around to their place to dinner lately.

According to today’s reports (breathlessly marked: 2am! – I wonder if anyone was sitting up waiting for the announcement?):

US pop star Madonna and her British film director husband Guy Ritchie are to divorce after nearly eight years of marriage.

and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after seven and a half years of
marriage, their representatives confirmed today,” a spokeswoman said in
a statement today.

“They have both requested that the media maintain respect for their family at this difficult time.”


Other reports say that the divorce could cost Madge 150 million pounds – about A$300m.

A divorce settlement could potentially leave film director Guy
pocketing up to £150million, which threatens to become the costliest in
showbusiness history.

It is believed the couple did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

Madonna, 50, is one of the world’s richest women, with an estimated fortune of £300 million.

I guess it’s sad but I can think of so many sadder things. Like the global economy.


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