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    OPINION: 7 reasons why women aren’t using the F-word anymore.

      Lately, it seems like feminism is a dirty word. No one wants to be caught dead wearing such an unfashionable brand. Last week, Salma Hayek received an award in recognition of her work as a women’s rights activist. She took the opportunity to distance herself from feminism, saying: “I am not a feminist. If men [read more]

  • Joes

    VIRAL: A restaurant accidentally boozed up six young kids with rum and vodka.

        Uh-oh. A restaurant in Colorado, USA, accidentally plied some young kids with alcohol. Joe’s Crab Shack, an American chain of beach-themed restaurants probably serving a classic seafood dinner of lobster-stuffed-with-crab-and-injected-with-clams-and-liquid-cheese, has a kids’ drink called the ‘Shark Nibble’. It’s sweet and fruity and served with a shark toy. They also have an adults’ drink called [read more]

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    On the podcast: Wedding-haters, assisted suicide, and Taylor Swift.

            PODCAST ALERT: There’s a brand shiny new episode of the Mamamia OutLoud podcast. It’s your chance to eavesdrop on Mia Freedman, Jamila Rizvi, Holly Wainwright and me talk. They’re the smartest, funniest women I know. Get them up in your ears. This week, we cover: Topic 1: “I don’t care about [read more]

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    For everyone who’s had a non-human best friend.

            Sheila Marsh had just days to live, and there was only one thing she wanted to do before she passed: See the horse she had been raising for 25 years one last time. An animal love her entire life, Sheila, 77, had been taking care of Bronwen the horse since birth. [read more]

  • NEWS: A reporter reportedly asked her to put on lipstick. What she did next made us cheer.

            It was meant to be a photo shoot and small feature in a local newspaper. Whisky Business owner Kylie Rhodes was reportedly waiting for a journalist and photographer to arrive and interview her about her specialty: baking delicious macarons. The place was spotless, the macarons were baked and decorated. Everything was set. [read more]

  • pelvic exam not necessary

    OPINION: 14 reactions to my “I had an abortion” post.

      Last week we published a personal story by a woman who had an abortion. It generated hundreds of comments. You can read Penny’s story here. The reactions of our readers were varied, but almost all were reflective, personal and in some cases very profound. We tend to only hear two sides to this debate – but here, you’ll hear 14 very [read more]

  • Leigh Sales

    7.30 host Leigh Sales talks about her most embarrassing moment, irrational beliefs and guilty dislikes.

              By JULIA BAIRD The singular Leigh Sales has many talents: interrogating politicians, baking cakes, telling stories, making music with her armpits, writing, and singing. She is also gifted at counterattack. When former adviser to John Howard, Grahame Morris, said she could be “a real cow sometimes”, Sales shot back on [read more]

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    Bad at something? Scared? Here’s why you should do it anyway.

      By SARA BENINCASA I am bad at a lot of things. I am, in fact, bad at most things. Here is a brief list of just a few of the things at which I am bad: 1. Brushing my teeth (my technique is all wrong) 2. Flossing my teeth (I always cut myself up) [read more]

  • Hamish and Andy

    Hamish and Andy are getting paid HOW MUCH?

              Hamish and Andy’s gap year is over as they return to drive time radio. But their return to radio has been made a little (a lot) sweeter by the prospect of a very hefty pay packet. News.com.au is reporting today that Hamish and Andy will each receive an annual salary [read more]

  • cheval nine

    Voulez-Vous: Art that’s inspired by a love of animals.

      Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) Our aim: to help the internet become a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place by making art accessible. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. [read more]

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    It’s hot. In every sense. All the fashions of Stakes Day.

              It’s the last day of Spring Racing Carnival. Milliners everywhere are breathing a sigh of finger-bleeding relief. Today is Stakes Day, also known as ‘family day’. Are you picturing babies with baby-fascinators? Not so much. But there were some adult-sized fascinators. And there were dresses. Oh, there were dresses. ‘Tis [read more]

  • suicide

    NEWS: Three teens die after government closes mental health facility.

      Three seriously ill teenagers died despite the Queensland Government receiving repeated warnings about the dangers of closing a specialised mental health facility for young people in Brisbane, government documents reveal. The Barrett Adolescent Psychiatric Centre at Wacol provided 24/7 care for teenagers at serious risk of suicide, but it was closed down by the [read more]

  • Is this animal cruelty?

    OPINION: “Don’t tell me that the racing industry doesn’t care about horses. We love them.”

        By CAROLINE SEARCY Do you remember how you felt when you first heard that Michael Hutchence had died? Or Princess Diana? Robin Williams? The feeling of horror, of disbelief and sadness. A breathlessness, a sinking heart. You know the feeling. I had that feeling on Tuesday afternoon. Less than an hour after the running [read more]

  • being an aunt

    12 reasons being an aunty is the greatest job in the world.

      By KATE LEAVER (AKA Aunty Katie) Making a teeny-tiny human is the greatest thing your brother/sister ever did. They didn’t do it for you, obviously. But sometimes, in a perfect moment with your niece/nephew on your lap, it feels like maybe they kind-of did. When my nephew, Charlie, puts his little hand in mine, the whole [read more]

  • Nama Winston

    OPINION: “3 things not to say when you see my son and I out together.”

              Funny story. My son went missing in Target and they wouldn’t give him back to me. He was three years old, I lost sight of him for a millisecond and (as I discovered later) a Target employee did the right thing and took him to the information counter. It took [read more]

  • jacqui lambie comments remembrance day

    EXPLAIN TO ME: What’s all the fuss about Jacqui Lambie and the veterans?

