Welcome to Monday.  For those of you who have no water cooler to gather around –  think of this as your space.  In fact even if you do have a water cooler but you just want to chat about your weekend, express your views, have a rant or a rave, hear how it went for the rest of the us…. this is your post

In  the news over the weekend Australian Greens leader Bob Brown announced that he wanted to overturn laws that prevent the ACT and Northern Territory from legislating on euthanasia. Pope Benedict XVI formally apologised to victims of sexual abuse suffered at the hands of the Catholic church. New Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd wasted no time in his new appointment, travelling to Pakistan to visit Australian troops and to the US to meet with Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

What did you get up to on YOUR weekend? Was it a busy one or a quiet one? Do you have anything to share? An experience? An opinion?

Bob Brown calling for a national debate on euthanasia:

The Pope at Westminister Abbey in London:

Did you look in your wardrobe this morning and decide you had nothing to wear? Never fear, fashion designer Manel Torres has created clothes in a can. I sincerely hope no-one sprays on pants.

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