• first time mum and losing it

    Meet Jill. She devotes her life to helping mums be amazing.

        Being a mum is incredibly rewarding – but let’s be honest. It can also be really, really hard. Early hours, late nights, new challenges, and changes to your life that you definitely didn’t read about in What To Expect When You’re Expecting. For many mothers, having a strong support network is the thing [read more]

  • Under the red dress campaign

    Beth Whaanga is naked, alive, and brave. She needs our help.

        When Beth Whaanga gets naked, she really means it. The 32-year-old Australian breast cancer survivor underwent a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy last year. Instead of retreating or covering her pain, Beth shed her clothes and posed for a series of breathtakingly brave photographs that show all her scars. When Mamamia’s Rebecca Sparrow first [read more]

  • kids plane

    Should business class be banned for kids?

          The back of the plane is a desperate place. Noisy. Stuffy. And full of parents and fractious children who can’t watch another nano-second of Toy Story 1, 2 or 3. Been there? Banging cups, sucking ice, looking at clouds. And then another parent drags their child up the aisle and it’s time to tag out. [read more]

  • bec sparrow serious 2

    BEC: “A man came to my door on Saturday and wouldn’t leave …”


  • good primary school teachers

    “To my earliest teachers… I can never repay what you gave me.”

          I always thought that I was unique in my good fortune; that to get such amazing teachers all throughout my schooling years was just a fluke. Yet now, as a mother myself, I’ve realised that teachers, all teachers are just simply a wonderful kind of people. Let’s face it, not one of [read more]

  • lady signs it better

    Women covering classic male songs will make your feminist day.

      Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. This week, we’re doing something a little [read more]

  • problems with a fringe

    It’s time for offensive and violent bumper stickers to be banned.

        We’ve all been there… Through a twist of bad luck, or the wrong click of a link, we’ve seen something awful that we can’t un-see. But just because looking at disturbing, sexist, racist or just plain ghastly images is a common occurrence, it doesn’t give people the right to force their aesthetic horrors on [read more]

  • mini style hacker 12

    Adorable tiny human imitates the style of Hollywood heart-throbs.

      This kid has more than 80,000 Instagram followers, and more style than most leading men in Hollywood. Ryker Wixom from Los Angeles – a.k.a the Mini Style Hacker – is styled by his mother Collette for his successful blog, where he copies the outfits (and poses!) of male celebrities and models.   But while [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow.

    Rebecca Sparrow: “I was hurting and this is what helped.”

                  I have a stock-standard answer that I give when people ask me – and they always ask me – how I survived the death of my daughter Georgie several years ago. And it’s this: I was saved by friends and strangers; one lasagne at a time. It’s true.  In those [read more]

  • Bridget-Tony-Frances-Abbott-2012

    This is about so much more than Frances Abbott and her $60,000.

              Update: The only other recipient of the Whitehouse Institute of Design scholarship apart from Frances Abbott was Billy Whitehouse, New Matilda’s editor Chris Graham has revealed to Studio 10. And no, that surname’s not a coincedence, Pedestrian reports – Billy is the daughter of Leanne Whitehouse, who owns the Whitehouse Institute. Previously, Mamamia wrote… The [read more]

  • bandlitzerian

    Is this the most disgusting man ever to go viral?

              Okay. We really, really didn’t want to give this disgusting story any air but grab a nearby pillow to scream into because we can’t ignore it any more. Here’s where it all started: last month, venture capitalist/actor/poker player/noted misogynist Dan Bilzerian threw a naked woman off a roof and she broke her foot. (In [read more]

  • megan-wright

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

          Welcome one and all to best and worst: a weekly forum here at Mamamia where it’s your turn to do the writing. This is your chance to share the highlights (best) and lowlights (worst) of your week, as well as anything else that’s grabbed your attention (on my mind). I’ll kick things [read more]

  • too old

    “I’m too old for this sh*t.”

              I’m currently sitting on the express train to 40 and I’m totally fine with that.  Just lately though, there’s been times where I’ve thought to myself “I’m too old for this shit”. You know, those certain situations you still find yourself experiencing even though you were sure you’d be able [read more]

  • carley

    How to date yourself.

          I don’t think there is anything more wonderful than being able to pick yourself up out of bed, make yourself look beautiful and head over to a café to have breakfast by yourself. You’re alone, you can enjoy your food at your own pace and get things done. You’re reading the newspaper, [read more]

  • Wake Up on ten axed

    BREAKING: Australian breakfast show axed.

           UPDATE: Wake Up’s replacement announced. Ten’s new morning line up has been announced, in the wake of news that breakfast TV show Wake Up has just been axed amid cost-cutting measures . The new morning line up will kick off with Ready, Steady Cook at 6am, followed by repeats of Bold and the Beautiful, Entertainment [read more]

  • granny-protest

    Watch a grandma’s epic takedown of the 2014-15 Australian budget.

