• Brittany

    This 29-year-old knows exactly when she will die.

        Warning: This post deals with issues around assisted suicide and could be triggering for some readers. Brittany Maynard is 29 and has less than a month to live. She knows when, where and how she will pass. She knows this because she has chosen all of it, in a courageous battle to take [read more]

  • family

    If anyone knows families, it’s these unmarried, childless, celibate men.

      BY JOANNA ROBIN The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family kicked off in Vatican City on Monday. Family life will be the focus for the next two weeks as the bishops mull over the “pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelisation.” And here is the gathering of experts on issues that affect millions [read more]

  • Lucy

    That thing that happened when I signed up to a website for cheaters.

      Well, that was a disturbing, yet entertaining, journey. I came across an ad for an online dating service that helps people discreetly cheat on their partners. THAT IS THE DISTURBING PART. You might have already heard of them – the service is called ‘Ashley Madison’, and this ad makes me want to chew off my arm so I have [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video - Mamamia

    The list no mother would want her daughter to read.

      By ELISSA RATLIFF Seventy-one per cent of young girls feel a pressure to be beautiful. Eight out of 10 women say they dislike at least one aspect of their body. That’s a lot of negative issues surrounding a woman’s body image. Where does it come from? Role models. And not the celebrity kind. Mothers, grandmothers, carers, close [read more]

  • josh thomas bob katter

    The one where Josh Thomas slams Bob Katter on live TV.

      If you’ve never heard of Josh Thomas, listen up. The 27-year-old is an internationally acclaimed comedian who writes and stars in his own TV show, Please Like Me. You also might have seen him feature in Network Ten’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.  And now Josh Thomas has just added one more achievement to his (ever growing) [read more]

  • Maddie.

    Why we need to stop calling women ‘crazy’.

            By MADDIE McCLOUSKEY Think about the last time you called someone crazy (to their face or behind their back). What message were you trying to send? I’m sure it wasn’t a positive one. Was the “crazy” person a woman? I wouldn’t be shocked. It would be hypocritical of me to shame [read more]

  • This photo is for illustrative purposes and is not the teenager in the story.

    Unexpected opinion: “I think this mother is over-reacting”

    A mother in the UK has gone ballistic after a photo of her teenage daughter in a bikini was shown in a school assembly as part of a conversation about the privacy implications of posting words and images online. A picture like this: This photo is for illustrative purposes and is not the teenager in [read more]

  • Bern Morley

    If you’re looking for The One, you’re looking for the wrong thing.

        Can one person really make you happy? If you had asked me this question as a fresh-faced, deeply naïve 19-year-old, I would have answered with a resounding, yes. That this man that I had just fallen deeply in lust/love with was all I would need and he would have said the same thing. [read more]

  • masang

    Her name is Mayang Prasetyo. And that’s all that matters.

        Trigger warning: This post deals with domestic violence and alleged murder and may be triggering for some readers. By AMY STOCKWELL This week we heard about the death of a woman in Brisbane. She was allegedly killed by her fiancé. Her name was Mayang Prasetyo. She was 27. That’s all that really matters [read more]

  • mamamia open post

    Open Post: How’s your week going?

    By AMY COOPER Hey everyone, how’s your week going? If you’re new here, welcome to Open Post, a weekly tradition here at Mamamia where anything and everything is up for discussion. So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a biscuit and make yourself at home! I’m Amy, Mamamia’s new intern from Adelaide. Don’t roll [read more]

  • racism towards muslims in australia

    Would you have stepped in if you saw this happening in your street?

    Update: Mamamia previously reported that members of the Australian public stepped in to defend a Muslim woman against street harassment in a filmed social experiment — and now, The Daily Mail reports that a group of friends in Newcastle have defended two Muslim women from a similar — real-life — incident. Patrick Burgess, a 24-year-old skater based in Melbourne, was visiting friends [read more]

  • Alissa.

    “Don’t. Freak. Out.” The words I wish I’d heard when I was in Year 12.

          By ALISSA WARREN Do you remember Year 12? It’s the most bittersweet year. It begins with the four-word compulsory item: CLEAR. PLASTIC. PENCIL. CASE. I mean, seriously. Translation: this is such a serious time that you can not even own a pretty/ crazy/ lovely/ personality showing/ normal vessel in which to hold your pens. [read more]

  • SCA Lao

    You, or someone you know, is suffering from this baby-related syndrome.

          By SHAUNA ANDERSON My first-born son cried so much when I put him in his car seat I was convinced there was something wrong with him. So much so, once I drove him to emergency when he would not stop screaming and asked them to do X-rays to check for some kind [read more]

  • Why hate Nickelback

    Why does everyone hate Nickelback so much?

      By LUCY GRANSBURY I often have to consult the cool kids. ‘Hey popular people, which milk is in fashion for my latte these days? Almond? Coconut? Breast?’ ‘Which jeans am I supposed to be wearing again? Ripped? Skinny? Boyfriend? Skinny-with-slight-beer-gut boyfriend?’ But there is one commandment that I continue to come across from ‘Those [read more]

  • Beyoncé shows off her > $500 <$2000 engagement glove.

    Research proves money CAN’T buy you love.

          By JOANNA ROBIN. If you liked it then you shoulda put a moderately priced ring on it, research says. A group of economics professors from Emory University in the US have surveyed 3000 married/previously married adults to investigate the link between wedding spending and marriage duration. Turns out money CAN’T buy you [read more]

  • Pauline Hanson

    We thought Jacqui Lambie’s calls to ban the burqa were ignorant. Then Pauline Hanson wrote this.

