• Iphone-5s-black

    Samsung’s perfect response to iPhone bend gate.

        By MATILDA RUDD Much excitement always surrounds the release of a new Apple product. This was no exception when last weekend the much anticipated iPhone 6 and its slightly larger twin the iPhone 6 Plus was placed on the market. So when it was discovered that the new iPhone’s aluminium build was bending [read more]

  • stressed

    Quiz: What kind of stress-head are you?

                  By NAT HAWK Life is full of the moments that make all of us stressed, uncomfortable and… well… sweaty. Some of us are, of course, better at handling these moments than others. So I’ve put together this fun little quiz to determine exactly what kind of person you [read more]

  • best and worst

    Best, worst and everything else: How’s your week been?

    Oh hey there! Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst of the Week. If you’ve never been here before, where the bloody hell have you been?? Welcome. Best and Worst is our Friday tradition, where we talk about how the week’s been. It’s kind of like catching up for coffee with your best girlfriends. So get [read more]

  • Emma Watson at the UN.

    126,000 reasons why the Emma Watson hoax isn’t all bad news

          By EVITA MARCH, Federation University Australia In less than a week since actor Emma Watson’s stirring United Nations speech on gender inequality, two big things have happened – but you’ve probably only heard about one of them. The first, which has driven days of global headlines, is that the 24-year-old actor (best [read more]

  • Mutual sex for all.

    This is what it’s like to live a life with no sex.

      As long as I can remember, I’ve never been interested in dating. When I was 14 and my friends started talking about boys, I decided that my own lack of crushes and infatuations meant I was a lesbian. I happily ignored everything to do with romance and relationships and sex. It’s easy to say you [read more]

  • Wozniacki 4

    The tennis player who left 1.4 million bucks just lying on a court.

    Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Giant trophy and tennis gear? Check. Massive prize cheque? NO CHECK.   Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki accidentally left a $1.4 million cheque off her check list when she left the tennis court after the US Open. Whoops. So this is what happened. Wozniacki came second to Serena Williams at the US [read more]

  • emma watson un speech

    Emma Watson has the right to speak without being told to die.

              By KATE LEAVER Yesterday, she made an extraordinary speech about feminism at the United Nations. Today, Emma Watson has received vicious threats against her safety, her privacy, and her life. It’s almost as if we asked the universe to neatly demonstrate why Emma Watson’s speech was important. Because the way Watson [read more]

  • Ray Martin with Julia Gillard. (Photo: Channel Nine)

    7 questions Ray Martin asked Julia Gillard, which never would have been put to a man.

      Yesterday evening, a much anticipated interview between Channel 9’s Ray Martin and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard aired. Across the nation people tuned in to see what would be asked of this formidable woman whose time in power was marred by controversy and instability. And what did we get? Well…. Julia Gillard was asked about her [read more]

  • marycoustasbaby

    When this woman speaks about love and loss, we listen.

        BY ALISSA WARREN. When Mary Coustas speaks, your heart bursts. With sadness. With joy. Because her remarkable journey to parenthood speaks to every parent who has struggled. The 50 year-old comedian-turned-author has spoken about in a series of Show And Tell videos the stillbirth of her daughter Stevie and the arrival of her daughter, Jamie, now [read more]

  • flower eyes

    IT’S SPRINGTIME! Here, 3 quick spring beauty tricks to celebrate.

              By KAHLA PRESTON We made it, you guys. We survived winter, and now spring is here to reward us for our perseverance. As we all know, ‘tis the season for starting afresh. As soon as the temperature starts creeping up again, the regeneration begins: our houses get a good clean, [read more]

  • Sarah Hyland restraining order

    Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland gets a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

              Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has obtained a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, after alleging that she was pushed, choked, and threatened during their five-year relationship. The 23-year-old actress split with boyfriend Matthew Prokop in August. TMZ has claimed today that Sarah filed court documents against Matthew, claiming that she was [read more]

  • NITV Awaken panel

    Open Post: How’s your week going?

          Hi friends. How are you going? If you’re new here, welcome to Open Post. If you’ve been here before, welcome back. Open Post is the place on Mamamia where you, our readers, can talk about anything. Life, work, love… anything is up for discussion. I’ll start us off. This week, our Editor-In-Chief, [read more]

  • emma sulkowicz columbia university

    This woman is the brave face of a revolution 1 in 5 of us need.

              By KATE LEAVER There’s a revolution happening on college campuses around the world. President Obama has joined — and if we care about the future of young women at all, we must join too. This revolution started somewhat unconventionally: With one 21-year-old girl and her navy blue single mattress. Emma [read more]

  • emma watson un speech

    “Please don’t say Emma Watson’s speech was earth-shattering.”

          By ZARA McDONALD I remember quite clearly the day my boyfriend told me Emma Watson was his ideal woman. We were in the car, I was driving and before I had the opportunity to take my hands off the wheel and pinch him hard – I realised that a huge part of me [read more]

  • kate-and-steve-4-married-crop-jpg

    What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know.

          By KAT ABIANAC It’s too all easy to have fears for your child’s future when you’re a parent. But what do those fears become, when one of your children has a disability? My toddler son Parker has Down syndrome. I found out at birth. I try not to be scared for the [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow

    BEC: Somebody knows where this little boy is.

