By Kate Hunter

I’m interested in your thoughts on these ads, designed to make blokes think before having sex with a girl who might be underage.

New Statutory Rape Awareness Campaign

These images were sourced from here.

When you work in an advertising agency, most briefs you get don’t matter very much. They’re for car insurance or ravioli or a great new home loan rate. Once or twice in a career, you might see one that gives you the chance to change someone’s behaviour. Life could be a teensy bit better for a person because of an ad you came up with. It’s an opportunity not to be missed – or messed up.

I think these ads messed up the opportunity. It’s a shame, because there was a great insight: Guys complain, ‘But girls these days look and dress so sexy, and so adult, how do we know? Should we ask for ID?’

Maybe. Yes. Or, if in doubt, don’t.

Through my ad-chick eyes, these ads are more about showing off fancy-schmancy Photoshop skills to come up with arresting images than changing behaviour.

Sure, they’ll grab attention, but they’re a bit like those cheesy birthday cards that say ‘SEX!’ on the front and ‘…now that I’ve got your attention, Happy Birthday.’

It’s easy to get guys to look – they’ve done that – but it’s much tougher to ask them to think.

I think these ads do only half the job.

What do you reckon?

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