• cressida bonas and chelsy davy

    Why this woman chose her career over being a princess.

    By KATE LEAVER “Nah, I don’t want to be a princess. I’ve got better things to do.” OK, so those are not words Cressida Bonas actually said with her mouth. But they do accurately sum up her decision to break up with Prince Harry. 25-year-old Cressida reportedly ended her relationship with the naughtiest royal in Britain because she wanted to [read more]

  • dancing grandpa video

    After a week of bad news, we needed to watch this grandpa dance.

      The past week has been filled with terrible news. The death toll in Gaza has reached 600, many of the bodies from MH17 have most likely been lost, and Australia lost the only piece of sound environmental policy it had. But in amongst all of those sombre, horrifying, melancholic, depressing stories, this video of [read more]

  • Jacqui Lambie radio interview

    Jacqui Lambie says she wants a rich, mute, “well-hung” man. Live on air.

    By KATE LEAVER       This is why we can’t have nice things, Australia. An actual real life politician said live on radio that she wants a rich lover with a big dick. This politician. Jacqui Lambie, who was elected as senator for Tasmania in last year’s election. That is to say, someone with [read more]

  • Open post

    Open post of the week: Come and tell us what’s on your mind.

    Hey guys! I’m sorry Open Post is up so late. Totally my fault and I owe you all lots of chocolate and many ponies. For those of you who haven’t been here before, Open Post is one of Mamamia’s most loved posts. It’s the one that goes up every Wednesday morning (sometimes almost at midday *ahem*) [read more]

  • julie bishop at the un

    This is how Julie Bishop gets shit done.

      By ALISSA WARREN She’s been mocked for years for being un-feminine. Clinical. Cold. But Julie Bishop made Australia proud on the weekend. Yes, the Foreign Minister is making me feel better about living in a world dealing some terrifyingly tragic situations. When she talks. I listen. I watch. And for two reasons: Julie Bishop speaking [read more]

  • selfie at auschwitz

    Before you slam the girl who took a selfie at Auschwitz …

        Last month, nobody knew who Breanna Mitchell was. But in the past few days, she’s become one of the world’s most famous teenagers. Because of this photo: Breanna was visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, taking photos of the camp along the way. But it’s this particular photo that’s attracted thousands of retweets [read more]

  • Lucy with her son Harry

    The dumbest idea in The Childcare Reform suggestions.

        By LUCY KIPPIST What a shame the much anticipated Productivity Commission draft report into childcare launched today didn’t consult with any ACTUAL parents. Well, if they did it’s hard to imagine who they asked – why would anyone want to send the grandparents to TAFE so they can look after the kids? Yes [read more]

  • Tracy Connelly.

    She was a sex worker and she was murdered. One thing doesn’t make the other any less tragic.

        By WENDY SQUIRES Last night, around 200 people gathered in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda to mark the one-year anniversary of Tracy Connelly’s death. Tracy Connelly, 40, was found murdered in the back of her van on July 21 last year – but her killer still has not been found.  This is speech Mamamia contributor Wendy Squires gave [read more]

  • There are a whole lot of stereotypes floating around out there about being in your 20's and there are often not a lot of truths to them.

    Three big misconceptions about being in your 20s.

        My 23-year-old girlfriend got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last week and it threw me for six. Why? Because if you had to ask me which one of my friends would have been the least likely to be diagnosed with any kind of illness, it would have been her. She exercises daily, never [read more]

  • St George scrap metal ad

    Stop discriminating against beautiful blonde women! says this billboard.

      This is a story about a scrap metal yard, a hot girl in a bikini and the fight over the right to marry those two things together. Stay with us. It’s good. St George Scrap Metal Yard: Protecting blonde women’s right to be beautiful since 2014. Earlier this year, a group of noble men [read more]

  • indigenous art

    The Voulez-Vous Project: Celebrating artists, designers, illustrators and creators.

      Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here.  This week the Voulez-Vous project is featuring [read more]

  • danny nickerson

    5-year-old Danny is battling cancer. For his birthday he doesn’t want presents, only cards.

      Five-year-old Danny Nickerson is just like any other five-year-old; a kid who is just discovering the joys of reading. In particular, Danny loves it when he recognises his own name written down. However, unlike most five-year-olds, Danny can’t go to school anymore. Danny was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, which has taken him [read more]

  • gregg segall 11

    Yikes: This is how much rubbish each of us creates in just 7 days.

      How much waste do people really create? This series of photographs from artist Gregg Segal tries to make us think about exactly that. The photos show family, friends and individuals surrounded by the amount of trash they create in just seven days. That’s one week’s worth of trash. Suddenly seems like quite a lot, [read more]

  • GlowSymbol_LARGE-150x150

    The health and beauty stories we couldn’t stop talking about this week.

          Welcome to our beauty and health news wrap, where we bring you some of the best content from the newest member of the Mamamia digital family, The Glow. This week, we’re talking about rainbow-coloured hair (and how to get it), the face wash making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and the 90s style [read more]

  • reactions to mh17

    When I woke up this morning, the world felt broken.

          When I woke up this morning, the world felt broken. A plane carrying 298 people had been shot out of the sky, children lay dead on a beach in Gaza, and an Australian suicide bomber had taken lives. It felt like the morning of 9/11: significant and heavy, like we should remember where we were [read more]

  • boy at school reading

    SHARE: What all teachers should be telling kids when they get their NAPLAN results.