              By REBECCA SPARROW. Somebody knows. Today, somebody is keeping a secret. They got up this morning. Had breakfast. Realised they need to pick up some more milk. Wasted time on Facebook.  Made some calls. All the while maintaining a poker face. All the while pretending not to know. But somebody knows what [read more]

  • mother dying dance wedding

    This mother and son dance almost didn’t happen.

        There was only one thing Mary Ann Manning wanted to do before she died. And that was to dance with her son Ryan at his wedding. Last week the 61-year-old breast cancer sufferer achieved that dream when she stood up from her wheelchair and swayed with her son to the tune of ‘Somewhere [read more]

  • breastmilk-pendant-crop-220914-2

    “Check out the amazing necklace my boobs made today…”

                By AMY STOCKWELL In the first week after the birth of her daughter, my friend and I were sitting on the couch. My mate was breastfeeding and we were watching Law and Order SVU. We had watched a lot of SVU in the lead up to the birth so [read more]

  • Suede-birkenstocks

    “I was sort of cool. Then I became a mum.”

            By LUCY KIPPIST I’ve become a bit embarrassing. Motherhood has changed my fashion and lifestyle choices. Once upon a time I would discuss fashionable type things. (DISCLAIMER: I am not and have never been a glamorous person. My fashion and beauty aspirations are elementary at best and include being able to apply [read more]

  • rh-768-whitely-20130605101923574800-620x349

    The 9 people you’ll meet at open-house inspections.

              Was Saturday a big day for you? If you’re looking for somewhere to live, we bet it was. Because it’s inspection day. And you have morphed into one of the desperate people who willingly and legally creep through strangers’ homes, peering through their cupboards, looking under their storage units and checking [read more]

  • empowering young girls

    Words With Heart – Stationery that Does Good.

              By LAUREN SHUTTLEWORTH It can be a seriously tough world to navigate if you’re a young woman. Everyday we’re dodging photo-shopped magazine covers, thigh gaps, pay gaps, cat-calls – even misogynist slogans on the back of old vans. It’s a lot to contend with. Collectively and quietly, all of these [read more]

  • "I watch National Geographic" says Rocky Anderson

    Her dad delivered her baby. Yes, her dad.

          “Who will be present at the birth?” It’s a question a lot of soon-to-be-mothers ask themselves before the arrival of their baby. I’ve heard many women say, their partner, mum, sister, sister-in-law, friend. But I imagine it’s rare for a mum to say, “I’d like my dad to be there as I give [read more]

  • things that annoy people

    The unwritten rules of life.

                By BERN MORLEY. So, waiting in line the other day at the self service checkout with my 3L milk and discounted loaf of bread, I craned my neck from the seven-person deep line to see what in the heck was taking so long. That’s when I spotted her. The [read more]

  • Karni Liddell

    These confessions will floor you.

      ‘Why do they even let them live?’ ‘Look at those spasos.’ ‘Is he fixable?’ These are just some of the things that disabled Australians have heard other people say about them. Snide comments. Rude remarks. They all impact on a person no matter what you think. Enter the #heardwhiledisabled hashtag, a part of the Chatterbox [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for vimeo video Voulez Vous: Roman Stills - Mamamia

    A man dripped in honey, in a field. This is haunting.

      We’re in the Deep South. In a corn field. Scorching sun. It’s silent in the ominous way a horror film is, right before something happens. A beautiful man stands, dripping in honey… This is the latest short film from director Roman Stills. ‘Dixieland’ was shot in the Deep South of the United States of [read more]

  • 2014-09-17_14-23-24

    Wait. Did that Barbie doll just say what I think she said?

        By VALENTINA TODOROSKA This is one thing you wouldn’t expect to hear from a Barbie Doll. You’re out shopping. Your daughter picks up a pretty, packaged Barbie Doll and pleads with you to buy it. You agree. Your daughter gets her new toy home and immediately takes it out of its box. She [read more]

  • train cake real

    The train birthday cake challenge. Nail or fail?

        By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS This week Mamamia challenged me to cook an iconic cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book, first published in 1980. When I accepted this challenge I knew I was in trouble. I love to bake cakes, flans, tarts, pies… you name it. But when it comes to detailed cake [read more]

  • bride

    5 reasons why going to relationship counselling was the best decision I ever made.

        By LOUISE MILLER My parents thought I was too young to get married. Before the wedding, they insisted that my partner and I go along to relationship education. I thought he and I knew each other better than any couple could – we’d talked and talked and talked – but it was surprising [read more]

  • 453318047

    A love letter to the most under-rated place in your suburb.

        By ALISSA WARREN To my new lover, my library… You’ve been so neglected and for that I apologise. By me. By your people. You see, I’ve been rather preoccupied with life. With a job. A wedding. Then kids. I’ll be honest, I’ve been distracted. Mostly, buried in my iPhone. But I’ve come to my senses [read more]

  • airline passenger shaming

    Why are we always our worst selves on a plane?

        Humans. They can be totally revolting on the ground and in their own homes, sure. But put them in a confined space with lots of other humans, several thousand feet in the air? They become vile, unstoppable monsters with no regard for basic hygiene, body odour, or accurate aim with regards to the toilet bowl. [read more]