Right. So I started doing this regular weekly post about my week. Kind of a Tumblr inside a website. Kind of what Mamamia 1.0 was. And I was doing it on Friday because that’s a logical time to look back at the week, right? But it was starting to get confusing because we also run ANOTHER regular post on Fridays, where we ask “What were the best and worst moments of your week?


I thought I’d move this post to Wednesdays, change its name and also make it an open post in comments. Got anything you’d like to discuss? Anything at all? Any questions for me or anyone on the MM team?

Start chatting at the end. Meanwhile….

12 (open) Post Of The Week


I was tired last week after the show. Can you tell? Since Mamamia on Sky News started 5 weeks ago, I’ve fallen into a bit of an emotional rollercoaster rhythm. Mondays, I start to get a bit antsy. Tuesdays I’m quite agitated and irritable. By Tuesday afternoon, I’m a bundle of nervous anxiety which builds until the show starts at 8pm. Wednesdays I’m drained. This photo was taken on a Wednesday…..

The Writing Of The Sunday Life Column

Picture 21 (open) Post Of The Week


Sometimes when I need to write my column, I escape to the ‘lounge area’ in the office which is a posh way of saying ‘couch’. Here I am trying to pull the words out of my brain and put them in my computer….

The Today show

21 (open) Post Of The Week

The Today show


Each Monday when I do my Today Show “What’s Making News” segment with Karl, I sit for a few minutes on the set before it starts watching them all at work. They are EXACTLY the same off air as they are on-air. When you’re doing 16 hours of live TV per week, you have to be….

The Obsession

31 (open) Post Of The Week

Zoe Foster


























I adore looking at what stylish women wear. Here is my favourite look for the week, found on Paula’s cult “What The Editors Wore” regular post on Lifestyled.

Zoe Foster has the most magnificent, quirky style. She always dresses in such a feminine, flattering, unexpected way. I’m off to look for that Zara skirt…..


The visitor

Picture 31 (open) Post Of The Week

Bec was the stand-in Mia on Tuesday.














The gorgeous Bec Sparrow came to visit this week. God I love her. She helped calm my Tuesday anxiety this week.


Mamamia Live on Sky

41 (open) Post Of The Week

Guests, from left to right: Sarah Macdonald, Sam de Brito, Caroline Overington

I was having so much fun talking to my brilliant guests before the show this week (thank you Sarah MacDonald – author of Holy Cow and former ABC and TripleJ broadcaster, Sam de Brito, author, blogger and columnist and Caroline Overington, author and Walkley award winning journo).

I almost forgot to go on the set and start. I was literally trying to brush my hair and put some powder on my face when I was told in no uncertain terms to “PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE NOW”. That would be because we had 7 SECONDS BEFORE WE WENT LIVE. Just made it.

Oh, and check this out, to scroll the autocue which I have started to use for my outros, you have to use this pedal. Like a sewing machine. And you can’t do it in heels so you have to take off your shoe!

5 (open) Post Of The Week

The autocue

The video

Drunk kitchen. That’s all you need to know. This woman makes me look like Neil Perry.

The books

My books are now available as e-books! You can now get Mama Mia on Kindle and Mia Culpa on Kobo.

And speaking of books, look at what arrived at the office this week..

Picture 32 (open) Post Of The Week

The Rob Lowe biography























The still-life

Picture 12 (open) Post Of The Week

The office still-life













Moroccan pouffe (from Table Tonic) and bucket-sized teacup. Thank you Rick for your wonderfully arty photography in most of this post.


Lana’s stockings

Lana came in to work on Monday wearing these stockings. How raunchy are they? I’m not sure if this shot captures the fact that they are like ripped fishnets. And the way she wore them with an otherwise conservative outfit was decidedly unexpectedly fabulous.

Picture 51 (open) Post Of The Week

Lana’s stockings

The charity

Mamamia readers have donated 3000 birthing kits to women in over 30 countries thanks to this post. What a beautiful cause. It’s never too late. I bought kits for my mother and my mother-in-law for mothers day. It’s a great idea for a birthday, baby shower or to celebrate a new baby or even the announcement of a friend’s pregnancy.

You can go here to buy one – they’re only $10. Much more meaningful than flowers…..

birth kit2 (open) Post Of The Week

The birth kit that is distributed to women in over 30 countries.
















The street art

How great is this….an artist (not Rick) who makes these teeny tiny bits of art in the street.

By slinkachu at Colossal.

slink 1 (open) Post Of The Week





























And some more…

The Last Resort 1a blog 600x400 (open) Post Of The Week



The Last Resort 1 blog 600x400 (open) Post Of The Week



The Last Resort 2 blog 600x400 (open) Post Of The Week



The murban

According to the Daily Mail, Karl Lagerfeld is pushing the male ‘urban turban’. Jason, your birthday present is SO SORTED.

article 0 0C2D29E100000578 326 233x423 (open) Post Of The Week

The murban
















Anything on your mind?

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