• Gabi Grecko hospitalised

    Celeb news: Gabi Grecko hospitalised after her split with Geoffrey Edelsten.

              Gabi Grecko has just been taken to hospital following her apparent split from Geoffrey Edelsten last night. The 25-year-old model appeared on Sunrise this morning, but has since been picked up form her home in an ambulance and taken to St Vincents Hospital in Sydney. Gecko said this morning that [read more]

  • a secret safe to tell naomi hunter

    Last week, a book you’ve probably never heard of saved a child’s life..

    I’m going to read you some lines from a children’s book that is saving lives; not metaphorically saving them but actually saving them. Right this minute. “He said I would get into big trouble if I told anyone… I never wanted to be bad. He said I would upset a lot of people if they knew [read more]

  • Angelina Jolie heroin addict video

    This 1990s video footage of Angelina Jolie is so confronting, we almost didn’t publish it.

      This video of Angelina Jolie is so confronting, we almost didn’t publish it. It was filmed in the late 1990s and released today by a New Yorker called Franklin Meyer, who claims to have been Jolie’s drug dealer at the time. Jolie is seen pacing back and forth, somewhat frantically, speaking on a large black landline phone. She’s skinny to the [read more]

  • nude-painting

    You won’t believe who is getting brazilians now.

      Not female pubic hair! The horror! THE HORROR. A gallery in London has removed an oil painting that depicts a woman with a small strip of pubic hair, as it was deemed ‘too pornographic and disgusting’. The painting, by artist Leena McCall, is titled “Portrait of Ms. Ruby May, Standing”. It was hanging in [read more]

  • Harry Potter stuntman paralysed

    They’re in their 30s. Harry has grey hair, Ron is balding and Hermione is winning at life.

            “No longer the fresh-faced wizards they were in the day, but recognisable nonetheless.” Harry Potter is back. And he has two kids and grey hair. It took less than 30 minutes for a wave of magical hysterical joy to spread across the internet today, after J.K Rowling published a short story [read more]

  • camp crew 2

    Open Post: Camp, the flu vax and matching outfits.

      Hello friend!  Welcome to another week of Mamamia’s Open Post. If you’re new here, Open Post is a weekly Mamamia tradition where you can tell us about what’s happening in your life. Tell us about the good, the bad, and ask about ANYTHING you need advice on. We’re going to kick things off. Here’s what we’ve been up [read more]

  • kayden-feature

    “I got this!” 2-year-old amputee nails his first try at walking.

            This is 2-year-old Kayden: After a band wrap around his legs in the womb lead to some deformity, Kayden had to have his right foot and left leg amputated. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a total boss. This video was filmed this week when Kayden was taking his first [read more]

  • wedding planning

    Sick of waiting for the perfect partner? Marry yourself instead.

            Former radio presenter Sammy Power married herself on Saturday night, in a lavish and glorious wedding featuring a ring bearer dressed as cat. Power decided to marry herself to mark not only her 50th birthday, but also a year of major transformation that saw her lose more than half her body [read more]

  • Ian Thorpe gay

    Rebecca Sparrow: “Can we all stop obsessing over Ian Thorpe’s sexuality?”

              I’m feeling a little confused. I’m confused about the reaction to the news that Ian Thorpe has done a tell-all interview with Michael Parkinson which will air on Sunday night. I’m confused because people aren’t talking about hearing the former Olympian talk about his meteoric rise to fame, about the [read more]

  • gosford anglican church signs

    Introducing:  The world’s most progressive priest. 

            Though the majority of religious figureheads tend to stay surprisingly quiet about compassion when it comes to issues surrounding asylum seekers or gay marriage, Father Rod Bower from the Gosford Anglican Church says no more. He has chosen to harness the power of social media to spread messages about love and humanity (and all the good [read more]

  • crocodile-08072014

    Why are we still dangling people in front of crocodiles for kids’ entertainment?

            ‘Be amazed as our keepers hand-feed John, our biggest croc’, promises Shoalhaven Zoo’s website‘ Ouch. I’m very happy to hear that crocodile handler Trent Burton escaped with just a few little “holes” in his hand after he was attacked by one of his giant, scaly charges yesterday. Burton is a very [read more]

  • most wanted woman

    She spent her life hiding from Interpol. Now – she’s been found. (And you won’t believe where.)

              Lisa Marie Smith was just twenty when she was arrested at Bangkok Airport in 1996 for attempting to board a plane to Japan with a backpack filled with drugs – four kilograms of “opium resin” and 565 amphetamines. She was sentenced to prison but escaped on bail and soon became Interpol’s [read more]

  • Rosie Waterland.

    “She kept my secrets. And that’s why I spoke to her.”

                I had seen a lot stuff by the time I was fourteen. Two alcoholic parents meant I had lived in more rehab centres than I could remember. I’d been in foster care, lived with relatives I barely knew and been separated from my sisters. Before my 14th birthday, I [read more]

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    The View star who doesn’t want her unborn surrogate child anymore.

          Former The View star, Sherri Shepard, 47, has said she doesn’t want her unborn surrogate baby. Shepard and her husband, Lamar Sally, have recently split and TMZ is reporting she’s not interested in being a mother for the second time because of the breakdown of her relationship which will leave her financially burdened. [read more]

  • kylie rogers

    Media Release: Kylie Rogers joins the Mamamia Digital Network

      Mamamia Digital Network CEO, Jason Lavigne, today announced the appointment of Kylie Rogers to the role of National Sales Director. Kylie joins the company from the Ten Network where she worked for 17 years, most recently as National Head of Generate, and prior to that as National Sales Director. Jason Lavigne said: “We are [read more]

  • Hairy legs club

    They’re just women’s legs. But you’ve probably not seen many like this before.