        How angry are working mothers, little old ladies and academic economists about the budget? Angry enough to take on a stranger in the street. One group who aren’t fans of the latest federal budget, decided that the best way to gauge the mood on our new budget was to dress a (very game) [read more]

  • how to reject a man

    “The date that I regretted almost immediately.”

            I once went on a date that I regretted almost immediately. The guy was late. He was infinitely more interested in his own pursuits than mine. He chose a fancy restaurant, spent the evening talking about his hefty paycheck — knowing full-well I earned a quarter of his salary at the time – and [read more]

  • Oscar_the_Grouch_partly_out_of_his_trash_can

    Open Post. Come tell us what’s happening in your world.

                Hello everybody! Welcome to Open Post, the section of Mamamia where anybody can say whatever’s on their mind. I’ll kick things off: This week, I discovered yet another practical life skill I’m lacking. My younger sister Tayla and I have to go to the tip and we both have [read more]

  • ronaldmc

    McDonalds chooses its new mascot straight from your worst nightmares.

      McDonalds has just unveiled their new mascot and it’s approximately 1,000 times creepier than Ronald McDonald. Meet “Happy” – the smiling box of teeth chosen to represent, arguably, the world’s most successful obesity enabler. Nugget factory McDonalds gleefully announced the appointment via Twitter:     The reaction was swift and brutal, with hundreds of replies calling Happy [read more]

  • myfamilystickers

    Stick figure families: How those bumper stickers are putting your family in danger.

            Those car stickers of people’s families on the back windscreens of cars are one of my favourite things. Because I’m a sticky beak. But apparently I’m not the only one piecing together the lives of fellow drivers from the white figurines. So, too, are crims. Seriously. Bad guys are making judgements based on [read more]

  • stella young comedian

    You may think this is inspiring. It’s actually dehumanising.

        Have you ever shared this?               Liked an image on Facebook? Said “oh how inspirational!” Or thought “nothing is impossible.” Well Stella Young, disability advocate and wheelchair user has a message for you, and it’s not going to make you feel ‘inspired’. The above image is an example of [read more]

  • Hair care myths

    The one thing no one tells you during the excitement of pregnancy…

              “It was all getting on top of me.” “I’d started yelling at the kids a lot.” “The kids mean the world to me but I wasn’t enjoying it.” “I was on my own with the kids. And it was getting hard.” Recognise any of those statements? I certainly do. As [read more]

  • heart rate monitor

    “What I learned from watching my mother die”.

        This post originally appeared in Overland, and then on Role/Reboot and is republished here with full permission. Nine months ago my mum asked me to buy an axe and chop her head off. I joked with her. Told her it would be a messy way to go. She was lying in a palliative care ward, [read more]

  • paul rudd gif

    “Can anyone else relate or am I the only one who…?”

      Sometimes when I read my Twitter stream, particularly of a weeknight, I start to wonder if I’m the only person in the world who isn’t watching a reality TV cooking show. Then there are other times I wonder if I’m the only one around here who thanks their fellow commuters for letting me into [read more]

  • pink sneakers

    Quiz: Which type of runner are you? (Includes the “I only run for the bus” runner).

            In my travels across the fitness land, I have met and experienced many different types of runners. But in the end, I believe all of us can really slot into one of eight categories. And they are as follows: 1. The Natural Runner The Natural Runner is the kind of person [read more]

  • Indigenous Australians racism

    20 things you should never say to an Indigenous Australian.

            When do offhand comments become racist? Social media has started to answer this question over the last few days with the creation of the hashtag #dontsayit. This hashtag has created a definitive list of the remarks made to Indigenous Australians that have crossed the line from being harmless to racist. It started when Charles [read more]

  • sexual abuse by a family member 2

    “I was 10 years old the day you changed my life.”

          WARNING: The following content includes descriptions of abuse. Some readers may find this subject matter triggering.  You were a funny man. You always did silly things which made me laugh a lot. Your strong accent sometimes made your words sound hilarious, so much that even you laughed out loud. You lived alone, just one [read more]


    People call them the “tribe of ghosts”. And they’re in danger because of the colour of their skin.

        These people are in danger. They are in danger from witch doctors, fishermen, miners and members of their own community – and all because they were born with white skin. Albino Tanzanian people are thought of as ‘the invisible’ or the ‘tribe of ghosts’, and because their absence of melanin is so misunderstood, [read more]

  • pennie pomroy

    This will remind you that humans are animals, too.

        Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. This week’s featured artist is Pennie [read more]

  • reginageorge

    Forget about ‘fetch’ – these are the words that need to happen.

        Good day, my chuckaboos. Stop your mafficking and nanty narking for a moment – there’s an important conversation we need to have. It’s about conversation and why we can learn a thing or two about it from the folk of the Victorian era. Because while they got some things very wrong (freak shows, [read more]



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