• white cane day

    White Cane Day: Experiencing motherhood with vision loss

          BY KIM BATTEN For any parent of young children, the task of getting them fed, dressed and out of the house each day is trying at the best of times. But it’s also a privilege. Until recently, I had never taken my children to the park alone, I had never taken them [read more]

  • funny selfie

    This woman isn’t vain, she’s insecure. Just like the rest of us.

      By JAMILA RIZVI This week footage of a young woman ignoring her friends in a bar to spend approximately 6 minutes taking the perfect iPhone self portrait went viral. The footage was accompanied by audio of some pretty horrendous and cruel taunts from the people videoing her, which we’ve helpfully removed and replaced with Benny [read more]

  • jamila rizvi high res

    “I am irrationally annoyed by Amal Alamuddin changing her last name”.

            By JAMILA RIZVI I woke up this morning irrationally annoyed by news that international lawyer Amal Alammudin is taking her Hollywood husband’s George Clooney’s surname. The litigator will from now on be known as Amal Clooney. Her name has been officially amended on the website of her law firm, Doughty Street [read more]

  • Cate McGregor, who was last night referred to in a transphobic tweet

    How to speak about the trans community without being a jerk.

        Last night’s panel on the ABC’s Q&A program included a military hero. Her name is Group Captain Cate McGregor, and she’s the highest-ranking military woman official in the world — and the first transgender person to appear on the news show’s panel. The program was going smoothly —  until a tweet broadcast live on the program referring to [read more]

  • john caldwell

    Were nude pictures of your child just leaked online?

            Snapchat, the image sharing network used by thousands of teens worldwide found itself in a sticky situation this morning, when it was revealed that over 200,000 images were hacked and posted online. The images – which are meant to be erased after 10 seconds of a person viewing – are actually [read more]

  • block-crying-shelley-dee-jpg

    ‘Please don’t ask me to feel sorry for reality TV contestants.’

      BY MAGGIE HAMILTON So we still need to talk about The Block finale. Because although it’s been 24 hours since the hammer came down and smashed up some dreams of giant piles of cash, everyone’s still looking at each other asking, “What went wrong?” Seriously. Because if a group of attractive and hard-working reality TV [read more]

  • cupcakes

    Stop pretending you can’t eat gluten. Just stop it.

               This post originally appeared on The Glow. By KATE SPIES This morning I very nearly shed a tear when I read a quote from a recent interview Jennifer Lawrence, 24, did with Vanity Fair magazine. Everyone’s favourite Cool Girl told the American glossy that gluten-free eating is, “the new cool [read more]

  • Elizabeth Gilbert

    Why marrying your soul mate is a bad idea.

        By MATILDA RUDD Are you married to your “soul mate”? If you are, Elizabeth Gilbert thinks you might have made a big mistake. Elizabeth is the best selling author of “Eat, Pray, Love”  and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that when she set off on a journey across [read more]

  • Haemophilia Awareness Week

    Take a walk for Haemophilia Awareness Week

                  BY LYN WONG A mother never loses sight of her loving purpose: to walk beside her child through life’s difficult journey, every step of the way. In 2003, my beautiful son Jayden was born and my whole life changed right before my eyes. Now as we near the [read more]

  • Police are appealing for witnesses.

    BREAKING: police lay charges over vile racist attack in Brisbane

              UPDATE: Two men, aged 17 and 18, have been charged by Queensland Police over a racist attack on a Brisbane train. The 17-year-old has been charged with two counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm and creating a nuisance on a railway and one count each of threatening violence, common [read more]

  • Daniel Brady who goes by the name Omra Ki. (Photo: Facebook)

    This notorious father has just given an interview. And it’s weird.

              Last month, Jayden and Joseph Brady, aged 11 and 14, disappeared from their foster homes in Tweed Heads. The story was followed with great concern across the country. The boys were finally found over a week later in the bush with their father, Daniel Brady, who also goes by the name Omra [read more]

  • richkids of tehran

    This controversial Instagram account was deleted. Here’s why.

      It’s the truth universally acknowledged that kids who start social media accounts to showcase their wealth probably have more money than sense. First came the Rich Kids of Instagram: a narcassitic account which showcased some of America’s most privileged. Loading Best of RKOI: Wind swept on the tarmac by jaxlag #rkoi View on Instagram Ah, [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    Exciting news: Mamamia just launched a podcast.

              By KATE LEAVER It’s here! The very first episode of our shiny new podcast, Mamamia Out Loud. We kick off today with The Bachelor Aftermath Episode — and yes, it’s where Rosie finally lets fly all her opinions on The Bach Blake Garvey. But that’s not all. We talk about whether sexting [read more]

  • Virginia

    Virginia Trioli needs a makeover (or so she’s been told)

              ABC News presenter Virginia Trioli has been given some unsolicited feedback on her sartorial choices by a fan whose hand-written critique is nothing short of extraordinary. Delighted to have such a knowledgeable stylist on retainer (…cough…) Trioli shared the A4 letter on Twitter. The note starts off friendly enough with, [read more]

  • amanda brooks artisr

    Voulez Vous: It makes you feel ‘happy, energised and hopeful’ – and it’s made with a paintbrush.

