• ellen

    Ellen gives thanks for 16 pregnancies and more in her annual Christmas letter.

    Ellen Degeneres has wished us all a Merry Christmas and her Jewish friends “happy Jewish holidays” in a very distinctive Ellen-y way, reading out her annual Christmas letter. “Every year people send out holiday letters and let’s be honest a lot of people’s holiday letters can be annoying,” she announced on her NBC show. “They overshare, [read more]

  • question mark made of peas

    People-pleasing food for when you’re asked to “bring a plate”.

            It feels like hot cross buns only left our shelves yesterday and yet here we are in November already. Kids have started writing lists and stores are spewing out wreaths and tinsel decorations like there’s no tomorrow. I cannot believe we have hit Christmas season again. Seriously, where did this year [read more]

  • Girl in class

    One in five school girls won’t put her hand up in class. The reason why is devastating.

              Put up your hand if you’ve ever felt bad about the way you look. Put up your hand if you’ve ever wanted to disappear. Put up your hand if you’ve ever felt too unworthy to speak up. Put your hand up. Because it seems that it is something that a significant [read more]

  • anti abortion groups

    A pregnant passerby has unleashed on anti-abortion protesters, and it is glorious.

      “You get raped… and you tell me what you’d do after that.” This was just one of the brilliant lines delivered by a pregnant woman when she blasted anti-abortion protesters in London this week. The woman was a passerby who witnessed the anti-abortion protesters secretly filming women entering and leaving an abortion clinic. Despite the obvious [read more]

  • pageant contest feminist

    Beauty Queen: “Feminists demand I choose my own path, then judge me for my choices.”

      My name is Kiara Imani Williams. I am 25-years-old, and I am a third year law student at the University Virginia School of Law. I am an intelligent, independent, African-American woman. I am socially conscious and politically aware. I am an activist. I am a philanthropist. I am a feminist. I am a feminist [read more]

  • love doll tumblr 7

    New human-like sex dolls look so real, you won’t believe they’re made of plastic.

      Human-like sex dolls. They’re not a new thing, but they’ve recently been given a makeover – and you need to take a look at how real (and attractive) these plastic women are. Photographer Stacy Leigh has captured life size sex dolls in a photography series called Average Americans. The 43-year-old New Yorker wanted to portray dolls in a realistic way to prove [read more]

  • driving protest

    You might not realise it but the woman in this photo is risking her life.

      This may not look like a protest – there’s no chanting, no picket lines or banners – but activist Loujain Hathloul is taking a stand. And she is doing it simply by sitting behind the wheel of her car. Image via Twitter. The 25-year-old student was arrested after trying to drive across the border of [read more]

  • madonna-cover-interview-png

    When you and your breasts are 56, you’ve earned the right to do what you want with them. 

            Is there anything more shocking than an “old” pair of breasts? When a topless photo shoot is a rite of passage for every actress, popstar and reality TV contestant, the bare breast of a celebrity barely raises an eyebrow. Unless that breast is over 40. Then, the world sets its hair on fire. [read more]

  • mamamia best and worst

    Best and Worst: Come and tell us how your week was.

    Hi friends! Welcome to another installment of Mamamia’s Best and Worst. If you’re new in town, this is how it goes: I tell you the BEST thing about my week and the WORST thing. And then I pass over to you to do the same. Let’s kick it off. BEST: This week, I was incredibly [read more]

  • drawn to the 80s

    Brilliant: A 5-year-old illustrates all your favourite 80s songs.

      Five-year-old Sam is obsessed with drawing. The coloured pencils, the crisp white sheets of paper, the freedom of expression…all of it. His mother Lori is obsessed with the 80s. Can’t get enough of them. The movies, fashion, TV, giant hair. All. Of. It. Her favourite song ever? “Whip it” by Devo. Umm…because of course it [read more]

  • taylor swift excited

    The 10 emotional stages of shopping at a store that’s just opened.

      Beauty company Sephora opened in Sydney today. And, because this is Australia and we react to new international stores like a pack of rabid dogs during a feeding frenzy, we lost our collective minds. Now, I don’t know about you but I’d rather be forced to watch a High School Musical marathon on repeat [read more]

  • "I like porn."

    Porn ban: You guessed it, the sex acts deemed ‘not okay’ are all about women’s pleasure.

          You’d think measures put in place to protect children, and reduce the insane degradation of women in pornography would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? Except when it’s not. New legislation in the UK has banned the depiction of a whole host of sexual acts in pornography, from choking and spanking “beyond [read more]

  • Roman Atwood

    The prank he played on his wife isn’t harmless. It’s disgusting and deeply cruel.

          Roman Atwood could quite possibly be the biggest asshole on the planet right now because what father could possibly think this was a ‘funny’ joke to play on his wife. The American comedian and prankster has made international headlines after pulling one of the cruellest “jokes” of all time on his unsuspecting wife. With the [read more]

  • Kelly Osborne shopping

    Calling bullshit on the Government telling us to spend more this Christmas.

              Dear Joe Hockey, Earlier this week you went on the radio and told everyone that they should go out and spend up big this year. “Don’t let Santa down,” you said. “Go out there and spend for Christmas”. Great. If I wasn’t already feeling panicked enough about all the shit [read more]

  • amanda keller health scare

    Amanda Keller’s health scare actually caused by something very daggy and normal.

    Amanda Keller has downplayed her recent health scare as “very daggy and normal” and definitely not “a near-death experience.” The culprit? Some too tight control pants. If you’ve forgotten, the WSFM radio star was rushed to hospital from the premiere of  Angelina Jolie’s latest film Unbroken last month, after suffering heart attack-like symptoms. Keller put our minds [read more]

  • cover photo feature image

    The secret Hollywood beauty procedure used in every film you see.