              JACQUI LAMBIE STRIKES AGAIN. She’s the fierce, crass, determined gift that just keeps on giving. By now, every time her name pops up or her face appears on your telly, you’re probably thinking: What has she done now? Deep breaths. Here we go. This is why Jacqui Lambie‘s in the [read more]

  • julian blanc predator

    NEWS: Such a loss. Misogynist “pick-up artist” kicked out of the country.

      Trigger warning: This post deals with themes of violence against women Update:  Controversial “dating coach” Julien Blanc has left Australia after having his visa cancelled overnight by Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison. The Immigration Minister told Sky News this afternoon, “this guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory [read more]

  • abortion

    OPINION: “Choosing how you give birth should be celebrated. But this is just idiocy.”

              By SHAUNA ANDERSON You could be mistaken for thinking this was fiction. “I understand the placenta is the best tool to stop bleeding. A midwife I rang basically said it was 100% cure to stop hemorrhage. Chew on a piece. Hold a piece  in your mouth or something.” Surely just [read more]

  • Tate2

    The best ‘Beauty and the Geek’ makeover we’ve ever seen.

      Everyone loves a good makeover. Just ask Sandy in Grease. Ask any movie from the 90’s. But today, ask fans of Beauty and the Geek. The ‘geeks’ of the reality show hit the beauticians hard last night. Nerds turned into studs. Monobrowed caterpillars to hipster butterflies. It was a beautiful thing. But one geek in particular has set [read more]

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    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

    By ANNA RAWLINGS. Happy Friday everyone! It’s the day where Monday madness is a distant memory. It’s also time for Mamamia’s Best and Worst. We’re all friends here, right? So please share your Best and Worst moments of the week, no matter how big or how small. I’ll kick things off. Best: I arrived in Sydney from [read more]

  • Tony Abbott at Gough Whitlam's memorial. Image via Getty.

    OPINION: Respect the office. Respect the occasion. Even if you don’t respect the man.

        Is it ever okay to heckle the Prime Minister? Of course it is. In a country like Australia, we have the right to make our voices heard in the democratic process and we are free to say when our leaders make decisions we disagree with. But is it okay to heckle the Prime [read more]

  • love heart

    A love story so strange and beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s true.

          By LEE CONE This story is so bittersweet, it’s hard to believe it’s real. You might remember New Zealand woman Rachel Anderson and her first husband, Kristian. Because he once made her the most beautiful video, it went viral, and ended up on Oprah. Here it is: This heart-wrenching video gained nearly [read more]

  • keira knightley poses topless

    Keira Knightley poses topless, refuses Photoshop, wins at life.

              By ALEXIS CAREY Shameless Keira Knightley fan? Loved her since her Bend It Like Beckham days? Me too. And she just got better. Knightley pretty much just called out the celebrity media industry for giving her shit about her body for years. She did a topless photo shoot and refused to be [read more]

  • SamDean

    FLUFF: Sam from The Bachelor is dating a man who doesn’t make her feel like Sam from The Bachelor.

        Sam Frost is dating the Bachelor. Well, not THE Bachelor. But a Cleo Bachelor of the Year nominee, Dean Ipaviz. Sam and Dean at Derby Day. Courtesy of Sam’s Instagram. Sam told the Daily Mail that “Dean is an incredible man” and they’re “hanging out, taking it slow and just seeing what happens!” [read more]

  • parenting milestones

    OPINION: 8 profile-picture rules that every Facebook user breaks.

          We’ve all done it. I have. You have. Posted an annoying Facebook profile pic that has all of our “Friends” rolling their eyes. Without even knowing it. Until now. So, what are the 8 kinds of Facebook profile-pic personas that bore all your Friends to death? Here’s my list, and yes, I’m [read more]

  • racially diverse emojis

    Finally! Your iPhone is about to get 755 new racially diverse emojis.

              Emojis, those colourful little characters you use to liven up you text message life, are getting a make over. At the moment there are 59 different food emojis, and yet  – as any emotional texter has probably realised – there remains  a distinct lack of diversity in other areas.  White, [read more]

  • Em Rusicano

    OPINION: ‘Sympathy for the Drunk Girls Of The Melbourne Cup? Nope.’ – Em.

    By EM RUSCIANO Let me be perfectly clear about something. If you go to a huge, nationally-televised public event teeming with media, drink 57 breezers in 27-degree heat, take a nap in a garden bed and then end up on an Instagram account called “Drunk Girls of Melbourne Cup“, that is called ‘consequences’. Not ‘being victimised’. Let [read more]

  • kids-asked-what-body-part-theyd-change

    VIRAL: Don’t like your body? Learn something from these 6-year-olds about what really matters.

    A bunch of kids were asked what one thing they’d change about their body. And then? A group of adults were asked the same question. The result is ridiculously cute and completely disheartening in equal measure.   While one of the groups looked confused, shrugged and finally declared they’d add an imaginative, superhero-like body part like fairy wings, the [read more]

  • LucySleep5

    FLUFF: Jada Pinkett Smith gets photographed in her sleep. Looks nothing like the rest of us.

      Jada Pinkett Smith may be setting my future husband up for disappointment. Super-stunning Jada P-S has revealed on Facebook that her husband Will Smith takes photos of her when she is sleeping. She calls it ‘a sexy secret’. I call it ‘more than a bit creepy’. Whatever you think it is, you can’t deny it’s [read more]

  • mamamia open post

    Open Post: 43 hours spent in Melbourne.

          Hi Mamamia readers. How’s your week been? Welcome back to another installment of Open Post. This is place where we all come together as a community and talk about what’s been happening in our week so far. I’ll kick us off. This weekend I spent 43 hours in Melbourne. And what a [read more]