            A teacher in the UK has become the educator of everybody’s dreams after a letter she sent home to each of her students went viral for being a tear-inducing masterpiece. Rachel Tomlinson is the head teacher at Barrowford Primary, and some of her students recently had to take their ‘Key Stage 2′ tests (basically [read more]

  • Josefa Pete

    “What started as an online game with friends, quickly turned into something else…”

      I don’t do mornings. I walk around the house hugging my coffee in a dazed slumber. Once I have had my quiet time on Facebook, checked my email and the coffee has kicked in, then I can do mornings. I have friends who not only do mornings, there are Instagram uploads of their morning [read more]

  • So, how's your week been?

    Mamamia’s Best and Worst: Come and tell us about your week.

          Hello there! You’ve reached a safe place on the internet (a rarity to be sure). Right here you can open up completely and tell us exactly what is going on in your world — good and bad. No need to wash your hair or paint your nails; heck, no need to even [read more]

  • banned from Instagram

    The typical bathroom selfie that got a 19-year-old banned from Instagram.

      This is the smiley and radiant image that got 19-year-old Samm Newman banned from Instagram. The image didn’t get Newman banned because it was hateful. Or violent. Not because it was pornographic, or contained nudity, or was graphic in nature. This selfie was banned because Miss Newman happens to be, *gasp*, overweight. As an [read more]

  • Alana Goldsmith inquest

    What really killed Alana Goldsmith never appeared on her death certificate.

            Warning: This article deals with issues surrounding eating disorders and suicide and could be triggering from some readers.  Update: A New South Wales coroner has said that more could have been done to check on the mental health of 23-year-old Alana Goldsmith on the day she died – but that the failures were [read more]

  • .

    This post is for every person who has cancelled plans with friends, because they would rather read a book.

        1. You can never read just a few pages. 2. When you finish a book that has CHANGED YOUR LIFE, you are still somehow expected to go into work the next day, cook dinner and interact with other human beings. 3. You haven’t eaten or visited the bathroom in about nine hours, and [read more]

  • dad asks for photoshop on baby

    What the internet did for this grieving father is just beautiful.

          This is proof that Photoshop can be used for more than slimming thighs and shrinking waists. It can also be used for good. This dad’s darling daughter passed away when she was only six-weeks-old – and the photos he had of Sophia, all showed his little girl attached to hospital tubes. She was [read more]

  • I was Catfished

    It happened to me: I was catfished. 

            As a single woman who doesn’t much like bars (or staying up after 10pm come to think of it) I have occasionally used online dating sites to meet prospective partners. Despite my mother’s fear that I shall be cut into little pieces and slowly devoured with an accompanying fine shiraz, I [read more]

  • corporal punishment in australian schools

    TODAY show host says, “the strap helped me get through school”.

                The “should kids get the strap” debate is back. And it Just. Got. Interesting. Ben Fordham revealed this morning, live on the TODAY Show, that he is somewhat pro-strap. Fordham was responding to comments by Co-Chair of the National Curriculum Review, Kevin Donnelly, that Australian schools should bring back corporal punishment. “The [read more]

  • thumbs down

    5 mums were all banned from social media. This is why.

          Forget secret government warehouses holding alien spaceships – we’ve got a much more plausible conspiracy theory. Social media is trying to ban motherhood. Recently we have been a little overwhelmed by the number of stories that feature a mum having content removed from social media for little-to-no reason – and we’re calling [read more]

  • Alyx

    Open post: Tell us how you’re doing!

              I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week. It’s been pretty crazy for me. You see I have a three-week-old baby. Not a literal one, but a digital one. Since I started at Mamamia, I’ve been working towards the launch of our health and beauty website The Glow. And [read more]

  • Angelina Jolie visit to Nauru

    Angelina Jolie, get on a plane. Australia needs your help to be a better global citizen.

              Angelina Jolie, we need you. We need to use your incredible fame for good. We need you to expose what our own Government won’t be honest about. We need you to show us the truth of Australia’s refugee shame. Yesterday, the President of Nauru invited you to visit his country. You have to accept that invitation, [read more]

  • Alyx

    Stop blaming anti-feminist young women for feminism’s marketing problems.

        Teenage girls across the world are publicly rejecting feminism. Now, excuse me one moment while I get inside my bomb shelter, but I can kind of see their point. Yesterday, we reported on the most depressing site on the Internet. It’s a Tumblr called ‘Woman Against Feminism’, where girls – most of them [read more]

  • Arturo has been called the world's saddest bear

    These heartbreaking photos of a sad polar bear pushed 200,000 people into action.

        This is Arturo. People are calling him the world’s most depressed polar bear.   Arturo lives in a tiny enclosure at a zoo in Argentina, where temperatures can reach 40 degrees. Polar bears generally live in climates minus 40 degrees. The pool of water provided for him is not even a metre deep. [read more]

  • gerard baden clay trial  3

    Allison Baden-Clay’s family give their final message to her murderer.

              Allison Baden-Clay’s mother and father were in court today, watching as their daughter’s killer received his verdict. So was Allison’s sister. It’s the cruelest part of the justice process, that a victim’s family must sit in the same room as the person who took their loved one’s life. Geoff and [read more]