      Okay, brace yourself. This may come as a bit of a shock *ahem* Hollywood is lying to you. We all know Los Angeles-dwelling super stars like to fiddle with their faces and figures. Plastic surgery, botox, diet pills, raw-vegan-no-carbs-all-of-the-carbs-gluten-free-protein-lemon-detox diets. But this. This may just be the final straw. You see, it turns out that [read more]

  • clarke-eulogy-jpg

    Is there a tougher thing you’ll ever do than stand up and say goodbye to your best friend?

          Is there a harder thing you’ll ever do than stand up and say goodbye to your best friend? Is there a more important speech you’ll ever make? Is there a request – as Michael Clarke said today, it’s a weighty honour to be asked – that is so impossible to refuse, but difficult to [read more]

  • cakeiquit

    9 ways to subtly tell your boss that you’re about to quit.

      This is some serious robot mindreader shit right here. A company called Workday have made some spooky software that predicts when you’re about to quit your job — and tells your boss. But we reckon, if you’re going to quit, do your boss a solid and save them the money for this software. Just use any or [read more]

  • kourtney-crop-jpg

    Friends, we need to talk about nude pregnancy shoots.

      Nude pregnancy shoots.  Celebrities do them all the time. In fact, as soon as a famous person wees on a stick, their phone magically rings, and a magazine editor is on the other end, asking them to strip off for their cover. Some of them do it over and over and over, like Kourtney Kardashian, [read more]

  • naughty child

    Your child is more likely to be naughty if they have one of these names.

      So you’re in the process of choosing a baby name. Well, here’s a word of advice, you might not want to choose one of the names that has been linked to ‘naughty’ children. (Or actually, maybe you do? To each their own). Metro UK reports a study that looked at the good behaviour patterns [read more]

  • Sam Armytage attacked on air

    Sam Armytage has chopped off all her hair.

      Samantha Armytage is making changes. Drastic changes. Hair-related changes. The Sunrise host has embraced her inner Bingle and given her golden locks THE BIG CHOP. She made THE BIG REVEAL on her Instagram this afternoon. Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up like that other famous Sam (Samson, I’m talking about Samson) who lost all [read more]

  • .

    Couple has a naked Avatar-themed wedding. And the photos are glorious.

      Brides, we’ve got some bad news. Forget about that white dress you were planning on wearing. You don’t need it. A couple have just made it acceptable to wear nothing in wedding photos. And by nothing, we mean nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. NAKED. Hsin Han, 31 and her husband Cai Yuan,29, from China decided to go the full [read more]

  • 139992488

    11 affordable and stylish pairs of summer sandals you’ll actually want to wear.

        I’m not going to lie, I fell hard for the Birkenstock trend this year. I’ve worn them so much that I can’t even locate the three pairs of Havaianas I usually have on high rotation around this time of year. While the eye adjusts to such orthopedic ugliness, there are far prettier things [read more]

  • Stressed FB

    Questions only your partner could answer: Which of my quirks is actually a ‘feature’?

          When my husband gets behind the wheel of any car other than his own, his first move, before adjusting the seat or mirrors, is to turn up the bass on the car stereo.He doesn’t listen to the music first; he just knows that wherever the bass level is set, it will not [read more]

  • Swift

    Do you know what we celebrate in early December? (And no, it’s not Christmas…)

      It’s officially December. And you know what we celebrate in early December? (Not Christmas. It’s too soon, people.) We celebrate the end of MO-vember.   Maybe not for this guy.   We all knew someone who let their lip hair grow out for November’s fundraiser for Men’s Health. We all knew someone who looked [read more]

  • Christopher Pyne will introduce a new reform bill today.

    Students saved from $100,000 degrees as Parliament votes down education reform.

      If it’s been a ragged week for Prime Minister Tony Abbott; it’s certainly been a pretty sh*tty day. An attempt to hit the reset button yesterday has apparently failed, as our PM kicked off his morning being torn to shreds by our favourite feminist/Today host Karl Stefanovik. Alas, the worst wasn’t over for poor Tones with the [read more]

  • DEB3

    Open Post: How’s your week going?

              Welcome to Mamamia’s weekly Wednesday tradition, Open Post. If you’re new to this thing, here’s how Open Post works: One person (that’d be me this week) shares what’s been going on in their world. Everyone else in the Mamamia community shares in return. Advice-giving and advice-seeking are welcome, as are complaining, [read more]

  • matilda-frozen-mask-jpg

    Fighting the pink tide: It doesn’t matter what damn colour the toys are.

                So, a Barbie doll beat me down. As surely as if my daughter had grabbed Babs by her spindly little legs and whacked me over the head – I am beaten. Today, I desperately want to stand with Greens Senator Larissa Waters, as she is roundly ridiculed in the tabloid press [read more]

  • newborn

    Heartbreaking: A tiny baby smothered to death by her own mother.

        A tiny baby smothered to death by her own mother. In a week too full of stories of unthinkable things happening to newborns, another one  seems too depressing for words. But this one is not what you think. The baby girl was suffocated when her mother fell asleep while breastfeeding her. The court case has just been dismissed in [read more]

  • obamas daughters

    Picking on the President’s daughters is not fair game. It’s just plain cruel.

      Do you remember being a teenager? I do and I can tell you, I wasn’t exactly a delight to be around and I also know, I was most definitely NOT taking advice from my Mother about how to dress. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I was doing the [read more]