In news that’s devastated teenage girls around Australia, the Newcastle rock band Short Stack have announced their split after 8 years of playing music together.

You might know them from this song:

The band updated their Facebook page this morning with the following announcement: “as you may or may not know, short stack has decided to call it a day. even though we are no longer making music, we still remain the closest friends. the band started when we were 15 and never imagined in a million years it would achieve what it has, and we are proud to say that after 8 years we are ending on top.”

And the response? Huge. Hundreds of teenage girls have flocked to the Facebook page to express their dismay, leaving comments like “pinch me to wake me up from this nightmare. please”, “most depressing thing that’s happened in a long time” and “I just had to hold a shit load of tears in when i read this…” Even parents have come onto the site, with one mum saying: “could you be there to break it to my daughter and wipe the tears from her eyes when she finds out??”

Twitter response has also been huge – here’s just a couple of the texts that came up:

short stack 1 Celeb news: Why is everyone crying over this band break up?

short stack 2 Celeb news: Why is everyone crying over this band break up?

In all seriousness – what band has broken your heart by breaking up?

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