• Robyn Lawley naked selfie against coal

    Supermodel had an opinion. Wrote it on her naked body.

              By KATE LEAVER   A supermodel just held a one-woman protest in the nude. Presumably, she didn’t have a pen and paper. So she used red lipstick and her bare belly as her canvas. Like so: 25-year-old Robyn Lawley posted this photo on her Instagram, and it’s been published by news websites everywhere. [read more]

  • crying

    What happened to this girl when she was 14 is chilling.

            By KATE LEAVER Warning: This post deals with bullying, sexual assault, and suicide.  We answered the phone yesterday to a distraught woman. Her voice was strong, but shaking with urgency. Something had happened to her daughter, and she wanted us to know about it. Late last week, her 17-year-old had attempted [read more]

  • Sydney Statue

    Guess how much this sculpture is going to cost this Australian city. Guess.

    Most times I drive passed an abstract sculpture, I look at it and think, “I could’ve done that.” The simplicity of some sculptures makes me wonder what I’m still doing working nine to five like an IDIOT, when I could be closing my eyes and drawing a doodle with my left hand that will be picked [read more]

  • mm-team

    Open Post: What’s happening in your world?

      Hey you guys! Welcome to Open Post – the little corner of Mamamia where we sit back and let the readers take over the joint. Whatever’s been going on with you, we want to hear about it. I’ll kick things off by giving a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my boss-lady and mentor Mia Freedman, who [read more]

  • casual racism in australia

    There’s every chance this new Beyond Blue campaign will make you uncomfortable.

      Imagine if you were on a packed bus, and people would rather stand up than sit down next to you. Imagine for a moment every time you went out shopping, the assistants watched you like a hawk until you left. Imagine applying for job after job, only having employers assume you’re not up to the task [read more]

  • Peaches Geldof, her husband Thomas Cohen and their children Astala, 2, and Phaedra, 18 months.

    “I was the child of addicts. And I have one question about Peaches Geldof.”

              By ROSIE WATERLAND There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about the inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof. After it was revealed that she had died of a heroin overdose – her 11-month-old son left alone with her dead body and dozens of syringes for [read more]

  • He was apparently shocked at the diagnosis.

    He went to the hospital with stomach cramps and got the shock of his life.

          A married man in China went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps, and he was given a diagnosis that confused everybody involved: The man, called Mr. Chen, was actually a woman. And he was having stomach cramps because he was on his period. Wait… What?   According to Chinese website Shanghaiist.com, the 44-year-old ‘knew something was [read more]

  • Copyright Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong

    Thanks anti-vaxxers. There’s a measles outbreak in Australia.

      NSW heath authorities are warning people who have visited a suburb in Sydney’s inner west recently to be on the lookout for symptoms of measles. According to a Facebook post from the Sydney Local Heath District, anyone who went to Leichhardt MarketPlace, Norton Plaza or the library between July 15 and 24 runs the risk of being infected. [read more]

  • .

    Bec: “My life is great. So why is this thought keeping me awake at night?”

          What I’m about to tell you makes me sound ridiculous. But I’m going to tell you anyway because I don’t think I’m alone. And what I’ve learned recently has changed the way I live my life. (Look, yeah I know you’re rolling your eyes because that’s a BIG CALL  saying “changed the way [read more]

  • unnamed-5

    “I want people to remember a time of simple pleasures and joy in just being.”

        Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. This week’s featured artists on the [read more]

  • three little girls with cancer

    Finally. The happy ending for these girls we’ve all been waiting for.

          In April this year, three little girls warmed hearts worldwide with one powerful image. The trio to your left hadn’t met before this picture was taken. They didn’t know each other’s backstories. They weren’t related by blood. And yet, this one image of these three little cancer survivors clutching onto each other [read more]

  • Peaches Geldof

    Sorry, but Peaches Geldof lost me at “80 syringes”.

        When the news first broke a few months ago that Peaches Geldof had been found dead at home while looking after her baby son, I felt devastated. I’m old enough to vividly recall how her mother Paula Yates died in the same way and it seemed like history had struck the cruellest of [read more]

  • slow service restaurant

    A restaurant compares surveillance footage of customers in 2004 and 2014. The differences are incredible.

          A New York restaurant recently posted a public service announcement on Craigslist. It began: We are a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists alike. Having been in business for many years, we noticed that although the number of customers we serve on a daily basis is almost the same today as [read more]

  • Happy Cups

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

              Welcome to this week’s Best and Worst. I’m going to shake it up a bit with a “bad news sandwich” this week. This is when you sandwich the bad stuff (like lettuce, bleugh) between the good stuff (like cheese, yay) so you can get your negative point across but leave everyone [read more]

  • 50 shades

    It’s here: the official 50 Shades Of Grey trailer

    Without any further ado…..       The film isn’t out until Valentine’s Day next year. Is Christian Grey how you thought he’d be? These were our initial suggestions for Christian Grey… Tell us what you think. 

  • Offspring Season 5 episode 11

    Offspring: Did you see THAT coming?

        SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve not yet watched tonight’s episode of Offspring, please please click away now. Because… Because… WOAH. How about that episode?? So many things!!! We just have two questions to ask. 1. Was the Thomas thing surprising to you? 2. Team Lawrence or Team Mick?

