RAY AVO lodged against radio host Ray Hadley and then withdrawn on the same day.



Prominent Sydney radio host Ray Hadley and his son were apprehended on violence applications lodged by Hadley’s wife Suzanne today.

But almost as soon as news broke that Suzanne Hadley had lodged an AVO against Ray and his 24-year-old son Daniel, we got an update: Suzanne has withdrawn her application and the police won’t be pursuing it.

Detective Sergeant David Fairclough of the Kuringai police lodged the domestic violence apprehensions on Suzanne’s behalf, Ray’s wife of 20 years. Both men were due to appear at the Hornsby Local Court on March 4.

News.com.au reports that the applications have since been withdrawn.

Hadley is host of Ray Hardley Mornings on 2GB and across Macquarie Radio Network stations – every day after Alan Jones. He’s also a Daily Telegraph columnist. His 24-year-old son Daniel is a police officer stationed at St Mary’s in Sydney.

Hadley didn’t arrive at work this morning and did not host his radio show, which anyone who has worked with him will know is virtually unheard of for Ray.

Fairfax newspapers are reporting that an email was sent to 2GB staff at 7.30pm on Thursday saying: “Ray is unwell. Luke Grant will host mornings tomorrow.”

A colleague of Hadley said it was “extremely rare” for the radio host to miss a show. Hadley’s boss, the managing director of Macquarie Radio Network Rob Loewenthal, said he was unaware of the allegations and would not discuss them.

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