It’s a weird, wacky world when women’s bodies are being Photoshopped so they appear to have two forearms in place of a pair of thighs.

Take this new picture from Victoria’s Secret. It sure doesn’t resemble the thighs of any woman we know. Wait! Barbie! Barbie has thighs like that!

Is that who we’re aspiring to be now? Barbie?

The Victoria’s Secret art department have had a big bowl of Photoshop crack and they’ve completely carved out the inner section of this model’s legs – so that it looks like something from the pages of a Mattel catalogue.

Memo to fashion people: it’s now been established officially that women are more likely to buy clothes when they appear on real bodies (you can read all about that here). Well, duh.

Katy Perry with two left hands

Do you find this image attractive? Would it make you want to buy underwear? Do you think we’ll ever see the fashion industry change its standards of what is considered ‘beautiful?

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