  • James Barrowman Commonwealth Games

    One Scottish guy in a purple tartan suit may have just changed the world.

      Something special just happened in Glasgow. Reeeaal special. And it doesn’t require you to care about sports concerts. The host of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, John Barrowman, kissed a guy. He kissed a guy, took his hand, and ran through a crowd of people dressed in denim, tartan, and bridal veils as confetti rained [read more]

  • justin-belly

    The question that got this 4-year-old boy kicked out of a doughnut shop.

          A 4-year-old boy and his mother have been banned from a doughnut shop in the US after the boy asked another customer if she was pregnant. (Cue every parent’s heart stopping.) Rebecca Denham told local news that she was in the store with her son Justin, when he approached a female customer [read more]

  • ednos

    “What is the matter with Mary Jane?”

        WARNING: This post may be triggering for some people. Eating Disorders don’t take all the good stuff from your life immediately but, left untreated they will take it all eventually, and thoroughly. At the moment over one million Australians suffer from Eating Disorders, some of them as young as eight. It’s completely tragic [read more]

  • kendall jones with lion

    Hunting isn’t about conservation, no matter what Kendall Jones says. It’s about killing.

      Kendall Jones. She is the 19-year-old cheerleader who - just a few months ago – became famous when photos of herself with the bodies of African animals she had hunted went viral.  You might remember her as the publisher of photos like this: And this: The reaction to her photos was fierce. Some commenters were so offended by the [read more]

  • cressida bonas and chelsy davy

    Why this woman chose her career over being a princess.

    By KATE LEAVER “Nah, I don’t want to be a princess. I’ve got better things to do.” OK, so those are not words Cressida Bonas actually said with her mouth. But they do accurately sum up her decision to break up with Prince Harry. 25-year-old Cressida reportedly ended her relationship with the naughtiest royal in Britain because she wanted to [read more]

  • dancing grandpa video

    After a week of bad news, we needed to watch this grandpa dance.

      The past week has been filled with terrible news. The death toll in Gaza has reached 600, many of the bodies from MH17 have most likely been lost, and Australia lost the only piece of sound environmental policy it had. But in amongst all of those sombre, horrifying, melancholic, depressing stories, this video of [read more]

  • Jacqui Lambie radio interview

    Jacqui Lambie says she wants a rich, mute, “well-hung” man. Live on air.

    By KATE LEAVER       This is why we can’t have nice things, Australia. An actual real life politician said live on radio that she wants a rich lover with a big dick. This politician. Jacqui Lambie, who was elected as senator for Tasmania in last year’s election. That is to say, someone with [read more]

  • Open post

    Open post of the week: Come and tell us what’s on your mind.

    Hey guys! I’m sorry Open Post is up so late. Totally my fault and I owe you all lots of chocolate and many ponies. For those of you who haven’t been here before, Open Post is one of Mamamia’s most loved posts. It’s the one that goes up every Wednesday morning (sometimes almost at midday *ahem*) [read more]

  • julie bishop at the un

    This is how Julie Bishop gets shit done.

      By ALISSA WARREN She’s been mocked for years for being un-feminine. Clinical. Cold. But Julie Bishop made Australia proud on the weekend. Yes, the Foreign Minister is making me feel better about living in a world dealing some terrifyingly tragic situations. When she talks. I listen. I watch. And for two reasons: Julie Bishop speaking [read more]

  • selfie at auschwitz

    Before you slam the girl who took a selfie at Auschwitz …

        Last month, nobody knew who Breanna Mitchell was. But in the past few days, she’s become one of the world’s most famous teenagers. Because of this photo: Breanna was visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, taking photos of the camp along the way. But it’s this particular photo that’s attracted thousands of retweets [read more]

  • Lucy with her son Harry

    The dumbest idea in The Childcare Reform suggestions.

        By LUCY KIPPIST What a shame the much anticipated Productivity Commission draft report into childcare launched today didn’t consult with any ACTUAL parents. Well, if they did it’s hard to imagine who they asked – why would anyone want to send the grandparents to TAFE so they can look after the kids? Yes [read more]

  • Tracy Connelly.

    She was a sex worker and she was murdered. One thing doesn’t make the other any less tragic.

        By WENDY SQUIRES Last night, around 200 people gathered in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda to mark the one-year anniversary of Tracy Connelly’s death. Tracy Connelly, 40, was found murdered in the back of her van on July 21 last year – but her killer still has not been found.  This is speech Mamamia contributor Wendy Squires gave [read more]

  • There are a whole lot of stereotypes floating around out there about being in your 20's and there are often not a lot of truths to them.

    Three big misconceptions about being in your 20s.

        My 23-year-old girlfriend got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last week and it threw me for six. Why? Because if you had to ask me which one of my friends would have been the least likely to be diagnosed with any kind of illness, it would have been her. She exercises daily, never [read more]

  • St George scrap metal ad

    Stop discriminating against beautiful blonde women! says this billboard.

      This is a story about a scrap metal yard, a hot girl in a bikini and the fight over the right to marry those two things together. Stay with us. It’s good. St George Scrap Metal Yard: Protecting blonde women’s right to be beautiful since 2014. Earlier this year, a group of noble men [read more]