• family

    We have 23 days to stop politicians attending the World Congress of Families. Help us.

        By MAMAMIA TEAM Put 30th August in your diary. That’s the day a “pro-family” group promoting bigotry and intolerance will touch down in Melbourne for a conference. Senior members of state and federal government will be taking part as guest speakers and delegates. Does that worry you? It should. When you participate in a [read more]

  • Manu Fieldel baby

    Celebrity chef’s fiancee has a bun in the oven.

    IT’S MANU. Everyone’s favourite, weirdly sexy French chef man is going to be a father. Again. (He has a son from a previous relationship). The My Kitchen Rules judge / food artist announced the beautiful news via Facebook. So, yeah, because this guy is a professional chef, we really cannot bring you this news without the following [read more]

  • Stephanie-Rice-instagram-3

    Stephanie Rice is ‘chucking a Gwyneth’ and launching a lifestyle website.

        Blame Gwyneth Paltrow. She did this. She made this happen. Former Olympic swimmer and outspoken rhinoplasty advocate Stephanie Rice has just announced she is launching a lifestyle website akin to Gwyneth Paltrow‘s digital kale-monster, Goop. Steph revealed to the Daily Telegraph that the focus of her site ‘stephanierice.com’ will be on “healthy and [read more]

  • Mamamia open post Ana Ferguson

    KATE: This is what happens when you vote for a minor party, Australia.

        By KATE LEAVER   Hey Australia. Remember Jacqui Lambie, the Tasmanian senator who recently announced on live radio that she wanted a “well-hung” man with “plenty of cash”? Did you know she’s currently threatening to block the entire federal budget from passing because she wants more funding for Tassie mushroom growers and bumble bee farmers? MORE MUSHROOMS. MORE BUMBLE [read more]

  • 2

    The very strange thing that happened after Mia Freedman posted a photo of her groceries.

      BY MIA FREEDMAN It was the afternoon before school started term 3 and I was stuffed. Actually, I was stoked. Stuffed AND stoked. My pantry was empty (stuffed) but I’d remembered this in time to fill it up! That’s a win right there! Stoked. Like many parents, I find lunch boxes a challenge. Three [read more]

  • Mamamia

    Open Post: What’s happening in your world?

          This weeks Open Post is brought to you by Omo Ultimate. Hey guys! Welcome to Open Post, a space at Mamamia where we let you take over and do some of the writing. The post is your place to share – to tell us what’s on your mind and what’s going on [read more]

  • Pertussis and influenza vaccines are safe to take during pregnancy (phot via Shutterstock)

    The question every pregnant woman asks herself: would I terminate a baby with Down syndrome?

            By ELLY CARTER It’s a conversation my husband and I have had three times, during each of my pregnancies.  Those first 12 weeks are always such anxious ones because you haven’t told anyone you’re pregnant and you’re hoping the pregnancy will stick. All the while battling the worst of pregnancy symptoms [read more]

  • nhs poster 1

    The not-so-subtle way these posters blame victims of rape.

      “One in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking.” That’s the slogan from a series of posters that are papered on hospital and school walls around the United Kingdom. It’s also the slogan that has thousands of people around the world talking. Take a look: The anti-drinking campaign, “Know Your Limits,”  was created by the United Kingdom’s [read more]

  • Dimity

    Want to know if you’re feminist or not? Answer this simple question.

      Memo to all humans: Feminists just want equal rights for men and women. Feminists don’t hate men. Feminists don’t hate make up. Feminists don’t think marriage is wrong or that women shouldn’t shave their legs. Feminists don’t make any rules about how any woman should behave. Feminists just want equal rights for men and women. [read more]

  • 10494536_546651695440244_7400534682114244287_n

    “She is perfect”. Brave parents share photos of their beautiful stillborn daughter.

        Don’t look away. The parents of baby Monroe, the little girl who was stillborn two weeks ago want us all to see their beautiful daughter. They are proud of her; of having made her. And despite their utter devastation that she did not survive and they could not take her home, they want [read more]

  • couple discover photobomb

    The bride who photobombed her groom 11 years before they met.

      It was 1994. Amy was five, and Nick was six. They were both building sandcastles on a beach near the village of Mousehole in the UK.   They didn’t know each other then, but they were captured in the same photo. Amy was sitting five metres behind Nick, who was posing with his family. Amy and Nick never [read more]

  • real life love story

    Going viral: The couple who were married 62 years, and died within 4 hours of each other.

      Sixty two years. That’s how long Don and Maxine Simpson spent married and deeply committed to each other. They supported each other through health scares, cancer treatments, and the parenting of two beautiful adopted boys. But even as their health declined in the past few months, they refused to be forced apart. And this week, in a poetic [read more]

  • Bec Judd no make up

    Here is Bec Judd with no make up on her beautiful face.

        Bec Judd. Close-up photo. Not a scrap of make-up. #sobrave The 31-year-old model/ weather presenter/ blogger/ mama posted this make-up-free photo with this caption: Obviously, it’s for a really important cause. Funds raised go directly to The Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s best support network for people with eating disorders. You can find out more [read more]

  • hopeforgammycampaign3

    News: Updates in the story of abandoned baby Gammy.

        New revelations have emerged in the story of six-month-old baby Gammy, who was reportedly abandoned by his Australian biological parents when they found out he had Down’s Syndrome. As Mamamia reported last week, the Australian couple allegedly entered into a surrogacy agreement with a young Thai woman in 2013 – but when the two [read more]

  • Displaced Palestinian children take shelter at the Abu Hussien United Nations school in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. (Image via Getty).

