The bridal undergarment thats six times more popular than lingerie.

Would you wear this on your wedding day?





Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something… tight, stretchy, and designed to cover all your lumps and bumps. That’s right. More and more brides are reportedly  forgoing the traditional bridal lingerie in favour of something a little more… controlling.

Spanx – or control undies – are the new white lacy bra and undies. The only difference is they’re not lacy and usually come in shades of beige rather than white. Such is the popularity of Spanx for your wedding day that London department store Debenhams reported that it’s outselling lingerie six to one.

A spokesman for Debenhams said:

 “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident on their big day so there is no shame in wearing problem-solving pants, waist nippers and body shapers as they can help enhance your favourite features or hide any lumps and bumps that you want to disguise.

Debenhams Personal Shopper Alain Mehada added:

“We were shocked to see more and more bride-to-be’s with Spanx in their basket rather than traditional bridal lingerie but it’s actually quite refreshing and completely understandable, they are the ultimate guilt free garment to perfect your figure.”

wedding 380x571 The bridal undergarment thats six times more popular than lingerie.

And under all that… is the Spanx.

Where once upon a time the underwear was the domain of only the red carpet and Bridget Jones, more and more women like you and me are now saying: “Screw it. I want a bit of help to smooth things out, too.”

Which is fair enough.

The only question we’re asking: Do you change into the sexy stuff before you go home for your wedding night?

Check out what these celebrities have to say about their love of Spanx:

Jessica Alba

Are you a lingerie or Spanx kind of girl?

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