Rania Matar19 380x253 Girls bedrooms around the world: From the very very rich, to the very very poor.

Two Lebanese girls in their bedroom.






I have a confession; I am a filthy room perve.

When I was growing up and everybody was playing ‘mummies and daddies’ my friend and I would play  ‘Better Homes and Gardens,’ redecorating every room in our imaginary house.

I love seeing another person’s room, because of how much it says about them. So this gallery is a little bit of heaven.

Photographer Rania Matar’s series of work ‘A girl and her room’ documents teenage girl’s bedrooms in America and Lebanon, her home country.  ‘A girl and her room’ includes rooms from all walks of life, the very poor to the very rich.

The series is available as a hardcopy book that can be purchased from the artist’s website.

Being as voyeuristic as I am, the chance to peek into a teenager’s room in Lebanon or America was too good to pass up. Check out some of the photos in the gallery below, I know I can’t be the only one who loves a good sticky beak.

Photo by Rania Matar

What did your childhood bedroom look like?

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