    “When I see a child hurt…I see that child as my child”

            I am a mother and this has changed me. When I see a child hurt or worse… dead, I see that child as my child. When I see the mother grieving over the child’s body I feel her pain. It does not matter if she is black or white. Muslim or [read more]

  • wedding photos

    An awkward lesson in why you must always always check your photos before uploading them to social media.

      Look at this photo. There’s something not quite right. At first glance it looks like a naked girl standing behind her friend, while an awkwardly tall man stands behind the said naked girl. (Her buttocks may be brushing against him.) But first glances can be deceiving. Look closely.   It’s an ARM, an arm [read more]

  • smartphone

    If this app is installed on your phone you wouldn’t know it. And that’s what makes it so scary.

              Jealous? Paranoid? Obsessed with the idea that your partner is going to cheat on you? There’s an app for that. In fact, there’s quite a few. An app made in Brazil called Boyfriend Tracker,  which tracked the phone user’s movements, was removed from Google Play last year after a public [read more]

  • old tv

    This is either the most dangerous show on TV, or the most brilliant.

        There is a show that exists called Drunk History. The premise is simple: A comedian gets really, really drunk, and tells the story of a famous historical event. Famous actors then act out the drunk person’s story. Watch this example:     Drunk History has been around on the web since 2007, and was turned [read more]

  • anya brock voulez vous

    Mamamia’s Voulez Vous Art Project: The Best Of edition.

      In March of this year, Mamamia launched something we’re very proud of: The Voulez Vous project. Each week, we celebrate incredible emerging female artists, performers, designers, illustrators, and creators of beautiful things. We hoped The Voulez Vous project would make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating and thought-provoking place, while promoting some amazing talent and beautiful work [read more]

  • finish 2

    FOOD: The hardest thing about this dish is the waiting time.

        By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS What if I told you that you could make tender, succulent pork with a smoky BBQ sauce with hardly any effort? In fact, the hardest thing about this dish is the waiting time! Yes, 4 hours might seem excessive but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day – it’s worth [read more]

  • reasons to live at home

    11 people in their late 20s tell us why they still live at home.

          A new study from the Australian Institute of Family Studies has revealed that 40% of women and 55% of men have not left home after their twentieth birthday. The stats reflect a trend towards young people staying in the home for longer. A recent Reddit thread asked the Internet if they were still living [read more]

  • funeral planning

    It’s the last party you’ll ever attend and it’s in your honour. Don’t stuff it up.

                By BERN MORLEY This week I attended the funeral of a relatively young family member who I didn’t know all that well. In fact, after listening to his children and friends eulogise him, I realised that I hardly knew him at all. Hang in there, this story does get [read more]

  • Richard Lee Norris GQ Magazine

    For 15 years this man was too scared to show his face to the world. Now he’s on the cover of GQ.

          This month’s GQ magazine will feature face plant recipient Richard Lee Norris. Two years ago, the 39-year-old had a complex facial transplant, after a facial gunshot wound during a drunken encounter in 1997 disfigured his face. Norris required a transplantation of his teeth, upper and lower jaw, portions of his tongue, and facial tissue [read more]

  • laura- best and worst

    Best and Worst: Come and tell us about your week.

          Hello lovely readers! Welcome to your safe place. A place you can spill whatever’s on your mind – both good and bad. What’s going on in your world? We want to hand the writing over to you; tell us everything. “Who wants to know?” you collectively chime. I’m Laura. I’m a kiwi [read more]

  • allison baden clay with children

    Tomorrow is our chance to show Allison Baden-Clay’s daughters that their mother mattered.

            Tomorrow I am personally asking you for a favour. Me to you. I want you to wear yellow. It doesn’t matter what it is. A bright yellow bangle. A lemon yellow necklace. A daffodil yellow scarf or ribbon in your hair. Yellow socks. A yellow brooch. A yellow dress or t-shirt [read more]

  • "I am now one of you."

    Once you read this, you’ll never want to take your phone into the toilet again.

            Over-sharing alert: I find using a public toilet to be a traumatic experience. The minute I walk in I am in a weakened emotional state. I don’t want to have to touch the seat, I don’t like to have to smell the person who has gone before me and I certainly [read more]

  • FLUFF: The US actress who just got married in a snakeskin silver wedding dress with a gold veil.

      37-year-old Actress Piper Perabo got married over the weekend in New York. The Coyote Ugly actress married her longtime boyfriend Stephen Kay in a ceremony held in New York. And we cannot stop looking at her wedding dress: Yes, that is a snakeskin silver wedding dress with a gold veil. WOW. As far as wedding dresses go we [read more]

  • Robyn Lawley naked selfie against coal

    Supermodel had an opinion. Wrote it on her naked body.

              By KATE LEAVER   A supermodel just held a one-woman protest in the nude. Presumably, she didn’t have a pen and paper. So she used red lipstick and her bare belly as her canvas. Like so: 25-year-old Robyn Lawley posted this photo on her Instagram, and it’s been published by news websites everywhere. [read more]

  • crying

    What happened to this girl when she was 14 is chilling.

            By KATE LEAVER Warning: This post deals with bullying, sexual assault, and suicide.  We answered the phone yesterday to a distraught woman. Her voice was strong, but shaking with urgency. Something had happened to her daughter and she wanted us to know about it. Late last week, her 17-year-old had attempted [read more]

  • Sydney Statue

    Guess how much this sculpture is going to cost this Australian city. Guess.

    Most times I drive passed an abstract sculpture, I look at it and think, “I could’ve done that.” The simplicity of some sculptures makes me wonder what I’m still doing working nine to five like an IDIOT, when I could be closing my eyes and drawing a doodle with my left hand that will be picked [read more]