    We all get a bit slack with shaving our legs over winter. With the days short and cold, it’s common to pack away the razor for a couple of weeks at a time. But what if you stopped shaving your legs altogether, and didn’t start up again in spring? Or summer? Or… well, ever? That’s [read more]

  • sexual harassment in the workplace

    “I was groped and harrassed. I never said anything but my children will”.

      Trigger Warning: This post deals with themes of sexual harassment, and child sex abuse. It may be triggering for some readers. Working in the entertainment industry was always going to be an eye-opener for me. I was prepared for that. I was a naive, 20-year-old Italian girl who still lived at home. I didn’t [read more]

  • bead_necklaces_01

    Guess it’s time to redecorate then…

        Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. This week’s featured artists on the [read more]

  • suitcase

    You’re packing your suitcase wrong. Yes, you are.

      Packing your suitcase is the least appealing thing about travel. Especially if you don’t know how to pack it…correctly. Thankfully Buzzfeed has stepped up to show us how it’s done. Never break a wine bottle, or have clothes covered in leaked shampoo again. THIS is how you correctly pack a suitcase.     Happy travels.

  • .

    “At 30 I had a very clear definition of what it meant to be a ‘success’. At 42, I threw that definition in the bin.”

            I made the two-hour drive south to see my parents last weekend and on my bed, waiting for me, my mum had placed an old cardboard box sealed with yellowed, crackly tape. Look what I found, she said with a smile in her voice. I recognised the box immediately. Recognised the [read more]

  • justin ross harris

    Harris claims he accidentally left his son in the car. The prosecution says otherwise.

              Justin Ross Harris says he was driving home from work one night, when he noticed his 22-month-old son Cooper sitting in the back-seat. It was at that moment that 33-year-old Harris reportedly realised he had forgotten to drop his son off at day-care and that his son had been sitting [read more]

  • the glow australia

    Best and Worst: Come and tell us about your week

      Hi everyone - happy Best and Worst day! For new readers, you probably know this day of the week as ‘Friday’, but here in Mamamialand it’s synonymous with Best and Worst – the online equivalent of catching up with several thousand friends at a cafe to debrief on the week that was. Only you don’t have to leave the [read more]

  • Mia Freedman and Nick Kyrgios

    Mia: “What I’ve learned about why Australia needs sporting heroes.”

    I’ve learned a lot in the three years since I became a national object of hate for suggesting sports people aren’t heroes. So yesterday, when I woke up to the news that Aussie tennis player Nick Kyrgios had beaten World Number 1 Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon and the entire country went nuts, I kept my [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video FLUFF: Katy Perry sued by a Christian rapper. - Mamamia

    FLUFF: Katy Perry’s being sued by a Christian rapper.

          Christian rapper Flame is not happy with Katy Perry or her hit track Dark Horse. Flame, aka Marcus Gray, is seeking legal action against the California Girl claiming that his 2007 song Joyful Noise was copied by Perry’s hit song Dark Horse without his permission.  According to his “producer,” a man known as “Cho’zyn Boy”, [read more]

  • mums with cancer

    Meet Ana. She’s 44. She has 4 kids. And she has stage 4 cancer.

        We’d like to introduce you to someone seriously special.  Ana Ferguson is 44 years old. She’s got 4 kids. And she’s dying. She wrote to us a little while ago with a beautiful proposal: Ana wants to write about her life as a dying woman. She has stage four breast cancer, and she doesn’t know how long [read more]

  • twins with same boyfriend 4

    These identical twins share everything. Including their boyfriend.

      You may remember a story from earlier this year, about Australian twins Anna and Lucy Di Cinque – the identical twins who share everything. They share their clothes. They share a plastic surgeon, who made their identical faces even more identical. (For the very reasonable cost of $240,000.) And – as we’ve recently found [read more]

  • Jamila Rizvi Kevin Rudd

    Mamamia’s Jamila Rizvi on what it was like to work for Kevin Rudd.

      Before Jamila Rizvi worked at Mamamia, she worked for the Prime Minister. Over the course of a year, she worked as a Media Assistant while he led our country as Prime Minister. Jamila recently sat down with Show and Tell’s Monty Dimond to talk about what it was really like to work with Australia’s 26th Prime Minister [read more]

  • theglow

    Open Post: We have some exciting news…

          Hey there MMers, it’s been a long time between drinks since I hosted Open Post but that’s not because I don’t love you (I do! I do!), I’ve been busy working on a secret squirrel side project. And today, I can finally share the news with you. Drumroll please… Consider this a [read more]

  • An Australian woman will testify against Rolf Harris this week

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    BREAKING: 37-year-old woman has been sentenced to 10 months in a Bali jail 37-year-old New Zealand woman Leeza Ormsby has been sentenced to 10 months in a Bali jail after being caught with a half-smoked joint of hashish, weighing 0.3 grams, in her handbag. Ormsby, who lived in the Sydney suburb of Paddington was sentenced [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow.

    Bec: Does this admission really make me weird?

      I’m a freak, apparently. On a road trip on the weekend, I confessed to something that nearly caused my friend to swerve off the road and crash the car we were in. So what did I say? Are you ready? You may want to be sitting down. No seriously, I’ll wait. Okay. Here goes [read more]