re-reading books
“I’ve read Little Women more times than I care to remember.”


It’s literary comfort food; like a serving of warm apple crumble on the coldest and bleakest of nights.  Re-reading books that are our favourites can be a source of comfort, a reliever of boredom, something soothingly familiar when the world around us has gone mad.

I’ve read Little Women more times than I care to remember.  I dip into Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird (a non-fic book on writing) every few months.  And when I need reminding of how great deliciously written comedies can be I turn to The Girls’ Guide To Hunting Fishing by Melissa Bank.  On the other hand, I can’t bear the thought of re-reading books like To Kill A Mockingbird because it impacted me so greatly when I read it for the first (and only) time in the mid 90s.

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What about you? What book have you read more than once? And why?

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