On 8 of December 2009, graphic designer Ashley Caccamo began her transition from a man into a woman. Ashley joined thousands of people worldwide who have always felt trapped in the wrong body and have embarked on the very difficult physical transformation.

This is Ashley’s journey:


Accompanying her video, Ashley wrote:

This video is of me going through a 3 year transition (Roughly one thousand pictures). I have had FFS during the process. I started roughly around when I was 20 – 21 years of age.

(FFS refers to ‘Facial Feminisation Surgery’; an umbrella term for cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasties, cheek implants, brow lifts and lip augmentations, that are designed to make masculine facial features appear feminine.)

The project is compelling.

But, what is perhaps most inspiring, is Ashley’s courage.

Placing such a raw part of yourself on the internet can’t be easy.

What did you think of the sex change time lapse video?


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