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    Gloriously pretentious: Inside the secret sex lives of hipsters.

    We’ve all wondered. We’ve all looked at the girl with the half shaved head in iridescent Doc Martins and a psychedelic vintage Kangol jumper, and the dude next to her with an identical haircut, wearing the same exact same outfit. We’ve looked at them and thought ‘I wonder what their sex life is like.’ Well [read more]

  • elimination of violence against women

    How to get a domestic violence intervention order.

              Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women — an important reminder that gender-based violence remains a pervasive epidemic acrossthe globe. The day is also a reminder of how important it is to know your options around how to get help if you’re at risk of domestic [read more]

  • mamamia

    A preschooler’s love letter to his crush is the best thing you’ll read today.

              Who wouldn’t want to receive a love letter like this? Four-year-old Bennet has definitely won over the hearts of the internet this week after a love letter he wrote to his pre-school crush, Bailey, went viral when it was posted to Reddit. In the letter he tells Bailey, “you should come [read more]

  • happy

    “Because as a parent, YOU need to be happy too.”

              When I was growing up, we only had one zoo and it was an African wildlife safari kind of deal. You probably remember this too if you were a child in the 70s or early 80s. They usually involved a day trip that saw you and your siblings sardined into [read more]

  • South West Rocks Little Bay

    Open Post: How’s your week going?

            Hi lovely readers! Welcome to the Mamamia Open Post. If you’re new here, this is the place where we all come together and share stories of how our week is going. I’ll get us started by introducing myself – my name is Brydie and I am an intern here at Mamamia. All [read more]

  • AP147506

    Meet the bride who made her wedding cake using scraps from the bin.

      I had a wonderful wedding. Almost immediately following I posted the event to social media and well wishes came from friends and family around the world. A haute couture designer posted pictures of us to their social media pages under the heading, “Tara and her groom look so happy in these pictures. Congratulations to a [read more]

  • Glass ceiling women at work

    Got boobs and a job? You deserve better than this.

            It happened on Saturday night. An intelligent friend of mine casually implied that men and women are equal in Australia. That there’s no need for feminism. That as a country, we’re cool with the idea of female leadership. I really wish, in that moment, that I’d had a laminated print-out of current statistics on the [read more]

  • Jennifer Gable-1

    Jennifer lived her whole life as a woman. But she was buried as a man.  

      The death of this 32-year-old woman is a shocking case of just how far the LGBT community sometimes is from acceptance. Even from those closest to them. Jennifer Gable’s story is tragic from the start – her young age, one factor; the fact that her fatal aneurysm came without warning, and while she was [read more]

  • silhouette2

    “I got goosebumps when Luke Batty died. Because I could see the same thing happening to my girls.”

    ‘ Trigger warning: This post deals with domestic violence and may be triggering for some readers. When Rosie Batty lost her 11-year-old son Luke at the hands of the boy’s mentally unstable father in February, Trisha* felt the hair on her arms stand on end. “I got goosebumps. Goosebumps. Because I could just see exactly the [read more]

  • down's syndrome birthday cards

    30-yr-old Manuel likes getting cards. On his birthday he received 30,000.

      Just when we feel bogged down with terrible news in the world, something comes along that cheers us up. Meet Manuel Parisseaux. Manuel has Down syndrome and turned 30 last week. Manuel Parisseaux. Image via Facebook.  His father Lucien took to Facebook at the beginning of November to ask his friends for a favour. He [read more]

  • Sex-Worker3

    She agreed to have sex with him. But this man is guilty of rape.

            By NINA FUNNELL Earlier today in the ACT Supreme Court, a 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent. His plea came after having sex with a sex-worker in the knowledge that she was not giving full and informed consent at the time. Why? Because she only gave [read more]

  • save foster care 1

    Join the campaign to help save Victorian foster care.

              The Foster Care Association of Victoria (FCAV) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to strengthen foster families and enhance the well being of children in their care. Ongoing under-resourcing and neglect has left the Victorian foster care system in danger of collapse, with urgent reforms needed to deliver sustainable care [read more]

  • Vagina or vulva? Which word is correct?

    The world is searching for a new word for female masturbation.

      Today we’re going to talk about female masturbation. Don’t blush – later some of us might even do some female masturbation. But something in those sentences doesn’t sound quite right…  It’s not the act itself – which, I think we all agree, is oh-oh-oh so great. (Sorry, that was terrible but as if you wouldn’t [read more]

  • brian henderson cancer

    Sad news: Brian Henderson is battling cancer for the fourth time.

                Television legend Brian Henderson has revealed that he is battling throat cancer, 9NEWS reports. The former 9NEWS anchor – who has already survived bowel, prostate and skin cancer –  was diagnosed during a routine check-up with his GP after his wife prompted him to mention “a tickle in his throat”. “Doctors have [read more]

  • tessa james selfie

    Actress Tessa James shares a beautiful positive selfie during cancer treatment.

      Home and Away actress Tessa James, 23, remains positive about her recent diagnosis of the cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She instagrammed a selfie on Sunday, blowing everyone away with her gorgeous and hopeful smile. cruising A photo posted by Tessa James (@tessacharis) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:58pm PST   The #nomakeupselfie has already gotten 2000 likes, [read more]

  • The Lego 'Friends' range on the left, compared to the traditional Lego on the right.