            By JOANNA ROBIN Pauline Hanson has backed Jacqui Lambie’s calls to “ban the burqa” in an opinion piece published by news.com.au this week. The One Nation founder – who once declared her belief in parliament that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians – has never been one to [read more]

  • Sam TM

    Sam calls Bachie names on national TV. And we can think of so many worse ones.

              *SPOILER ALERT – if you are in an Australian state that hasn’t finished screening tonight’s The Project tonight, you might not want to read this, yet.* Woah. Bachie Blake and girl-he-proposed-to-then-dumped-after-six-weeks Sam were interviewed by Carrie Bickmore from  Channel Ten’s The Project tonight We read about Sam’s side of the [read more]

  • single mother

    “Single mother was not a title I wanted to own. A year later it still isn’t.”

        By MAVIS KING When I left my husband, I walked out of our apartment with our newborn baby in my arms. The car was already packed and as I walked to where it was parked I thought to myself, ‘I’m a single mum with a daughta’, poorly pronounced just like the ad of [read more]

  • Annabelle Crabb

    Mamamia speaks to Annabel Crabb about kids, work, and why all women need a “wife”.

            By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Annabel Crabb — ABC political reporter, Fairfax columnist, Walkley winner, TV host, mother-of-three and all-round superwoman — has written a book. It’s called The Wife Drought, and it argues that to achieve true gender equality, women need to start taking wives. Well, sort of. “I use this term ‘wife’ [read more]

  • bubs clothing

    If you’ve got a baby, toddler or pre-teen in your world, then this shop has you covered.

              By JENNIFER HOPPER Jennifer Hopper’s path to prose has been winding. After trying her hand at everything from fashion designing to radio DJing (with stints as a wig-stylist and silver polisher in between), she realised picking up a pen might involve less late nights and hairspray. She took up a [read more]

  • Nauru refugees

    More evidence surfaces of abuse allegations on Nauru.

        By MAMAMIA NEWS Last week allegations were made about 33 cases of sexual assault and child abuse at the Nauru detention centre. Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison announced an inquiry into these allegations. He also said it would look into allegations that charity workers had coached children into making complaints and self harm. At a [read more]

  • mia freedman

    “I was trying so hard not to stare. And then I saw her face.”

            By MIA FREEDMAN For the past three weeks I’ve been overseas on holidays with my family. Never willing or able to disconnect from home, I kept an eye on the news and, of course, on Mamamia. With distance comes perspective and not always the good kind. The terrorism arrests were alarming. [read more]

  • julia-thumb

    The curious thing that happened when Mamamia published this photo.

      By AMY STOCKWELL Last week, Julia Gillard came to visit the Mamamia office. Being visited by Australia’s first female PM is a pretty exciting thing, so we posted a picture to celebrate the occasion: What we didn’t expect was the commentary that the photo immediately received. Such as this tweet, which was prompted by a [read more]

  • bfrankel

    ‘Stop wearing your daughter’s pyjamas,’ says judge.

          By MATILDA RUDD Bethenny Frankel, 43, posted a picture of herself on Instagram in July. It was an image of Frankel wearing her four year old daughter’s Hello Kitty pyjamas. “This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?” Frankel wrote in the post. It [read more]

  • 9

    Voulez Vous Project: Crystal Knight

      By ELISSA RATLIFF When David Bowie wrote Starman in the 1972, he had no idea he’d be inspiring an illustrator in Melbourne 42 years later. But that’s what happened when Crystal Knight listened to his song. And now her illustrations and artworks each embody a little bit of Bowie, and we’re pretty sure he’d be [read more]

  • adam-levine-maroon-5-animals-music-video_article_story_large

    The video that makes Blurred Lines look like an innocent romp.

    By AMY STOCKWELL   Warning: this story includes images implying violence against women and stalking. It may be distressing to some readers.   Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines might need to take a step back because there’s a new heir to the rape anthem crown. Maroon 5’s latest contribution, ‘Animals’, depicts a woman being stalked, raped and killed. [read more]

  • Bachie Jackass

    “What a jackass!”: The Bachelor exes are set to spill on their split.

                “What a jackass!” is reportedly Sam Frost’s view on reality romancer, Blake Garvey. Two days after Channel Ten screened their romantic African proposal and engagement (read Rosie’s run-down here) and one day since the news of their split has galloped across every tv and digital device in the country, we’ve heard [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.02.56 am

    Bachelor Blake was NOT a stripper. He was a topless waiter. Oh. Wait.

        Bachie Blake has previously been upfront about an alleged history in sparkly y-fronts. He has revealed that two years ago, he worked as a topless waiter. He made it very clear that this was in no way stripping. In his own words, “I mean stripping means you come out, you’re maybe wearing a costume, you’re grinding [read more]

  • 293.greysanatomy.pompeo.dempsey.lc.050609

    Great baby news all over again for Grey’s Anatomy star

      Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery have welcomed their second daughter into the world. Pompeo, 44, announced the birth of Sienna May Ivery on Twitter late Thursday afternoon. Ellen later posted this beautiful photo of her daughter Sienna with father, Chris. The couple, who were married in 2007,  celebrated their first daughter Stella [read more]

  • alan-henning-isis

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

              1.  British aid worker killed by Islamic State A video has been released by ISIS showing the beheading of a British hostage. The hostage in the video has been identified as British aid worker Alan Henning. The masked ISIS member then displays another hostage in the video – who has been [read more]