“It’s always nerve-wracking to pick a dress for The Oscars, as it’s one of the (if not the) most scrutinised red carpets in the world. Getting the dress, the jewelry, the hair and the makeup requires a lot of work from stylists and designers who prepare months in advance for the event.”

Good thing she got it right. Gwyneth Paltrow was labelled as one of the best dress stars at this year’s Academy Awards. And today, she posted a newsletter on her website Goop and gave her readers a behind-the-scenes look (+ photos) at the prep required for the day.

Check out the pics.

Apple and Moses with mum Gwyneth

And here’s a snippet of what goes into getting ready…

How do they decide on a dress?

Finding an Oscars dress is no easy process. That’s what we can learn from this. It’s certainly not a case of shopping in your wardrobe or ducking down to Myer. Gwyn’s stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, gave a bit of an insight in to the process – a process that begins when the nominees are announced – more than a month before the event.

It goes something like this… Elizabeth calls designers. They send sketches. She tweaks them. They Skype. Send photos. Have fittings. Then altering.

And on the day of the Oscars, Elizabeth said: “I’m there with the makeup artists, hair stylists, everyone, discussing every decision in minute detail, every step of the way. When she gets in the car, I make sure that the dress won’t get wrinkled on that long drive to the event.”

As for the dress they decided on? She said: “This dress screamed OSCARS to me. It simply was ‘the one’. The dress was composed of all the elements that I look out for for Gwyneth: supreme elegance, grace, royalty, extreme modern luxury, simplicity without lacking intense skill and risk.”

Oscars prep

Gwyneth arrives at the hotel at 1pm. First on the list of getting-ready priorities? Shower, hair colour and a visit from her kids. Next? “I have my traditional pre-show turkey burger and fries before hair & makeup.” Ace.

Then it’s make up – “in keeping in line with the simplicity of my gown, makeup artist Leslie Lopez emphasizes my eyes with some black liner while keeping everything else pretty natural.” Followed by hair – “We all decide that the dress requires even simpler hair. The straight, long ponytail mimics the straight, clean lines of the dress and cape”.

And did we mention all of this is happening in the company of her bestie, Cameron Diaz?

images 71 This is how Gwyneth got ready for the Oscars.

Gwyneth and Cameron














She’s in the car by 3:45pm and on the red carpet by 4:30pm.By 9:30pm she’s snapping pics with Jane Fonda.

And for a full recap on the goings on of the Oscars red carpet:

Gwyneth Paltrow

You can read Gwyneth’s full post about getting read for the Oscars at her website, Goop.

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