    These 1970s LEGO instructions are real and they’re AMAZING.

      By SARAH NORTON Well, well, well – It seems LEGO was at the forefront of gender equality in the 70s. And yes, you read that correctly, the 1970s. it almost makes stepping on all those painful little pieces of plastic your kids haven’t put away in the middle of the night worth it, right? This letter to [read more]

  • double mastectomy

    Look: The breathtaking beauty and bravery of a double mastectomy.

      Barbie Ritzco lived her life with courage and with a passion for helping women cope with the effects of breast cancer. Sadly, that life ended last month.  Before her death, her close friend and Flat & Fabulous Facebook support group co-founder Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton wrote this moving piece about their experiences with breast cancer and their determination to empower  women living with double [read more]

  • gavinfernando

    “I’m a recovering Grade A Instagram-addicted wanker”.

          Hello. My name is @gavinfernando, and I am a recovering Gram-a-holic. Instagram is like a disease. A vile virus that causes chaos and destruction, leaving naught but a misleading self-portrait, aesthetically-pleasing brunch salad and $3000 Prada bag in its relentless path. It’s the same as any fateful addiction. First you oppose it [read more]

  • open marriage

    The 7 ways a sex-drought saved my marriage.

                  By SUZANNE JANNESE for YourTango.com. Why does everyone pretend they’re having great sex all the time? The greatest marriage taboo seems to be admitting you can be happily married, but not swinging from the metaphorical chandeliers each night. As anyone with small kids knows, sleep is the biggest seducer [read more]

  • sarah-wilson-IQS

    OPINION: Sarah Wilson says she knows why women get sick. And she’s wrong.

              BY AMY STOCKWELL Sarah Wilson has written a story today about why women get sick. As a health coach and media personality, she says she knows why women experience chronic illness. It’s not genetics. It’s not risk factors like smoking or obesity. It’s not your environment. It’s not even sugar. It’s [read more]

  • "I can feel you in there."

    “I’m 33 and childless: what should I do?”

        By SHELLEY CLARK I recently read a piece written for New York Magazine regarding famous women who have not had children and had been quoted as to their thoughts on childlessness. This article was meant to be empowering, especially to the women of the world who have not had children either by choice [read more]

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    Join the Walk Against Family Violence.

          It is time to stand up, get moving and make your lunch breaks count.  This Tuesday 25 November at 1pm at Federation Square in Melbourne, we are encouraging people to join in the Walk Against Family Violence (WAFV) to show that violence against women and children in our state is not acceptable. Last year [read more]

  • texting

    His best friend told him he was gay. The response was perfect.

            By MATILDA RUDD Twitter user @paleveil posted an amazing conversation her 13-year-old brother had with his best friend to Twitter. She wrote, “this convo between my brother and his best friend just warms my heart so much. And they’re only 13.” You see, @paleveil’s brother is gay. He hasn’t admitted it to [read more]


    Tracey Spicer’s armpit hair might start a revolution.

            This week on the Mamamia OutLoud podcast… Topic #1: Tracey Spicer’s armpit hair Newsreader Tracey Spicer talks about why she decided to take her make-up and clothes off in front of 1 million people on the internet (check out her amazing Ted Talk) and how the world treats her now she [read more]

  • school chaplains

    Why is this happening in public schools in 2014?

          By KATHERINE MAY. As a parent you want to protect your child, wrap them up and keep them safe, shelter them from the storms that lie ahead. I have a four year old and at the moment I am lucky enough that he talks to me about his problems, his fears and [read more]

  • voulez-vous

    The Voulez-Vous Project: “I am greedy for colour”.

    Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) Our aim: to help the internet become a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place by making art accessible. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. Click [read more]

  • Ladies jeans

    “My bum is not the problem. These jeans are just a bad shape.”

              By ANNA JAMES I really wish my girlfriends would stop telling me that I’m fat. I don’t know about these jeans.  I grumbled to a girlfriend over the weekend, examining my rear in a garishly lit store changeroom.  Apparently my predicament could be solved by a diet based on a [read more]

  • international adoption positives

    OPINION: Children in orphanages need overseas adoption.

          By SARAH SALMON As an adoptive mother, I would like to respond to Amy Stockwell’s November 17 article, “You can’t change poverty one adoption at a time”, in order to portray another side of the story, to highlight the constructive things adoptive parents are doing for their children, so as not to [read more]

  • I still see my rapist

    If your friend is receiving abusive texts, show her this.

          Trigger warning: This post deals with domestic violence and suicide, and may be triggering for some readers. Imagine a man messaged his girlfriend a list of reasons why she was “not worthy.” Imagine that 34-item list accused her of having a “fat gut”, a “loose” vagina and “bad breath”, accused her of “hating [read more]

  • types of wedding photography

    “Ending my fairytale marriage was the best thing I ever did.”

    By CRIS GLADLY for YourTango.com We started dating two days after we graduated from high school. We each had a handful of high school relationships before that. His were pretty innocent, mine were fairly traumatic. But still, it was high school, how serious could any of it have really been? Sexually, we both were each other’s [read more]