      By ELISSA RATLIFF It’s rare for local artists to have such a strong presence on social media. But that’s not the case with Noosa-based artist Amanda Brooks. For months I have seen her bright contemporary work in my newsfeed. People share her work. She has a 6500 strong social media following. And after looking at a selection of [read more]

  • Bachelor Blake interview

    The Bachelor denies. But is it just more lies? #dirtystreetpies

                Yesterday, New Idea confirmed that Bachie Blake and runner-up Louise were a couple. They didn’t hedge their bets, either. They used the c-word: CONFIRMED.   But now, the Bach has hit back, turning to Twitter for just the second time since the show ended. Bachie says: NO CONFIRM!   [read more]

  • Lena Dunham DGA Awards

    Lena Dunham got $3.7m to write her memoir. There’s just one important part of her life she left out.

      By MIA FREEDMAN A few chapters into reading Lena Dunham‘s hugely hyped book, Not That Kind Of Girl during my recent holidays, I breathlessly texted the Mamamia team:   A debate quickly escalated via text and even though nobody else had read the book – just an excerpt – opinion was already divided. This [read more]

  • beetlejuice full winona

    ‘I’m a 40-year-old mum and I still love all of my tattoos’

      By RACHAEL KOENIG From the outside, I may not look like someone who’d be littered with permanent skulls and bats under her conventional exterior. But my body art is an expression of who I once was and who I still am. Once upon a time, as I found myself maneuvering through an especially thorny patch of [read more]

  • Easy and tasty picnic recipes

    FOOD BLOGGER #12: Picnic Ideas.

              By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS Editor’s note: Is it 12 weeks already? ​A few months ago, we set upon finding the best food blogger in all of the lands as part of Mamamia’s Food Blogger Idol competition (which you can read more about here). Elly Jean-Louis whisked her way to the top, [read more]

  • Woman working at her desk

    5 awkward stress-related work moments we can ALL relate to.

              By ZOE LAWRENCE   You are going about your work day as per usual when out of the blue, it happens. One minute, your day is running like clockwork and the next, something happens to send you into total panic mode. Maybe it’s a deadline so tight it’s almost impossible. [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.07.18 pm

    Bachelor Blake and one of his Bachelorettes are apparently ‘an item’.

        It never ends. Blake and Louise are getting it on, apparently. New Idea have just ‘CONFIRMED’ that the Bachelor (who is now one of the least popular men in Australia) has hooked up with third-place contestant Louise. CONFIRMED: Bachelor Blake and Louise are an item. All the details: http://t.co/5XcusFfqUQ — New Idea magazine (@NewIdeamagazine) [read more]

  • Thea 1

    12-year-old Thea got married today.

        This is Thea, a 12-year-old girl from Norway. If Thea was like most kids in her country, she’d spend her days at school, she’d play with friends her own age and she’d live at home with her parents. But Thea is not like other kids in Norway. Because this weekend Thea married a [read more]

  • Premiere Screening Of FX's "American Horror Story: Freak Show" - Arrivals

    Frockwatch: The best celebrity fashion of the week.

      If the first image in this gallery is anything to go by, our dear friend velvet might be back in fashion. So is it time to reach to the back of your wardrobes, dust off that velvet number and put it back on a coat hanger? We’ll let you decide. Flick though the gallery [read more]

  • What was your best and worst?

    Best and Worst: Did you have a good week?

          BY JOANNA ROBIN Oh hey there! Guess what? It’s Friday! No really, we made it. Sigh of relief, pat on the back, *self high-five*. Welcome to this week’s episode of Best and Worst, with your new host Jo Robin. If you don’t know already, this is a place to share and care [read more]

  • Toni Collette shaves head

    Toni Collette shaves her head.

      Toni Collette is a skinhead. The 41-year-old actress has shaved her head for a film role. And she looks incredible. This was her before:   And this is her with a buzz cut: Toni plays a cancer patient in the upcoming film, Miss You Already. She stars alongside Drew Barrymore, and the two shared a [read more]

  • Fred Hollows Foundation

    Why global eye health is a women’s issue

                    BY BRIAN DOOLAN CEO FRED HOLLOWS FOUNDATION   An estimated 32.4 million people around the world are blind, the majority in developing countries. Two-thirds of those are women, and four out of five of them don’t have to be blind. Australia’s Fred Hollows Foundation – one of the [read more]

  • Bachelor interview

    You thought you’d heard it all. But one Bachelorette’s gone rogue…

    UPDATE: MORE BACHELORETTE’S GO ROGUE. And now, Laurina has called bullshit on Blake. Last night we revealed that a Bachelorette has gone rogue and revealed a lot of Bachie secrets (scroll down for more). And now, we have some classic quotes from everybody’s favourite posh bogan, Laurina. “Blake had an opportunity to show an authentic [read more]

  • SamZoe

    A Voice meets a Bachelorette: Two reality TV stars find love.

    Reality TV is bringing people together. One of the Bachelor girls, Zoe O’Brien, has found love. But not with the Bach (obviously). With The Voice Season 1 finalist Sam Ludeman.   Twenty-eight-year-old Sam is a bit of a star in the world of Music Theatre, having appeared in Grease and Xanadu, and strummed his way onto the [read more]

  • family

    If anyone knows families, it’s these unmarried, childless, celibate men.

      BY JOANNA ROBIN The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family kicked off in Vatican City on Monday. Family life will be the focus for the next two weeks as the bishops mull over the “pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelisation.” And here is the gathering of experts on issues that affect millions [read more]

  • Lucy

    That thing that happened when I signed up to a website for cheaters.

      Well, that was a disturbing, yet entertaining, journey. I came across an ad for an online dating service that helps people discreetly cheat on their partners. THAT IS THE DISTURBING PART. You might have already heard of them – the service is called ‘Ashley Madison’, and this ad makes me want to chew off my arm so I have [read more]