• Former Prime MInister Julia Gillard the most popular role model.

    Yet again, Julia Gillard handles herself with the utmost poise, grace and dignity.

            BY ALYS GAGNON If I have, at any point in my life, even just a quarter of the grace under fire Julia Gillard has displayed again and again and again, I will be a very happy woman. Yesterday, Julia Gillard spent the better part of a day under oath at a [read more]

  • Parties like this might now attract a fee.

    Hosting a kids party in the park is about to get REALLY expensive.

      BY BERN MORLEY     The best things in life are free right? Well, no. Especially if one local council in Brisbane gets their way. The simple act of throwing a party in your local park, is about to get a whole lot more complicated. And expensive. Under a controversial move, Brisbane City Council are suggesting the simple act [read more]

  • sara ziff skinny models

    The modelling agency withheld her pay… until she lost inches off her already-tiny waist.

              By CAITLIN STOWER There are plenty of young women who dream of becoming models. The stuff of those dreams probably includes strolling a runway for big name designers, appearing in campaigns wearing dresses of the value of a small house and gracing the cover of Anna Wintour’s Vogue (although maybe not actually meeting [read more]

  • best love note ever

    The award for rudest love letter ever goes to…

    This husband and wife are winning at marriage. Below are two of the coolest love notes you will ever see. Both of them contain the word ‘motherf*cking’. One of them calls the other ‘Sugar Tits’. And it is the best thing we’ve read today. Wife made husband some Rice Krispie treats (think Rice Bubbles + [read more]

  • #whyIstayed

    Thousands of abused women answer the question, “Why don’t you just leave?”

              Why don’t you just leave? It’s the one question every domestic abuse victim is haunted by. From the outside, it seems simple: If your partner is beating you, controlling you, or hurting you, just leave. Just. Leave. Just walk out the door, just go. But it’s never that simple. It’s never that [read more]

  • m pen

    Open Post: A weekend to get back to me.

    By SARAH NORTON Hi friends, and welcome to another week of Open Post. This is a weekly Mamamia tradition where you can tell us what’s happening in your world. We want to know the good and the bad, and please ask about anything you need advice on. I’ll start things off. I need to tell [read more]

  • Cheyenne Tozzi shower

    Two Australian supermodels would like us to know that they shower together.

      “Friends that shower together stay together.” That’s the moral of this naked photograph. Demonstrating high levels of bashfulness and elegance, Aussie supermodels Cheyenne Tozzi and Catherine McNeil posed together for a fairly nude selfie, sharing it on each of their personal Instagram accounts. Here is that photo:   25-year-old model Cheyenne — also an aspiring [read more]

  • Brooke Hempill.

    “I was a lesbian for a year.”

        By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST In 2010, Brooke Hemphill was a relationships and sex columnist who was sick of dating “douchebag” men. “I had my finger on the dating pulse, but as it often the case with people who in this line of work, my own love life was something of a disaster,” 35-year-old Brooke told Mamamia. “I had a [read more]

  • Dion from Big Brother 2014

    They don’t drink. They don’t have casual sex. (And they’re not necessarily religious).

          Dion is a cocky, tanned, gym-junkie from Brisbane. The 24-year-old is technically ‘famous’ for being one of the new housemates on Big Brother — but that’s not why we’re all talking about him today in the Mamamia office. You see, what caught our attention was Dion’s proclamation on last night’s show that he’s “Straight [read more]

  • Turtle found alive after thirty years

    This family just found their pet tortoise in the attic, 30 years after it disappeared.

          The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Crush from Finding Nemo. The Tortoise that beat the Hare. There is a surprisingly accomplished list of celebrity turtles. But this turtle may have just beaten the lot. Manuela the red-shelled tortoise disappeared from her family home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1982. Her family thought she [read more]

  • This is Nat. She's scared of the gym.

    7 things that give everyone the heebie-jeebies.

          By NATALIA HAWK The other day, I got accosted by a centipede. I was camping, and it was just hanging out on my tent, clearly blocking my way out. I freaked out. I’m so bad with creepy crawlies, and this is really unfortunate, because they LOVE me. I think it’s because they [read more]

  • disability photos

    Candid photos reveal the sex life of people living with disabilities.

        By MATILDA RUDD All too often those who don’t fit into our culture’s single-minded perception of physical beauty are rejected, ignored and excluded. People who are living with a disability often fall into the category that is pushed aside to avoid discomfort, or say, looking at these impossible standards of ‘beauty’ more closely. [read more]

  • Lindy and Azaria

    Azaria Chamberlain’s little sister is working with dingoes. Didn’t see that coming…

              By REBECCA SPARROW I was eight years old in August 1980 when I saw the enormous newspaper front page. A nine-week-old baby, Azaria Chamberlain, disappeared from her family’s tent at what we then called Ayer’s Rock, now known as Uluru. Lindy Chamberlain – Azaria’s mother – blamed her baby daughter’s disappearance [read more]

  • Bern with her Dad

    When Father’s Day isn’t something to celebrate.

              By BERN MORLEY I can’t help but think that Father’s Day, just like a lot of other “Hallmark card” confected holidays, put an awful lot of pressure on those of us who don’t necessarily have a reason to celebrate the day. That’s not to say that there aren’t great dads [read more]

  • sarah dugan

    Voulez-Vous: Art that is ‘a bit like a Nick Cave song’.

      Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) Our aim: to help the internet become a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place by making art accessible. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click [read more]

  • stupid male characters

    For Father’s Day, give us men who aren’t shown as fools and clowns.

        By PETER WEST “Get your hand off it,” says the girl in the ad. Here is a cowgirl type telling men not to play with anything while driving. It’s the mobile that she means, ha ha. Why should we be concerned? Because yet again, here’s an ad showing men as fools, clowns or [read more]

  • father day pads

    No, supermarket. No one is going to buy these as a Father’s Day gift…

        Look, we get it: Father’s Day is a freaking goldmine for retailers. But sometimes those retailers need to exercise some self-restraint. We’re just going to leave this here: Post by Nova 937.

  • fathers day message

    “To my dad on Father’s Day…”

                By NINA FUNNELL I was ten years old the first time I attempted a ‘death drop’. Hanging upside down by the knees on the school monkey bars, a crowd of kids gathered around to watch. No-one we knew had ever performed a ‘death drop’ before and I was going [read more]

  • dad newborn photo

    The photo that will make every parent laugh and every non-parent sick.

          BY CARTER GADDIS In one black and white photo, the father’s smiling face gazes serenely at the camera, an image of pride and joy as he cradles his sleeping infant son in his forearms like a football. The naked baby’s gangly arms and legs dangle, his little head pillowed comfortably in the palm [read more]

  • justin ross harris

    Friday’s news in less than 2 minutes.

    1. US man charged with the murder of his son. A US man, previously thought to have been suffering from Fatal Distraction Syndrome, has been charged with the murder of his twenty-two-month-old son. Justin Ross Harris has been in police custody since he pulled over his car over on the way home from work in a [read more]

  • How's your week been?

    Best and worst: How’s your week been?

            BY REGINA FEATHERSTONE Why, hello there friends. It’s that time of the week again. For anyone who is new, (like me!) Best and Worst is where everyone comes to tap into the good vibes of the Mamamia community. Here you can debrief, laugh, gloat and all the rest. I’m writing this [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Making new mum friends, it's harder than dating - Mamamia

    Making new mum friends. Like dating without the sex.

    Who ever would have thought a playground could be intimidating. Welcome to the life of a new mother. It’s around 11am and you’ve only just left the house. You got the damn pram out of the car and the baby bag is over your shoulder. Every available nook and cranny is loaded with stuff that you think you [read more]

  • BEST FRIENDS. Obviously.

    Open Post: What’s happening in your world?

        By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Friends! Welcome to another week of Mamamia’s Open Post. If you’re new here, Open Post is a weekly Mamamia tradition where we share what’s been happening in our lives. You can moan about what’s been bad, gloat about what’s been great —  and tell us (and your fellow Mamamia readers) what you need advice on right this [read more]

  • A kale smoothie looking deceptively cute.

    7 reasons why kale sucks.

            By ALISSA WARREN Can the kale-crush BE OVER? Please? For the past year or so, kale has crept it’s long, thin, crinkly, mouldy-coloured hand over the world. Normal, rational-thinking, well-educated humans have turned into ‘superfood’ craving monsters, eating it at every meal in solid and liquid form in a way reminiscent [read more]

  • Woodrow

    This is what happens when desperate women can’t access abortion.

    At a Texas high school last week,  local police were called to the high school after a staff member found a “deceased human fetus” in the rubbish bin of a second floor bathroom. Police reports claim they have not found a ‘suspect’ but what can be assumed is that a woman – or more likely a teenage [read more]

  • JLAW

    This isn’t just about nude celebrities. It’s about women.

          By MAMAMIA TEAM Yesterday, the privacy of 101 famous women was violated in a depraved way that we’ve never before seen on this scale. Their phones were hacked and their intimate photos and videos were stolen. The headlines have been about J-Law whose photos were immediately released by the hacker who also [read more]

  • Kylie Ladd

    “The ‘experts’ can take a backseat. My 11 y/o’s on social media and I’m fine with that.”

            By KYLIE LADD Recently, my daughter’s primary school held a cyber-safety session aimed at grades three to six. The children were taken into the school hall and introduced to the visiting expert, a middle-aged woman who immediately asked those who used any form of social media to stand up while the [read more]

  • Robin Bailey returns to work

    Tragic news for Robin Bailey.

        Update: A fund has been set up in honour of Tony Smart, the husband of radio host Robin Bailey. A statement on the 97.3FM website says: We have been overwhelmed by the positive messages sent to Robin, her three boys and the 97.3fm family over the last week after the sudden loss of Tony [read more]

  • (Screenshot via Sunday Night.)

    “Don’t sit there and tell me it’s the wife’s fault her husband is shagging an escort.”

          By REBECCA SPARROW There are days like today when I REALLY wish I worked in an office because Lord, do I need to debrief about what went down on Sunday Night last night. I’m talking of course about Amanda Goff’s brave and certainly bold interview with James Thomas about her career change.  A career change [read more]

  • Twins thai surrogate

    News: Australian man charged with sexually abusing twins born via Thai surrogate.

            An Australian man aged in his 50s has reportedly been charged with sexually abusing the twins he fathered through a Thai surrogate. The twins were allegedly less than 10 years old at the time of the abuse. The ABC reports there are now efforts underway to return the children to their biological mother in [read more]