Welcome to Mamamia’s red carpet recap – perhaps the only place where you will see both Kate Middleton and Dita Von Teese’s style mentioned with hearty round of applause, in the same sentence.

Top 20 highlights include Cate Blanchett’s Peter Pilotto (read: extraordinarily expensive), printed pencil dress with a peplum hem and Emma Stone’s red Oscars gown, while Keira Knightly’s slightly see-through, but still amazing black Elie Saab dress came in at number 5.

So here it is, the best looks on the red carpet this year. Short, snappy and seriously stylish:

20. Leslie Mann wearing a Vionnet gown at the 'This Is 40′ LA Premiere

If you’re anything like me, 20 dresses is probably not enough. So here is a complete gallery of ALL the celebrity fashion highlights from the year that’s been.

ISWIS Awards: Steph Rice and Leisel Jones

Who was your best dressed on the red carpet in 2012?

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